Pope Francis apologizes for Canada school policy | USA TODAY

Pope Francis apologizes for Canada school policy | USA TODAY 1


  1. Your apologies are accepted.
    But these are graves of Indigenous Canadian🇨🇦 children who died *over 100 years ago,* by whatever reasons
    – including sickness, accidents, pandemic over many years.
    – They were buried where they lived, the residential school.
    – It’s not something like the ongoing genocide in Tibet or Xinjiang, China🇨🇳.

  2. My condolences to the millions Uyghurs, Tibetans and Southern Mongolians who lost their *lands, identity and dignity*
    and now become genocide victims of the Chinese🇨🇳 regime.

  3. What a dark period of Catholicism.
    I can’t imagine the abuse and the emotion Those religious people put in the hearts and mind of the victims

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    1. …and that justifies us doing it to them? I get people are going on about the reparations BS, but acting like that makes what we did okay is just as stupid.

    1. God apologized once and that was for making man? Read it it is in the old testament. He saw us and it repented him and he is still suffering the fruits of our quick to follow the earthly desires and the lusts there of. Greed self seeking lusts etc. At least he repented did the Pope repent for saying it’s ok to cut off the yang yang and be a opposite of what God made you or them to be ?

  5. When I was in school we’d play Cowboys and Indians. I don’t understand why we have to call them Native Americans? I love them and they are beautiful loving people. Esp by the land and herbal medicines but I mean no disrespect when I say Indians. I won’t change it either because I am in no wrong. God bless us all.

    1. What a whirlwind of a comment, first off Indians are from India and columbus landed thinking he was in south asia, so indians have been and still are south asians. Referring to indigenous people as indians is mislabeling them (historically and currently) and it sounds like you’re willing undermining the significance of them being mislabeled when you say “no disrespect… but, I’m not changing my ways” which in itself is a continuous problem

    2. And “god bless us all” undercuts all of the history between organized religions and indigenous people. But then again if you wouldnt want to change your ways you couldn’t acknowledge that as an issue

    3. I do, because It’s confusing when people call Native Americans the name of people from the other half of the world.

    4. I use to play it as well and made bows and arrows out of brush in the back yard. I have dark skinned grandchildren but I call them Nigerians, well the short version of that once in a while and they just laugh about it. Raise a child up in the right way and learn wisdom from them. They are mixed black with several deferent fathers by my only child a daughter. She chose a few good men and had some good children that care not what they are called by anything as long as they are called for supper or dinner or tigers of whatever does not matter to them.

  6. Now go apologize to Ukraine 🇺🇦 so many Catholics suffering and the church does nothing just apologize when the damage is done

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