Polls and Politics | TVJ All Angles – Sept 14 2022


  1. Neither me or my family will be voting for PNP or JLP, both party are no good whatsoever.
    UIC i will be voting for this time

    1. I agree ,we need constitutional reforms both parties practice political power married to corruption ,criminals and racketeers

    2. You are so right every one should know what they are voting for and jLp and the Pnp are not the party that represents Jamaicans

  2. There is no new ideas and thinking coming out of the PNP how are they going to make the party attractive to young voters.

  3. I believe when Jamaicans the poorer class are able to rise out of this stagnant situation the people been living in for so long then I believe the people will have a favourable opinion on that party that make such thing a reality..we been dealing with devaluation..high cost of living..high unemployment .out if control crime rate.. for far too long..

  4. No Jamaican believe in government poll point blank.too much lie majority of people said this administration is the worst n will not vote for him again.n most people don’t really care about voting anymore the the right poll😂😂😂

  5. Jamaican people you need to go out and vote is your constitutional right, you can’t have an voice if you don’t vote.

  6. What is happening to the PNP now is what will happen to the JLP in 2030s. Politics is a cycle for one party to rule then people got tired. Just as it was in the 1990s and early Y2K with the PNP in power

  7. The journalism is extremely weak. Nun of the question or answer help Jamaica or jamaicans. I wouldn’t want to hear so much from the PNP about crime in the country Why The have ruled it for 70% of the 60 years of independence. The JLP should be held in the fire perpetually on it. The jamaican politicians are a set of nun performers. The PNP campaign for all of MR Seaga life was white man yet no one call them racist MR Bruce Golding same thing. Then it Holiness big house. This Pnp guy is very intellectual still just hot air. The JPL is a little more versus that the PNP I remember hurricane Gilbert MR SEAGA let Michael con him don’t distribute the aid till after the election it would be vote buying. Michael won he and his friends stole the people’s aid enrich themselves. Have anyone ever ask why so many extremely rich people join the PNP?. Who gives up making 10-20-30 million per year for what 4 mill now about 8 I hear?. Why mark Golding should lead Jamaica and tax jamaican when he and his friend Peter Bunting put their money and businesses in Cayman islands?. these are the question hard core journalists ask. Crime is killing Jamaica who can tell me to move back home. It small people small businesses that move every country forward not BUTCH RIP not Matolans, Issa’s, Henriquez, Melhado’s Aazan’s. They play a roll yes but it the little people and small businesses that do the heavy lifting and move a society forward the very people who doesn’t flee safe the politicians who pretend to be so important is the LEASE out of the 3 group of people here. And before you PNP JLP and political deficien start am not say Government is not important. But the are the LEASE of all sectors of society. The wise men who wrote the American constitution made the people the Government not it’s politicians. We the People is what the constitution starts with not this government of the United states.

  8. Whether he is in parliament or on a televised program, horace chang is either sleeping or using his phone.
    He is nothing more than a pre-historic bench warmer, adding no value to modern time politics. People like him and many others, shouldn’t continue to be in politics pass 65 years old.

    1. Alan Scott, the UIC need to come out and walk around get to meet and know the people and let the people understand what they are all about and they will get a lot of vote

    2. @alan Scott I won’t support someone who has a woke mindset. Even though, I agree with him on some things, I agree don’t agree with him on the slavery having a generational impact on us. He’s saying how black people in America, and the world are oppressed, but then you have black Africans, and Caribbean immigrants finding, work, education, and opportunities. My cousin who lives in the states went on vacation to Dubai. But black people in America are oppressed?
      Don’t understand that? So, no thanks. He had me, then lost me.

  9. The same sets of people who say they will not vote because neither of the two parties are not better however is the same sets spoke of the Republican and Democratic parties in the America which are the two main parties repeated for years, yet they supported them. That make me think that most of us don’t know what we want. Just a sets of stupidity people we are

  10. Mr Raymond price is very intelligent,I have alot of things I want to see changes,we need production in this country,the government need to invest in persons that that take the country in the future,and stop so much imports,we need better facilities for our teachers and students,I want to see heart trust NTA living up to it’s expectations, I’ve got so many things I want to say that is frustrating, like the police force is just a play play thing, people has lost respect for this entity.

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