1. @Ted Roe oh and on a side note David Duke endorsed Jim Crow Joe this year.
      Jim Crow Joe as in, KKK endorsed Joe, Robert Bryd ring a bell ? How about Strom Thurman !
      Wasn’t Robert Bryd a high ranking Klansman ? And didn’t Jim Crow Joe do the eulogy at his funeral ? And Trumps a right wing nut ?
      How’s that education working out for you ? Apparently the classes you took glanced over that part of history.
      You’re right, we need to raise the level of our educational standards. Apparently you were robbed !
      All I wrote you can look up. If you need more education I’m at your service. Unbelievable !
      In fact, Jim Crow Joe got an award from some real racist Governor down south. The name slips my mind right now. I’m sure you being educated and know who I’m talking about !!! You can’t make this sh*t up man.
      Imagine, someone claiming to be “educated “ just got taken to school. Ctfu

    2. @Jerry Marasco deflection from the facts of the present by pointing back 60yrs… but not mentioning how the Dems turned it around and championed civil rights… so there you are, on the wrong side of history, among the racists and fascists right now. What is your excuse?

    3. @Ted Roe oh and why can’t I go back 50 years. Let’s get our facts straight shall we ? Jim Crow Joe has been in politics for 47 years. At what point did he stop being a racist ? After his comment about Obama ? A clean articulate black man ?
      Why can I go back to Jim Crow Joe when I’m getting blamed for 400 years of oppression ? Oh and ps, I never owned a slave. In fact, no one alive today owned a slave. Well, maybe Kamala has some family still alive that owned slaves. Is that irony or even MORE hypocrisy ?

    4. @Jerry Marasco you got no excuses and you still havent explained why you are standing w white supremecists, fascists, and seditionists….
      I interact w a Congressional subcommittee advising them on our work and findings. 50/50 Dem/GOP. The Dems have members that represent the diversity of their party. The GOP are all white, male attorneys.
      And who was it that tried to overthrow a fair election by assaulting the Capitol and killing representatives? That was you guys w your confederate flags, w your white militia cadres like Oathkeepers and Boogaloo Boys….

  1. Keep in mind these callous individuals live in a country that has lost nearly 600,000 souls

    1. @Jerry Marasco You people cried and wailed for 4 1/2 years about 4 men who died in a country we were actively bombing at the time, but if you showed any sympathy for 600,000 dead Americans, you’d be letting down your PARTY; the party that lost the house, the senate and the presidency.

    2. @Paul Wilson we were losing 3,000 a day from just one virus, covid at one time. India, Brazil, Philippines, Turkey, iran and rest of Latin America are facing the brunt of virus atm

    1. This was my first thought… we dont have family doctors we see regularly anymore like in 1960 or whenever. If you are lucky enough to have insurance from an employer you still dont go since the copays are not worth it for common flu like issues.

    2. Many of them have “Obamacare.” There was a documentary a few years back showing Trump supporters who said the ACA saved their lives but they voted for Trump anyway.

  2. The source is a year of Team Trump, Fox News, et al, undermining science and common sense. We need a criminal investigation of the covid response.

    1. And yet you believe CNN, who has admitted to lying to the American people. You should move to China.

    2. @Jeezum Crow actually, no… they blathered about a rigged election, did everything possible to undermine science and common sense, and left it to Team Biden to deal w the logistics of a vaccine rollout… Team Biden worked on it literally from election night to the inauguration and it was the first priority when Biden was sworn in.

  3. can’t convince those without the capacity of understanding what reason and common sense is about…

    1. @No_Hoax Trump_Colluded I’m the troll? Coming from a profile with hoax and Trump in it. That’s funny lol

    1. @David Ashton kind of like the ignorance a troll has and openly displays?!? the kind that set up new & fake accounts to hide behind? Not pointing fingers but … Wait yes I am. Gotta hide and dig into the comment sections to try and trigger people like you’re THAT RELEVANT??? Yeah…

    2. 612Tiberius Well his supporters are from the red states. Blue states have more intelligent people to counter the dumb ones.

  4. Between this and trying to attack mail in ballots, someone might want to tell Republicans that absent and dead constituents don’t vote.

    1. Ahhh, but they did. By the thousands . They also voted from parking lots and other states . They multiplied. One county mailed out 75,000 mail in ballots and got 125,000 back. Figure that one out . There is a 24/7 livesream of the AZ firensic audit of ballots happeming right now at AZAUDIT.ORG. There are watchers from Every spectrum seated AT the tables to monitor every ballot and every activity. It’s been productive and informative to say the least .

    2. Shussss what are you doing? if these fools died, we don’t have to deal with more of them.

  5. Damn, I was just about to demonize them… Ask India if they are more afraid of the virus or the vaccine

    1. Oh, but that wouldn’t happen in THIS country.
      Which leads to a long, likely futile, statement.

    2. Hey look at Florida an taxes almost 2 million in cases an they still dont believe it

    3. @pretty cure Forever I know some Republican booked vaccine appointment right after two cousins died. It was getting real for him. It’s almost we are living in dark age, you only believe what happened to your village people. Gosh.

  6. “…you have to make it personal to them rather than political”
    That’s the problem, they are the one’s making it political. Everything you hear out of their mouths is that COVID is a political move by the Democrats or any number of theories about the government.

    1. Exactly. My family has a political filter that must be applied to every bit of information before it’s accepted or denied. No concern whatsoever for truth or fact or science.

  7. i think we all have family on either side of this topic. Do it for yourself, your family, and for your fellow Americans and for the rest of the world. This virus may be an easy one compared to what may be next. ! ?

    1. @GMO ODEED no I think what they meant was we may need to respond much quicker to the next one.

    2. @Jessica Bixler This whole thing ought to tell you that whenever the next pandemic comes that’s worse than covid, we are done for.

  8. It is challenging to not demonize my fellow Americans who choose their ignorance, do not trust science, and are SO gullible as to believe The Big Lie. As a nation, because of our stoopid people, we are effed. — Signed, a Naval Academy grad and veteran

    1. @Jerry Marasco did you the Muller report personally? Had you not seen all the indictment as the result? If Trump wasn’t President and AG has back bone, he would be indicted to. Go read instead just taking from Fox.

    2. @TheHate FuLL1 When your movement or more likely attendance at certain events is denied b/c you are not vaccinated, perhaps, you’ll feel differently. When your kids are required to be vaccinated in order to attend school and parents must be vaccinated in order to attend your child’s after school events, perhaps, you’ll feel differently. Who knows? Plus, the government CAN LEGALLY require you to be vaccinated according to the supreme court when it ruled in a new hampshire case regarding the polio vaccine… We’ll see.

    3. @B Bodziak and when your genitals are removed because you killed your children are not allowed to have sex anymore I bet you’ll feel differently about abortions

    1. @TheHate FuLL1 who are you to tell the woman what to do with their body? Does US provide maternity leave? Childcare? Medicine for the children? Medical care for the mother and children? Maybe work on that first, then you will see women like to bring their baby to the better country.

    2. @TheHate FuLL1 Not being vaccinated means you continue to risk spreading the disease to others. Some people are medically unable to be vaccinated, meaning they rely on those around them to be vaccinated to be safe. That’s why I wish you “pro-life” folks cared a bit more about the lives of those around you.

    3. @Matt killing an unborn child means you committed murder or at the very least prevented a life which is the same in my book

    4. @TheHate FuLL1 So are you willing to support that life after it’s born? Provide food and housing security to the child and its mother? Provide access to good-quality, free schooling? To provide healthcare? To ensure the mother has the support she needs to raise the child into a productive member of society? The GOP isn’t actually ‘pro-life’ it’s just ‘pro-birth’.

    1. @Mutton Chops don’t worry, your not going to get dragged anywhere by any fictious minor character of a book where the real demon was called Yahweh, and had an alter ego who was invented from the characteristics of the Egyptian god Ra, who was called Jesus.

    2. @James Jones wow that was deep .ps I am not worried by man made sorry . it’s the women made ones that worries me

    1. They are starring in their very own James Bond type movie where they are the only ones to figure out the evil plan. That’s gotta be exciting.

    1. It’s hard to empathize with those who believe that liberals are sexually assaulting and even killing children. They believe that liberals should be killed. One mother in an interview straight up said that she supported genocide (her word) because it would create jobs for her kids. They are so jaded that they don’t see why it wasn’t okay to break into the Capitol and threaten the lives of people there. They made a noose outside and people died. Even those who didn’t are still dealing with physical and mental problems. I can’t empathize with people who are essentially the same as the Germans under their own Hitler. Now they’re planning a civil war. They’ve talked about it for awhile, but now the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys are training others. Keep in mind that the Oath Keepers are prior and present military and police. We should all be concerned because our nation is becoming a failed state and empathizing with collaborators won’t save us.

  9. I had clients who swore not to get the vaccine but now they’ve gotten it. I think people are tired of it. Summers coming & people want to be free of restrictions & worry.

    1. Well I am vaccinated. The vaccine is available for everyone now. The mask wearing needs to end by June one way or another. I’m not going to be forced to protect people who can simply refuse to vaccinate beyond next month.

  10. It’s the equivalent of trying to convince a three year old why they have to eat their vegetables.

    1. @Michael Reid as long as you think killing unborn babies is cool I’ll never take your advice educate yourself and save your soul

    2. @Jeezum Crow The generation that fought in the world wars would be disgusted at how cowardly and weak you people are. Step up and do something for your country.

    3. @Michael Reid heard doing vaccines at bars y offering a beer got a bunch vaccinated who weren’t going to. What works do it I say.

    4. @TheHate FuLL1 you know I’m not pro abortion. But I’m not a hypocrite Fascist either.

      You guys protect fetuses, only to deny them universal health care. To criticize unwed mothers and to lock up their fathers, in prisons with draconian sentences, for minor offences. You don’t support even this bill of Bidden’s which will greatly assist, in reducing child poverty.

      Not to mention, your pro death penalty!

      Can anyone say, HYPOCRITE?

  11. The sad part of all of this is the fact that they are going to get covid sooner or later and possibly kill one of their relatives. I’m truly afraid for this to continue with the mood of my country.

  12. They don’t necessarily trust their own doctor. I often tell people with vaccination hesitancy to talk to their doctor, but they rarely even acknowledge the statement.

    1. Yes, a long time friend, said she was waiting for a sign from God to tell her what to do. Like the old story of God and the man in a boat… I said, what if God is speaking through me???

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