Polls finds Online Teaching Not Effective | TVJ News - Sept 19 2021 1

Polls finds Online Teaching Not Effective | TVJ News – Sept 19 2021


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  1. Is anybody surprised?? Really ?? it’s not effective? Why is that then? Is it flow?? is it digicel?? is it the theft of the copper wires?? is it the lack of resources in most household?? is it the lack of tablets? Or is it all of the above?? tell me the news don’t tell us something we already know

  2. We try and help our community with education during this time but we have a community center standing in the middle of nowhere at the beginning of this district and is it being used for educational purposes? Oh hell no but a church yes every Sunday the community centre is now a church, we have 8 church in the District so what’s one more, so while the lord up there sitting on his throne receiving all these prayer credits, what are you praying for now because God helps those who help themselves, so wah onnu ah du ?

  3. We in Stettin District upper Trelawny on channel 9 is not able to watch the primetime news at 7 and this going on months now pls look into this thanks

  4. Nothing don’t guh suh is the students dem naah participate if me so children a get so much on the pep and they are online why the person not doing pep affected

  5. I don’t understand what the government really a do because this no make no sense, you take poor ppl money and u can’t make a way for the students of jamaica get access to the learning plot form ……come on u only want to collect and not improving the system for learning for all jamaican students, this government really failing us.

  6. Why collecting school fees and can’t do nothing to help the students….online will help but at a 50% because while using online class, your internet will fail you, sometimes the students not understanding etc.

  7. Of course it’s not effective especially for moms like me who works Monday to Friday. Wi need schools fi open because wen wi deh a work a try put food pan di table wi nuh know weh wi kids dem deh home a do. Most a di time dem home a watch cartoon and play game. Wi need di school dem fi open. Most kids are not contracting or dying from covid.

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