Poll Shows Manchin Wildly Out Of Step With West Virginia Voters On Voting Rights Bill 1

Poll Shows Manchin Wildly Out Of Step With West Virginia Voters On Voting Rights Bill


Rachel Maddow shares details from a new poll that shows West Virginia voters of all political stripes are very supportive of the For The People Act to protect voting rights, which makes it all the more odd that Senator Joe Manchin, who represents West Virginia, does not.
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  1. That is because majority of voters want money out of politics.Manchin is not about the vote it is about the money.There is an excellent article about how much favorably getting money out of politics.Voters are tired of the will of the people not being carried out.Also politicians forget they are supposed to represent us not just the corporations and the wealthy

    1. I submit that they don’t “forget” they are suppose to represent us, they purposefully and willingly lie about representing us. It is their sponsors – corporate special interest – who they represent. The voting public are too naive to see this truth.

    2. Yep, even Republican voters want this legislation passed, but the oligarchs who want to rig the system are fighting tooth and nail to stop it. Manchin’s own constituents want this passed, so he really is not doing his job.

    3. @The Thing sadly plenty of brainwashed fools are happy to comply, voting against self interest time and again.

    1. The corporations WANT pork barrel spending. They hate the politicians trying to stop Biden’s spending spree

  2. Manchin is not “Protecting” voting rights, No Matter what B.S. he want’s to throw out there.
    He is Playing to that 1%. Not the citizens of his states, and has NO CONCERN For ACTUAL voting rights.
    Republicans won’t participate as Mitch Stated. Manchin is Just a Sellout, and I’m sure it involved Self Enrichment.

    1. @Gnirol Namlerf Rachel is not an economist! She has such poor ratings even in the political arena. I can go to West Virginia and poll with my questions and I can make a poll say anything I want it to say. We have the right to make elections honest and fair, Biden and Democrats want to turn our voting system into a Soviet style election where there is only one party running.

    2. @Sara that’s hilarious. You are obviously living in a bubble. Let me introduce you to Marjorie Taylor green and Matt Gaetz. There are actually dozens of Republicans running for office that embrace q Anon

    3. @RockGoddess You said the right, in general. Not two individuals and some running. Your assertion was inaccurate. A couple fringe folks don’t represent the entire party. There are a few wackadoos (my opinion) on the left, but I don’t see them as representative of the majority of democrats.

    4. @Sara and in the very same post I said the Republican party. If you can’t grasp what I’m saying, then that’s on you.

    5. @RockGoddess You said the right embraces qanon, then implied it’s the Republican party, in general. How did I misunderstand? Whatever. It’s BS. Go with whomever you wish, but don’t talk crap and expect to not be called out on it. I’m an independent, also, and am extremely disaffected by both parties- just way more so the democrats.

  3. here are no clauses or exceptions in Joe Manchin’s oath of office. He swore to protect our Constitution, which enshrines our right to vote, against all threats. There is no exception for when Republicans aren’t onboard with honoring the oath nor is there a bipartisanship requirement. Joe Manchin is a man whose word is meaningless.

  4. West Virginia……one of the Last Plantation!!!! The Overseer Manchin is fighting to maintain their way of life, while the citizens have lost hope, and choose to OD on Meth and Oxycodone.
    But West Virginia must not change, no matter how many casualties!
    Well done! Well done Manchin!!

  5. Did he speak up when the Republicans passed the tax break for the wealthy without Democrats? Heck No. Quiet as a church mouse. Ah, maybe because his daughter got herself a big bonus.

  6. GOP got to him, promised or threatened him with something. He will get voted out by either party. Traitors always fall hard.

    1. If only it were actually that diabolical. No, he is just really bad at politics like most of them.

  7. Someone should start an in depth investigation of Joe Mancin. There has to be a reason for his intransigent stand on this. More reasons than the straw he throws out there . Where is his money coming from ,that’s usually the path to follow. Like his fearless leader trump,that’s where he seems to be leaning…

  8. So if Manchin isn’t representing his constituents then … whose interests IS he representing?

    1. As they always say….”Follow the Money” cause it says alot to not support a voting rights bill that every other dem senator does…even when you know it can’t pass cause of filibuster….so …we already have minority power in the senate..where republican senators actually only represent 42% of the american people. Then the filibuster…which was never part of the constitution makes its so dems have to get a 60% vote when they need already a 58% of the peoples vote just to have a 50-50 senate. What a joke and its not possible anymore…one time..and that’s for a year when repubs tanked the economy …and while dems had that power…cause of people like manchin, instead of passing legislation with a filibuster proof senate..they spend a year on the a.c.a. adding almost 200 republican amendments to get repubs to vote for it….end result…no repubs vote for dems bills when dems have majority..the end ….thats fact..at least anything important.

    2. Well they keep electing him while voting for Trump. Hum I think his constituents are different

    3. @Jeff unless you feel the “voting rights bill” is not about rights or are you not allowed to question the authorities

  9. His constituents want these bills passed and Georgians lined up for hours in a special election in January in order to give the Democrats the ability to break the legislative log jam in Senate. But the only constituency which matters to Joe Manchin are a bunch of Republican senators.

    1. That’s why it’s so important that the West Virginia voters know that (Republican or Democrat) Manchin has betrayed them. This has been a huge double cross for West Virginia’s voters. Manchin is following the Russian mandate.

    2. Hmm ? Very strange and disappointing just when you thought that Rep’s are bad there comes a monster democrat

    3. @Michelle – Unconfirmed gossip is that he must be being blackmailed by the “Republican” Senators or have been bribed by one of their corporate sponsors, perhaps the Kochs. The bottom line is that he’s not living up to his responsibility to his State constituents or to the American Constitution.

  10. When did politicians campaigned, took voters donations, spoke to the needs of constituents, then when, then get to DC & forget the small people?

  11. “I am not a roadblock…I consider myself to be more of a draw bridge type of guy…those super yachts have got to make it through somehow…”

  12. Something is up with that guy!!!! He’s not giving any real explanations of why he’s going against Democracy, and he thinks that’s enough now.

  13. When Manchin says he’s representing his “constituents”, he doesn’t mean the voters, he means the Koch industries and other dark money donors.

    1. You president Joe Biden is the largest dark money recipient in history! He just passed another corporate shill by the name of Mitt Romney. A Republican that you people were also praising. See a pattern here? Your side loves their corporatists.

    2. You all are ridiculous for pointing fingers! BOTH parties love their dark money and BOTH are evil. They’ve got you all brainwashed to fight one another rather than their collaborative evil. Good luck, with that!

    3. @Michael W no one loves their dark money more than Republicans, ffs they are the ones in support of citizens united and against any regulations against it.

  14. Manchin is supposed to be there to represent the people of West Virginia, he’s going against what they want on infrastructure and voting rights, why?

  15. Somebody should tell Manchin that if he’s waiting for the Republican’s to be bipartisan, pack a lunch.

  16. Let’s wave that polling in front of Dixiecrat Joe & protest outside his home in WV

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