Popcaan Files Defamation Suit Against Gov’t | TVJ News – July 8 2022

Popcaan Files Defamation Suit Against Gov't | TVJ News - July 8 2022 1


    1. This type of agenda is rooted in classism, which is not only in Jamaica, but many countries around the world.

    1. Well it looks like it wasn’t obliterated or removed..that means the left hand not speaking to the right hand…even if it’s expunge this will not be permanently deleted.. it will still be record and can be used if needs be.. Although it’s not used/active.. This entry will still be available

    2. @Charm it is to
      My understanding that if it was expunged then it should be treated as if it never happened. The offense was taken place in Trinidad so why Jamaica hold it against him. Who they should red flag they not doing it.


  2. I like this at least this will show the world how dumb and stupid the Justice sytime is in Jamaica

  3. But my question is this.. If Popcaan says he was defamed by the JCF for stating “false” information, then wouldn’t it have been the same thing when Popcaan told the world that he was being detained in the UK because of the Jamaican Government? Was that not false information too? He’s ready to take legal action but he was the one who blamed the government in the first place, and now that they have put out information contrary to Popcaan’s allegations, him jump gone to his lawyers. Poppy, gwaan go do yuh show dem a UK and stop waste money a sue govt when a u first accuse dem.

  4. The orders carried out by the JCF, came directly for the security minister. Popcaan should take legal actions through either the International Criminal Court(ICC) or the United Nation Human Rights Council(UNHRC).

  5. The lawyer here know how to give artist hope and then take there money .

    Popcaans criminal convictions is a public record ;

    1. @My opinion So you have all the sense? Do you for one split moment think because something is expunge that there is nothing there to show that something happened but was expunged? If you believe that then a you who don’t have much sense.

  6. So if his record is expunged why the FK you all calling up the man Name
    For if the is no record there this is the reason I don’t like Babylon. Trust Me.!!!

  7. Well done. About time citizens take up civil law suits against the government when they are wrong. government playing with people life, money and freedom… Lost Wages know and future.. advertising lost wages because of bad information… Defamation and false information damage of a person character.. Restraining order against the police of is parish…. Respect citizens and tax payers. Man representing Jamaica and each show so many people are employed and have a job/income.. Artist bring tourist to the country facts Bob Marley .. freedom of speech and respect people opinion… education is freedom and life…

  8. Why would the Jamaican authorities be doing this, this shows a level of incompetence which im certain the JCF didn’t possess when I lived in Jamaica, this is unacceptable I and support this law suit of defamation!!

  9. I am not huge fan of Popcaan..regardless neither the security forces or Govt in jamaica should be putting out in the public domain information about the Artists that is not accurate .

  10. There are more important things happing in Jamaica that’s needs attention more than poncaan and this rubbish civil matter popcaan himself is apart of the problems of what is happing back home glorification of guns and badness calling himself killing killi. These always have nothing to do.

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