Pompeo Advised Ousting Of State Dept IG Steve Linick | MSNBC 1

Pompeo Advised Ousting Of State Dept IG Steve Linick | MSNBC


A White House official said the ousting of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick came on the advice of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Democrats told NBC News that Linick had opened an investigation into possible misconduct from Pompeo in terms of a government employee who may have been doing personal errands both for him and his wife.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Pompeo Advised Ousting Of State Dept IG Steve Linick | MSNBC


    1. @Bob Loblaw our deaths per capita isn’t that bad. Our numbers get blown up because we have a large population…also some of the deaths that were added shouldn’t be counted…like if you die in a car crash and you have covid….they count it as you died of covid.

    2. @One Trick Pwny You obviously don’t know what per capita means. The USA that touts itself as the biggest, strongest, most powerful nation on earth are are far behind most nations in the world.

    3. @One Trick Pwny
      How about 2? China and India have 3 times the population but a third of the deaths.
      The U.S. currently has the same number of deaths…AS THE NEXT 4 COUNTRIES COMBINED.

  1. Is Putin advising tRump on how to handle his internal affairs? Little by little, the USA is looking more and more like Russia.

    1. @rtorres81rc When Putin said that, he was as serious as he can be. His ego was hurt. That statement proves that Vlad has been busy cultivating Donnie.

    2. @Sperup AD – It’s 11 mins long. You didn’t watch it. You also didn’t read the article. You should read the transcripts. At least that. Do your due diligence. Trump’s team is now doing the same to China with his base that the Dems did to Russia. In the end the Pentagon is the one running the presses and the narratives.

    3. @Sperup AD – Read them here.


      Also, this was interesting.

      Henry’s statements to the Intelligence Committee make repeated reference to “indicators” and “circumstantial evidence” of a hack, but these cannot disguise the fact that no hard proof could be produced. He makes this admission in several of his answers to Committee members’ questions:

      “We did not have concrete evidence that the data was exfiltrated [moved electronically] from the DNC, but we have indicators that it was exfiltrated.”

      “There are times when we can see data exfiltrated, and we can say conclusively. But in this case it appears it was set up to be exfiltrated, but we just don’t have the evidence that says it actually left.”


    4. @rtorres81rc I don’t have time to read today, I might, but, first, answer this question. Did tRump ask Russia for help in defeating Hllary Clinton?

    5. How did everyone become an expert on “Putin’s Playbook”? How is everyone saying the same thing. It’s like they heard it before (lots of times) and are repeating it.

    1. @Edward Martinez Hater! Your making an assumption, you have no facts, just blind hate, no matter what your president does, it will never be good enough , you suffer from TDS. Get over it. It’ll all be over in 2024

    2. @Jeremy Backup In reality you’ve chosen the party of Transvestites and HOMOSEXUALS. *FACT

    1. @William H Music 2020 if you are really that much of a sexual deviant you should seek help

    2. @Barbara Carpenter The same as what Rudy Giuliani has to do with what fake news is crying about ! Are you a liberal used diaper that was forced fed your education of intolerance and vile hatred , with a little bit of vaccine damage . Oh the coronavirus is afraid Hillary so is Satan .

  2. Interesting, considering that the fired IG was apparently investigating Pompeo because of allegations of having misused a political appointee to carry out personal tasks for himself and his wife.

    1. @Agolf Twittler You hate Trump, so what’s the sense debating the subject? Were not going to change each others mind. lol

    2. @Agolf Twittler I can’t fix stupid. You make assumptions without facts, that’s plain stupid. It’s what a hater does. Blind hate!

    3. @john carioscia It’s easier to believe that any criticism of Trump is just a result of blind hate, than to actually address it in an intellectually honest fashion.

  3. *GOP Traitors like Moscow Mitch are trying to drive the final stake through the heart of America.*

    1. @William H Music 2020; And you have some other festering dementia and confirmation bias. What a waste ignorance is.

    2. @goe1punk Obamagate is not a thing. You watch too much fox and you listen to the orange buffoon too much.

    3. @Vicki Hildebrand Here’s 3 articles, none of which are from FOX.
      The mask goes over your nose and mouth not your eyes.
      Even the press secretary told us about Obamagate.
      Trump’s Press Sec SLAMS the Media for Ignoring Obamagate
      Trump Demands PRISON For Obama Administration Officials Involved In Obamagate, Calls Obama CORRUPT
      #Obamagate Unmasking EXPOSED…Will Hillary Clinton Testify? #Coronavirus Abuse Update

  4. When did we become the nation of liars and cheats? All of you who subscribe to the “everyone is cheating, why shouldn’t I?” philosophy are sending this great nation of ours down the toilet.

    1. Seems Linick was guilty of partisanship…
      Errands? Really? Seems there might be better things to investigate than someone doing errands. “I bring into evidence these Pop Tarts and dry cleaning!”

    2. Talking about Democrats are you? Well, they’re up to their necks in it now. Just waiting for the noose to tighten up.

    3. “When did we become the nation of liars and cheats?” When Obama was elected obviously.

    4. I see your comment attracted every “I’m rubber and you’re glue” nitwit on the Right.

    5. @Marchant2 I’ve seen nothing but nitwits on the left. They point fingers but nothing, as in no facts, to back it up.

  5. There has to be a course correction because four more years of this and the United States will cease to exist.

    1. You are right. The Democrats must accept the results of the election and stop seeking to destroy the country.

    2. @J Rosa we’re supposed to except the election the one in which Russia interfered in. The same Russia that Republicans when they were in the house said did it. And the same Republicans who said that it was Russia not Ukraine in the Senate. That was Lindsey Graham’s own words. And it’s quite convenient that Senator Burr is the only one being investigated when his report was coming out in a couple months stating that very fact.

  6. Make the US of A a reality show, starring narcissists and sociopaths. Not far from the goal now!

    1. Annnora C You don’t know who Kant was, do you, stupid? Otherwise, you’d not have conflated your solipsism for “facts”.

      Facts are objective. Like your stupidity.

      You’re welcome!

    2. Annnora C yep. It’s out-loud funny that you’re THAT stupid. Objectively. And so boisterously!

      I’m still laughing AT you.

    3. @Annnora C you’re having arguments with people who think this president tells no lies. I’m gonna give you a doozy of a lie when he said he had no idea about the NDA’s with the two women he cheated on his wife with . Remember how that story consistently changed? And another doozy when he said he was never in support of the Iraq war. He was on the Howard Stern show. And Howard Stern asked him that question. And he said yeah I guess so we should’ve got it done right the first time.

    1. Agreed. The democrats involved in Obamagate must be exposed and punished for their crimes. It is a felony to leak classified information.

    2. @sunny d Got me there sunny d. I came very close to giving up my citizenship when Bush II, on false pretenses, invaded Iraq and sent them back to the 12th century. The guy who threw a shoe at Bush should have gotten a medal.

    3. Which side is evil.both have some corruption no doubt. The main reason I am a Republican is because I believe in personal responsibility and don’t want or need the government to be my mom or dad.the Democrats want control over your money and your life

  7. What happened to the great American Constitution? Not worth the paper it is written on. Trump and the GOP and now maybe with the supreme courts help. they are really going to trash America.

    1. You can’t ignore at this point that the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt. The FBI knew they had no reason but kept investigating because they didn’t like trump. They might not say it but when you make 20 decisions that all keep the investigation going with no evidence it is only reasonable answer. The Democrats were trying to cash in their insurance policy

    2. @Bob V investigating whether someone was helping with personal errands. That is a huge scandal!

    3. @Nick King Obama had more to do with all the problems Trump has had, then anyone else.. Every bad thing that has happened to Trump was instigated by Obama and his ilk.

  8. Straight our of dictator Putin’s playbook: Remove all oversight by neutralizing any possible obstacle to absolute power. This is exactly what the Constitution is meant to prevent.

    1. @Michael Smith This is 2020. We have evolved as a nation. Too bad the Republicant party didnpt get the memo. You are so wrong, so wrong, about Obama, check your facts. Facts do matter you fu%%ing liar

    2. @Dean Rittenhouse The DOD had been watching him for an ongoing investigation into LEAKING. YOU are the one who needs to wake up, It will all come out.

    3. @Paul Picard these people dont know what real research is they listen to trump The King of Lies and The Foxhole the propaganda of Lies.

  9. I think these lapdogs have to go through some weird evil blood ritual pledging allegiance to the Orange Cult Leader before they get the position.

    1. Arthur Schnapka: Trump and his GOP buddies enjoy bending each other over and exchanging bodily fluids, which makes them brothers in arms!

    2. You enjoy thinking about them bending over don’t you? Turns you on doesn’t it? No other reason you would be fantasizing about something like that…..

    3. Must sucks to be such poor loser’s. We will reelect him I will get to wash my white privilege azz with you WHINNING little sissies tears. And it will be just as funny and the last time, LOL!

  10. The job of the Inspector General’s (IG) office is to investigate government fraud, waste and abuse. Something is definitely rotten in DC as multiple IG’s have been fired and released lately.

  11. There is no reason as to why the House of Representatives can’t launch another impeachment inquiry now and add to it all the other past crimes and absurdities Trump has been involved in, including the multiple counts of obstruction in the Mueller probe and subsequently. Pelosi needs to get on the ball. It doesn’t matter if the impeachment hearings run all the way through next November since they can convert it into a criminal indictment when Trump loses. The U.S. Congress needs to exercise the right to impeach an unfit Fake president for the sake of the vast majority of Americans.

    1. They could very well impeach tRUMP again for the mass murdering of 90K of our American Family.

    2. @Joe Galati You want to blame Trump for the Wuhan virus? I’d argue that, but I can’t fix stupid. Socialist freeloader!

    1. Yeah, Brennan was a jewel, Muslim Brotherhood communist pig. I’m sure the democrats miss him

    1. Adults who grew up in the early 2000 are pathetic. Democrats are history deniers.

    2. Awww is it that bad? Im on neither side yet its funny to see the liberals cry about Trump so much You didn’t see the Republicans doing this when Obama was in office lol

  12. This,like so much regarding this wannabe King,will be answered for come Election Day.

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