Pompeo Invites Over 900 Guests To Holiday Party, But Many Skip | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Pompeo Invites Over 900 Guests To Holiday Party, But Many Skip | Morning Joe | MSNBC


As the coronavirus pandemic continues despite the beginning of vaccinations, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan invited more than 900 guests to an indoor holiday party, yet a small amount attended, according to reporting. Aired on 12/16/2020.
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Pompeo Invites Over 900 Guests To Holiday Party, But Many Skip | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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    2. @The Bee Ask my mommy what? I’m not asking any questions. Maybe you should ask your mommy to teach you how to read.

    1. Your god tRump is the one with secret bank accounts in China most likely russia as well. It owes russia a lot of money so may be not. Well, putin has tRump’s pee pee tapes.

    2. Are you one of those people that pretend there’s no corruption whatsoever in your party lol. They’re both filled with swamp creatures. The left is just better at radicalizing their base

    3. @tthuynh18 just like Biden cheated his way through school and lied about all of it. Let’s come together and get rid of any and all corrupt politicians. Stop making this a left vs right thing. Can’t we all agree that we don’t want corruption in our government?

    1. Errr…. If you read my post – Thanks to Ronald Chump installing LouisDeJoy as PostDismisser Venereal….

    2. @Randy Henderson – I see the RepugLiars are at it again. Any idea why I’ve watched Ronald Chump since the mid 80s and that charlatan stood as a (failed) Democrat?
      Oh, and BTW: It’s “VINyard”. AND… I wonder why you have trouble with reality. I’m sorry you feel so disgruntled. Perhaps you weren’t gruntled enough as a child?

    3. @Randy Henderson guess you haven’t seen the republican roster. Here’s a fun game, try and find a republican that is not corrupt.

    4. @TheHugeDwarf When one of them gets caught employing a Chinese spy, buying a fake dossier from a Russian spy, or porking a Chinese spy, I will be the first to admit they are compromised and should be ousted.

    5. @Randy Henderson you do know that a spy is someone who infiltrates to get info? how about we start at him giving ALL info she could have had access to.

  1. Perverse Trump attracts perverse people around him and the whole gang insanely *mocks* this virus, tragedy after tragedy. Thank God they’ll be gone come Biden. Oh Happy day!

  2. Lawyers used to be the most hated people in our society, but I think the Politicians have taken over that position.

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