Pompeo And Mnuchin Announce Additional Sanctions Against Iran | MSNBC 1

Pompeo And Mnuchin Announce Additional Sanctions Against Iran | MSNBC

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that new sanctions will be imposed against Iran after missiles were launched at bases in Iraq where U.S. troops were stationed. Aired on 1/10/20.
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Pompeo And Mnuchin Announce Additional Sanctions Against Iran | MSNBC


  1. Ok so you attack their general…they retaliate and you tack on sanctions….even though you attacked first. Lol ok

    1. Richard Skipper so just because someone doesn’t agree on something they just suppose to get up and leave ? Didn’t this whole administration campaign on making America great ? Why not tell them to leave ?

    2. @Richard Skipper I didn’t say that. As American citizens the best we can do is be aware of issues, talk with our family and neighbors, write our Congressmen, maybe even get into politics if we can and vote according to our beliefs. As for playing armchair quarterback from the cheap seats based on one-sided biased propaganda (same goes for people on both sides) is it really worth getting all worked up against each other? Why not, talk to each other instead, have great debates and understand both sides of the argument and make our own decisions rather than regurgitating what Fox or CNN has to say? Anything short of that is just ignorant grunting. Yes, Richard, I’m calling you out. You want to have an intelligent discussion, bring it. Otherwise, go back to playing with your… participation trophy.

    3. @Richard Skipper She is entitled to her opinion. In many things I agree. We have been hypocrites for decades and we are responsible for supporting most of the atrocities in the world. The rise and funding of ISIS. The dependency of Central American countries… The question is, how can we help fix the problem? Do we really need to take in the poor from every other country until we are just like them or are there other options? We need to talk with each other and find common ground. Don’t let the propagandist media divide us. Even if we do not agree, we can still respect each other’s opinions.

    4. @Jennifer Sanchez Or we can stop arguing and work together. Jennifer, you sound like a moderate liberal. Good people! Richard sounds like a leftist provocateur (trouble). The problem is we have extremists on both sides trying to tell the middle what to think. It’s time we take our country back and tell the fringe to pound sand.

  2. Ah, the irony of Mnuchin accusing Iran of being the country that has caused the most instability in the region, when they have invaded two of it’s neighbors. The smug clowns think they are in any position to lecture anybody else on meddling in other countries affairs with any credibility.

    1. @Dizzy Duke Did you see trump call Duke “Lady Eyes” because of that freak’s radical glam plastic surgery?

    1. Amy Elizabeth what- increasing wages, providing jobs through trickledown tax cuts, protecting the unborn, strengthening the military, vet causes, spurring market gains (401k’s), and defeating our enemies?
      Those who don’t oppose evil oppose those who do.

  3. China, Russia, the Gulf States and the EU, which gets thrown under the boss anytime trump gets a chance, should defy those sanctions.

  4. Laurel and Hardy are back.
    But they aint funny anymore.
    They were funny when they shut their lying faces.

  5. What a pair of dishonorable opportunists. This is part of our leadership, the US has barely been served by a worse leadership team in its history. That so many choose to ignore the big con and cultish behaviour is astounding. Not surprising we are a total laughing stock…MAGA ffs open your non-Fox eyes

  6. manaushis not wanting to disclose how much dump and family have spent on vacation at his resorts should tell you everything. ” I won’t have time to golf because I’ll be working for you”.

    1. Not anymore…they have another enemy to worry about now. Trump’s administration is determined to put as much bad karma out in the world as possible!

    2. chewjello1    true, but there is no such thing as bad karma, its just karma or no karma. Trimp is putting Evil out in the world, like all other conservatives. Fascism is like  ugly fashion (eg.80’s hair), its part of the cycle of time and as long as people, are as stupid as the people of the past. Then conservatism will still exist.

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