Polls Show Widespread Support For Stricter Gun Laws | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Polls Show Widespread Support For Stricter Gun Laws | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Despite Republicans obstructing gun control legislation, there’s widespread public support for stricter gun laws. A recent poll shows that 65% of Americans believe there should be stricter gun laws in the United States. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Polls Show Widespread Support For Stricter Gun Laws | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. As long as those in power are beholden to private interests, nothing will change. Get money out of politics.

    1. When NFAC misfired and shot themselves?

      Responsible Law Abiding Americans should be allowed to exercise their Constitutional rights

    1. Arguable point but I would rather track them vs illegal sales only. It’s probably easier (and cheaper) to buy a smuggled weapon given the boarder crises anyways.

  2. Putin be all like “I hev live debate with Joey Biden.” Biden be all like “Uhhhhhh, I crapped my diaper.”

    1. @D E That’s why you and your lonely mom are losers. Now..STFU, mask up, go to the basement and await further instructions.

  3. It isn’t political they need gun reform …but they want hurry and suppress black / brown votes …them Republicans makes no sense ….They need to do away with the filibuster ….PERIOD!!!

    1. Baaaah! sheep! Whatcha gonna do when that psyco wolf walks into the grocery store you are in, and you got nothin to stop him from cuttin you down? Baaaah! sheep!

  4. Rep. Jason Crow of Aurora Colorado is just amazing to watch. (I first knew about him as an impeachment manager when president Trump was first impeached in the House. ) Rep. Crow was a careful guy back then. He has grown hugely… as a Colorado lawmaker. He’s an attorney, dad, former service member as an Army Ranger. It doesn’t get better than that! I thought he was packing himself into a tight squeeze at first. How does he do it all? He does do it all! That’s just him. Amazing grace! Wishing him all the best of things to come! He’s always gracious. A very wonderful quality to have I think! He never is abrasive. It’s refreshing! Thanks .,Rep Crow!

    1. LoL. Yep colorado has some the most restrictive gun control measures in the country. And yet you want even more for us. And just north of colorado here in Wyoming and Montana and idaho and Utah and the Dakota’s and Nebraska nothing horrible is happening???!. WHY sorry but don’t think that the rest of America wants to surrender our Rights and freedoms.

  5. I can’t understand why anyone thinks it’s OK for guns to be in the wrong hands and why anyone would need an assault rifle.

    But with the situation being so contentious can the USA not have some form of referendum vote on gun control.

  6. Law enforcement need get involve and make it hard for them to defend to keep us safe. pray for Eric Talley and his family. He took oath defend our constitution

  7. The reflective waterfall dolly recognise because waterfall kelly remove but a gaping freeze. legal, flippant kitchen

  8. these polss are very misleading. it all depends where you are. if youre in a rural area such as i, there is no need for gun control and its going to only make things much worse. the problem is OVER POPULATION PEOPLE. when will they face the facts.

    1. Shirley boned that’s where your WRONG.! We need gun control just as much if not MORE out HERE.
      In the Country any yaywho can buy a gun and shot it with impunity … Why BECAUSE. Your in the county and it’s OK cause WE DONT have any COPS that are going to STOP YOU .
      I KNOW , I live in a little Podunk town out in the middle of no where and we don’t have anyone who WANTS to ENFORCE any sort of code out HERE. So your homes are 100FT.APART ….. Who cares someone’s shooting off a GUN …. Are they aiming it in your direction? they ask…. Are they Drinking Alcohol?, if the answer is yes to those then they MIGHT SHOW UP IN 2 OR 3 HOURS when they can Coordinate with the States Police To DO SOMETHING. But if like here we have a lot of trees and brush so you CAN’T SEE nothing gets DONE.

  9. There will be no action in the Senate on ANY problem until the filibuster is fixed.
    So how about a 55% population-based cloture rule?
    Turns out the Democrats already represent 55% of the voters. Presto chango, no filibuster.
    #FinishTheFilibuster #StopTheBlockheads

  10. BS….. NBC investigate why The White House YouTube feed does not keep comments up and changes dislike counts. That would be some story!

  11. Dear Mr. President
    The majority of all shootings, including mass shootings are done with handguns. Rifles of any kind, including AR-15s are responsible for only a fraction of the total number of gun homicides in the United States. In 2019, 364 homicides were committed with rifles of any kind. Of those 364 homicides 32 were justifiable homicides. So, in 2019 there were 332 homicides committed with rifles out of the total 10,258 firearm homicides. So, what will a ban on AR-15 rifles accomplish? At best it will reduce the number of gun deaths in the United States by 3%. Congratulations, you have accomplished next to nothing. And you will likely not decrease the number of gun deaths by even 3%. Why? Well, there are already 20 million AR-15 rifles in circulation in the United States. No ban will include banning AR-15s that are already in circulation. It just won’t happen and you know it. The idea that the government is going to force a mandatory buyback of AR-15 rifles is unrealistic. It will never happen. The best you will get is a ban on the production and transfer of such weapons and by transfer, I mean the sale of AR-15 rifles including sales between private parties. The problem with a ban on the sale of AR-15s between private parties is there is no way to enforce it without the government attempting to force gun owners to register those firearms with the government, and a gun registry is not going to happen and you know it. So, now what? Let’s go as far as to assume you succeed in passing a ban on the production of AR-15 rifles that does next to nothing in reducing firearm homicides. What is the next step? Am I being unreasonable to think that the next idea will be a ban on handguns? They are after all, responsible for the overwhelming majority of gun homicides. This is the slippery slope so many gun owners are rightfully concerned about. You, being the president should also understand that as antiquated as the anti-gun movement believes the Second Amendment is, it is as relevant today as it was in 1791. The Second Amendment ensures that the federal government does not have a monopoly on power. The Second Amendment ensures that government of the people, by the people, for the people remains just that. It is that simple. I would kindly ask that you give very serious thought to our rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. Once you give them away, we will never get them back. Here’s an idea. If you really want to reduce gun deaths why don’t you consider another option that might actually work? Why don’t you work towards increasing access to mental healthcare? Almost no health insurance plans cover mental health. Access to mental healthcare may be an alternative that could really work.

  12. The polls have been the same for years. Yet, these same people keep voting in the same politicians over and over. Explain that.

  13. You fools want GUN CONTROL? You need to read the stories of the 500K-1.5 MILLION uses of self-defense firearms in this country. Anyone buying into commie bs? When the bad guy with a gun comes your way? You’ll fall like sheep to heavy artillery.
    Get a gun, get trained, take tactical training. “We train our whole lives for 3 seconds in time.”

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