Polls Show Americans Want To Hear From Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Polls Show Americans Want To Hear From Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. Republicans believe in nothing. I’ll be surprised if they do not plain exonerate. But in November, the justice will come.

  2. 70% of trump’s base wants witnesses to be heard – holy mother! Its really bad for him – what do they expect to hear?

    1. Printagic Online You are Special Needs huh? Hunter even said he was not qualified and that without a name BIDEN he wouldn’t have got the job. Then China as well, but noooo Dems are so sweet and innocent right? Yet you clowns cry because Ivanka, who IS a business woman gets a trademark in China. Saying it’s only because Trump is president. Dear God.


    1. Or by putting a “HIT” on them like he did with Marie Yovanovich. Like the tape that surfaced today ordering one of his people to “TAKE HER OUT”. You convince me he isn’t a threat to others and our country.. If Marie didn’t leave the Ukraine when she did she would have been assassinated., Its been verified by intelligence that it is the President on that tape.

  4. Adam Schiffs speech was extremely moving & if he didn’t move the needle on Trump then we are in a whole lotta trouble.

    1. @Printagic Online Too bad for your cute DNC Deflection Talking Point that Schiff published a transcript with the name of the FAKE, RECRUITED “Whistleblower” by mistake. So anyone who paid attention knows that Schiff committed Organized Fraud. This is why the Dems dropped the BOGUS Complaint and the FAKE “Whistleblower” altogether. Calling him to testify would have incriminated Adam Schiff in Public.

  5. The majority of America has spoken.
    Release the witnesses and documents you willingly witheld from the investigation, GOP.

    Or face the *consequences*

    1. Marc Emson 🤦‍♂️
      If we don’t have republicans supporting the impeachment we already know the end result.
      Listen to Andrew Yang 🤦‍♂️


    2. This poll means 70% of American people are backing democrats’ efforts to get witnesses, against GOP! This is huge! It’s like a return to the Bush years just before Obama election!

    3. And what would those be? The average voter can stay mad about something for about 6 weeks. This will be long pushed out of their emotional relevance in their minds.
      People need to stand up now while this travesty is going on.

  6. Every word and action in this trial is being recorded for posterity.  Senate Republicans, be careful.  You will be examined for generations in the future for your actions and exposed for  your integrity.  Your support of Trump’s corruption will never go away.

    1. The House already has ….
      There legacy is a bunch of corrupt liars using impeachment to unseat a president because there upset they didn’t win there election.

    2. Still 1 more investigation to go. I look forward to seeing the depth of corruption in the liberal Democrat party.

    1. Barry Sutton These people are what I call HEADLINE READERS. they won’t look anything up to see if it’s accurate. Such Sheep. Thank GOD these people were not in charge in WW2. We’d all be speaking German.

    2. @Don Williams – Trumps legal team would drag it out in the court systems and besides, Congress are sworn Government officials charged with oversight and are allowed access to governmental procedures and action. Nixon tried to claim executive privilege under national security in response to THE SENATE’s subpoena of the “smoking gun” audio tapes and the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against him, 8 – 0, so you’re absolutely wrong (note that the Senate in Nixon’s case sought out evidence, as they are now obligated to do). This has all been done before – Trump is just trying to stall and it is Obstruction of Congress. Again, Congress is allowed access to pretty much everything. It would be like claiming in court that the cop who arrested you wasn’t allowed to arrest people – they are, that is covered under their sworn duty.

    3. Johnny McMerica Congress can request and the WH can say no. That is the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, they disagree, they go to the 3rd Branch. That’s why there is 3. Congress can’t just call up and say GIVE ME THIS or THAT. They can request, the WH can say NO. Trump got caught standing up to the Dems Hypocrisy and Sham they were trying to pull.

  7. A few republican senators should already be in jail by now, since they have taken the senate oath whilst having publicly vowed to take the donald’s side, no matter what, as Moscow-Beijing Mitch did. If senators can be jailed for breaching senate trial rules such as no interrupting speeches, then surely they must be imprisoned for publicly pledging NOT to abide by the oath they took? Granted, moscow-beijing mitch said it before he took the oath, but his intentions are clear.

    1. This is a fake pole!
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    1. Yes, exactly right. Most people think the government are the bosses, but that’s NOT correct. We call it public service, because these officials are supposed to serve the public. We the People should decide whether witnesses should be called. It’s a no-brainer. Of course witnesses should be allowed to testify. Only the guilty want to block the truth.

    1. Your probably still mad that both Roosevelt’s , Cleavland and Garfield all payed to stay out of the civil war .

    1. Yes it is. The world IS watching. We need American liberal democracy to survive. If America becomes fascist state, there’s no hope for any of us. Please, people of America stand up and fight for your democracy. If you fall, the whole world will fall with you. It’s that serious. If you need inspiration, watch this Charlie Chaplin video:
      The Great Dictator Speech by Charlie Chaplin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDu6SQjiZ-I

    2. Don’t give up on us, world, no matter the outcome of this impeachment trial. You can bank on the fact that the American people will remove this cancer (and all metastises) from office come November. We’re gonna fix this mess and rejoin our allies with not just strength, but this time with humility, and mutual respect.

    3. @Steve Harding I certainly hope they can get through this with their democracy intact. But there is no way their failure to do so will convince us to allow our democracy to fall.

  8. Actually there will be two days (16 hours) of questions from the Senators before we would go to evidence and witnesses, unless they vote on the witness/evidence question(s) before the 16 hours of Q & A.

  9. The world may be watching but dictators don’t care what others think. They only care about what they want .

  10. I’m a Canadian who appreciates my American neighbours who are trying to stop this insane, impeached president and his corrupt administration. Yes, call your senator (202-224-3121), that’s a start. But you need to show your senators that you will not allow you country’s democracy to be stolen! I don’t understand why there aren’t protests for a fair trial and witnesses! Protests on every street, in every city, across your country. What have you got to loose that you won’t likely loose anyway if trump gets another 4 years? I encourage Americans to stand up, move it, shout, protest if you care, before its too late. The world is watching.

    1. Wait until November.
      Vote for Trump in 2020.
      You will feel better about yourself and your self esteem will soar.
      Keep America great

  11. No witnesses, fine play that way.. we are going to show exact video content as evidence to prove Trump’s guilt!!!
    The public ( all countries as well) who by fairness have tuned out Trump’s antics/lies (because there are so many) finally were able to see/hear how dangerous this man is to all the American people.
    I’ve been watching U.S. politics from the beginning and have stated several times, what goes on with Trump effects us as Canadian’s!!! Plane Crash only confirms this…accident yeah ok, my heart and love go to those families, ( i can’t help but think it was a ‘pay back” for Prime Minister Trudeau’s comment that embarrassed Trump nationally).
    Anyone who dares to make him look inept will pay a price, usually by an impulsive, “how dare you”, I need to regain my authority, screw them” act.
    U.S. citizens will at some point be targeted, that’s why they are called “Terrorists”!!!
    Trump did not utter one compassionate thought, nor did he when he shot his mouth off in a heartless response to the “head Injuries” of the very people that protect your Country/Countries in the fallout of his impulsive decision.
    Clearly he told McConnell “wear down “The Managers” by holding this Trial at night, but he honestly under estimated their “TRUE” Allegiance/Oath to the very Constitution that makes the “United States of America” great!!!
    May i repeat “United” States!!
    Clearly proven “Impeached” Trump needs to attend “Midnight” History/Political Science classes while he has made his GOP’s defend him with a ‘Midnight” (get him the heck out of Office) trial.
    I can not help but be amused that not “one” Politician refers/respects him as “President” Trump…

    1. Your comment is a microcasium for the whole impeachment ,long winded , boring and know one gives a shot .

  12. Republicans are already acting like dictators and they haven’t even announced their dictatorship yet. Foul !

    1. Trump will announce after he is vindicated. He will declare himself BOSS OF BOSSES………FOGET-ABOUD-IT

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