1. When someone use his gut as replacement for his brain (“You cannot make that out”), and his guts are not getting as much McD food as usual, guess decisions will be compromised.

  2. Watch out for another publicly announced FBI investigation into the Bidens a month before the election

    1. @agua man are you dumb? More Republicans get blasted for voter misconduct than Democrats ever have. That is the only way the GOP ever wins. Trump loses in a landslide this November.

  3. He keeps calling Biden a “radical leftist.” That’s absurd. He’s one of the most conservative Democrats there is.

    1. @deathstar11 lol which sense the mask that is no way is based in science would you like to see the studies or are you caught up in hysteria over a cold virus.

    2. @Jung Ervin It doesn’t matter who is running against Trump. My dog will win against him. People are mad as hell. We need a change in this country. The majority will vote against Trump (who is the government right now). Vote Blue.

    1. @Rah L. The viruas shutdown is because of Dems. Trump created6 million jobs. Where u awake for that part?

    2. @BIG BOOTY WHITE GIRLS PAWG POLICE go for it. Maybe youll get the chance to have him fondle you to.

    3. @Andrew Pratama 140? THEY DIDNT DIE FROM COVID AND Trump didnt kill anyone. You must be thinking of the Clintons

  4. Anyone who believes these polls remember the polls 4 years ago that said Clinton was winning.

    1. @No Pain No Gain Reliable sources were about 75-80%, not 99.9%, if they were the latter, then ya, something is wrong with the polls, but it was not. 75% means they’ll be right 3 out of every 4 elections. Getting an election wrong doesn’t automatically mean polls are worthless unless they gave a 100% chance(which they did not).

    2. Did you compare the RCP averages between 2016 and 2020? It is not even close. Hillary never led by 9 points on average. Even if the polls are off by 2-3 points Biden will win with at least 300-350 EV.

    3. musikinspace. I will beat the dead horse. Hillary received more votes. The polls didn’t predict the electoral college, just who was more popular.

    4. The newscasters said that it was a smaller number, right now there is a much larger difference. They are saying that he will not be able to overcome the difference.

  5. No one cares about MS13….WTF, we have bigger problems 🤦‍♀️ 45 is out of touch and sounds insane!!

  6. did you see agent orange playing golf? instead of walking hes riding a cart. my god , he looked like an obese stuffed sausage!

    1. @Rick Gross do you care Trump commited fraud twice, lied about our service men and women, withheld federal funds to force a foreign country to investigate a political opponent, stealing funds from Pentagon contractors to build his bullshit wall? Yeah sounds like you have your priorities straight. Quit being a clown.

    2. @Rick Gross And you don’t care that the COWARD in the white house is too afraid to rebuke Putin for putting bounties on American troops ? He called it a hoax

      You don’t care that the FRAUD in the white house refuses to display presidential leadership during this deadly Pandemic? He called it a hoax also.

      You don’t care that this LIAR in the white house still refuses to release his taxes? He lied and said they were under audit and couldn’t be released while still under review. Even the IRS has debunked that lie.

      You don’t care that this PUPPET in the white house continues to accept the word of Putin over his own intelligence agencies? He claims that Putin’s words are credible.

      You don’t care that the RACIST in the white house continues to stoke the flames of racial unrest in this nation? He persists in paying homage to the treasonous confederacy.

      You don’t care that the PERVERT in the white house was extremely chummy with Jeffery Epstein and that ilk? He even stated that he would date his own daughter if they weren’t related.

      You don’t care that the wannabe DICTATOR continues to trample upon the constitution with his Gestapo tactics? He and his corrupt henchman, William Barr ordered the military to attack civilians who were simply exercising their constitutional rights. This was all done so that he could get a photo opportunity holding the bible.

      If I had the time, I could go on and on about the INEPTITUDE of Donald J Trump. However, you still wouldn’t give a damn. Perhaps his own niece said it best. He is unqualified to lead this country and should resign. We know that won’t happen, but in November, a majority of Americans will finally get the opportunity to tell the narcissist in the white house…”YOU’RE FIRED”!

    1. yup,, For anyone that has been watching the media for the past months ,,,I will not support the Democratic Party,,I have in the past but not this time

    2. Rule number one never trust CNN . everyone knows this, no one is voting for Biden Obama 2.0 when will people learn the news is for entertainment, not facts

  7. Millions around the world can’t wait until the election and the US again has a president who not only has a brain but is able to use it. And we are laughing at Kanye being so egotistical and narcissistic as to even dream he has the skills to run the US.🤪

    1. Kanye is running as a joke, he’s running in the birthday party, you think it’s serious?
      And how can Biden use his brain?
      “We cannot win reelection, we can only reelect Donald Trump”

      “We have to take care of the cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what”

      “Kids used to come up to me at the pool and rub my leg down”

      “Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids”

      “All men and women are created by…. You know the thing”

      “I don’t count drunk driving as a felony”

      “Um, you know there’s a, uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing, that uh, you know, was totally different, than a, than the, he called it the, you know, the World War II, he had the War Production Board.”

      Do research instead of believing everything you’re told

    2. President Memelord – people are anxious to vote in a marxist puppet who will radicalize this nation into a regime only familiar with ccp

    1. But notice how it’s different this time: Biden has a significantly larger lead than Clinton did that this time, and Trump is doing much more poorly with his core base. Of course polls don’t always predict the winner (remember, they’re just a measurement of the population at a given time, not a magical look into the future), but they help shape our expectations — and because the poll numbers are even worse for Trump than in 2016, I expect him to have a more challenging road to victory, if he gets it at all.

    1. agua man if you go for trump and what he stands for then you must stand for white supremacy, disrespect for women, anti-science and concrete facts.

    2. @Icarus Studio They used other peoples polls in the past too. All wrong, Trump is never ahead, yet hes always ahead. Not sure why CNN is liberal/democrat and Fox is conservative/republican. Why can’t the news just be the news

    3. @GamingTaylor yes….. And they didn’t say once that trump is never going to win. They even recognised that the polls were wrong last time….. so

    4. @GamingTaylor the idea that news should be news I totally agree on. I’m from the UK and your news seems crazily politically biased. We have they same but not nearly as bad. And not on anything important like health

  8. Let’s suppose for a second that Biden will “destroy the economy”. It still would be better than destroying America.

    1. Biden win will drop stock market prices. The market is not the economy. America’s actual economy should be fine.

    2. no, he will destroy america! This guy is being held hostage (by the Democratic party) in his basement because he might challenge some to to a “push up” contest he is 78!!!!! WTF

    3. That is the dumbest thing I’ve read in the past hour. If the economy is destroyed, so is America. Perhaps you need to check your pulse.

    1. yeah no,i clikcked on your name and nothing happened, i’m giving you sound advice don’t make it sexual or virtous signaling. try not to sell out to the first sponser.your gonna do it your way and your way making your dreams come true for me and you.{laverne and shirley}.yeah man. gonna attract alot of weirdos.

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