Polls show republicans pivoting away from Donald Trump for Ron DeSantis

New polling shows that Donald Trump is losing control over the republicans in his bid for reelection as he falls behind Ron DeSantis.

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  1. Couple hours ago he posted a weird video of him saying America needs a superhero and then a bad animated graphic of him as a superhero with laser shooting out of his eyes and the caption big announcement coming December 15th I think he’s announcing Ron DeSantis is going to be his VP

    1. I guess the lasers shooting out, was supposed to be a lame hint, saying this is what Americans need to do to protect their country lol

  2. “In it for more than public service… ” What public service? He cares only about himself and serving self, looking to get everything he can from anyone and everyone.
    Public service… LOL🤣😂🤣

    1. Are you serious? Tell me how Nancy pelosi got rich? Joe Biden? Obama? What have they actually done out side Washington with their own money? Nothing

  3. Trump has a solid base of 38%. If there are more than 5 candidates, 38% wins. Trump could win most of the primaries but will not win presidency without a key issue to run on. The country is equally divided and only 3-4% decides which party wins. For Republicans to win, they need to run on an issue that will flip 3-4% of the voters. If Republicans run on a balanced budget and paying down the debt, they will win.

  4. I think Trump needs to make Ron his VP. This country would be a strong country but even stronger then it was when it was Trump Pence. I believe Pence is a weak leader.

  5. Just an other distraction….. when he has been paying his own compa

    Just an other distraction… afraid of Trmp!

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