1. some 18, 19 & 20 year olds need to protect their homes against intruders or wild animals.

    2. You can die from a cigarette but no one has ever been shot by one,yet it’s easier to buy a gun than cigarettes today.

    3. @Alex 35

      You realize that youngsters are gifted rifles and such due to their living circumstances, yes?

      So, firearms aren’t regulated the same way nicotine is.

      You realize that, yes?

    4. @Reason ,
      What do those other things have to do with it? Everything! Why should anyone be considered adult enough to carry a weapon into deadly combat and risk their life for their nation, be eligible to get married, be responsible for contractual obligations, and at the same age be considered too young and childish to exercise basic rights such as to have a beer at one’s own wedding or on R&R leave during military service, or keep and bear arms as a civilian? One cannot be an adult and a child a the same time. The two states are mutually exclusive. Only the mind of a greedy, arrogant legal eagle could conceive of such a duality for the sole purpose of taking military service, creating adult responsibility, and at the same time denying the rights which automatically go with adulthood.

      The denial of rights due to lack of age must come with a denial of responsibility due to age as well. To say otherwise is to create a slave class of our young adults. We have a mass murder problem among our youth because we have failed them. It is our fault as a society that these young kids feel compelled to get into fights, smethimes with disastrous consequences. Punishing them further will accomplish absolutely nothing good and instead will cause a whole lot of bad.

  1. Now if only Congress would represent the people’s wishes, but that’s absurd. We don’t fund their campaigns, mansions and luxury yachts. How foolish of me.

    1. They are representing the people’s wishes… Otherwise the people wouldn’t vote them in.

      They vote for candidate A, and not Be, even if A has some views they do not agree with, because they agree with most of A’s views.

      Unfortunately it results in almost nothing happening.

  2. Not all republicans are gun owners and not all gun owners(whether dem or Republican) are gun obsessed. Maybe that is why these groups support the changes.

    1. Gun should not be a red blue issue police can not be there in less then a second and when your life is on the line every second matters every that can illegal have a gun should try

  3. There already is background checks all gun sales, and giving or selling to a felon is illegal and if a felon is caught they go to the original owner. Ridiculous. Use the laws on the books ffs

    1. But those laws do not apply to private sales. This is not just a loophole, but a gaping hole in the background check plan. The hole is bigger than the bucket in this case.

    2. I was thinking the same thing, but wasn’t sure if there were any states that dont do background checks.

    3. If you provide a felon a firearm or private sale a firearm to someone who is a felon it’s already a felony though. So what you guys are really asking for? Seems like a total registration of all legal firearm owners, and their weapons- not anything that actually prevents any crime. If they implemented the laws on the books, and punished criminals without having it be a social party in prison… just remember, criminals don’t follow these laws, ever- and this doesn’t deter one.

    4. @Clever Username because your registering it for insurance and state license. I don’t disagree with your logic in this argument however. The difference in our thought process entirely has to do with my background. For me it’s constitutional, and unlike any other people who lean ‘pro gun’ I believe in individuals rights to the degree I’m pro choice and anti government control

  4. Are you satisfied? Maybe they should check if the people being asked actually KNOW what the actual laws are first !!!!
    In looking up info about this, there are laws which private citizens are required to follow when selling their guns related to age and criminal records BUT a private citizen is NOT required to keep a record for a gun sale. So how can anyone know the age or criminal record of the purchaser? What the effing hell is the point in having laws it is impossible to enforce????

    1. Private sales do not constitute a normal mode of business or income, that’s why they are unregulated, its private, the only two requirements are the ones you mentioned. Because we arent an FFL we arent required to keep records of sale. The only time it can be prosecuted is if proof can be shown that it was intentional. Do you want the government accosting you every time you sell a glass of lemonade? Because that is the level of government intrusion your talking about.

    2. That is just to be able to say they “passed stricter gun regulations”. Because most people don’t do what you did. They don’t look into it.

  5. And 300 young Americans dying everyday from killer drugs for the last year
    What a mess the last year has been
    What mess
    This must stop shameful

  6. Finally, someone said the voting voter is what counts!! We didn’t have Youtube in 1994!!

    1. This is the problem with having so many people who don’t vote because they don’t like either party. Neither party is motivated to win over the people who don’t vote.

  7. I need every elected official and their armed body guards to turn their weapons in first. We need them to lead by example

  8. In my country, where firearms are illegal, our total annual stats (by any means) are in mere triple figures (809 last year), whilst your gun stats alone are 5 figures (20,982). Adjusted for population size, our total annual rate is 1.2 per 100,000, compared to the US’s 6.3 per 100,000. And that pattern is consistent in nations where they’re banned.

    1. @tyler durden For educated people reading it, my point was clear. This doesn’t apply to you.

  9. The poll is from 2021 and the voting is from 2016 lots of people can change their mind over the course of 5 years

  10. I’m a veteran and long time gun owner in rural alabama. We are quite a long way from where the police normally are. They are called law enforcement and not crime preventers. It didn’t surprise me when the cops didn’t go in that school right away. Until I see a dedicated police presence in my area on a regular basis, then until then I will keep my guns for protection. I don’t mind good background checks. I don’t mind gun storage. I just want something to protect myself until the police arrive.

    1. Imagine living in a heavily criminal urban liberal neighborhood where crime runs rampant. The pd is just 6 blocks away from you and calling 911.
      They show up 1 hour later.
      This was my urban CA in San Diego growing up.
      2nd amendment firearm owner since then.

    2. @Grimtooth So you decided to contribute to pouring the gasoline on the fire. Good luck with that 🤦‍♂

  11. 6:42 The scourge of ghost guns In Philadelphia, ghost guns accounted for just 9% of guns recovered by police in 2021. – In New York City, police confiscated more than 6,000 illegal guns last year, and only about 200 of them were ghost guns. – During the first 11 months of 2021, police officers in Chicago recovered 8,854 guns — just 455 of those were ghost guns. –

  12. Instead of simply chasing down a question and forcing answers to it, say that data is unavailable. The presentation of voting v polling is really poor quality work.

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