Poppy Harlow presses Republican on gun legislation 1

Poppy Harlow presses Republican on gun legislation


CNN's Poppy Harlow and Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) discuss the two pieces of legislation passed by the House of Representatives that would expand background checks and end "default proceed" sales of firearms.
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  1. He claims most criminals buy guns illegally, but in truth most mass shooters owned their guns legally.

    1. Seriously people need to understand the concept of scale. There are millions of these scary “assault” weapons in this country. 10 people died. You know how many people die every single day in this country? Around 7000+. Death by a mass shooting has such a low percentage it’s ridiculous. Yet you want to try and take away a gun that many people use for either self defense or their careers. Maybe we should ban cars since all the accidents that happen.

  2. You heard him, it’s neither here nor there…your child, your husband, your mom, neither here nor there

    1. @Adolf Shitler Liberals just think criminals should have guns. because they are criminals themselves. It makes perfect sense. Criminals support criminals.

    2. @Lord Vader The Leftie Uh no. We have 330 million people. That’s literally ‘hundreds of millions’. They all have the same rights under the constitution. You might want to man up a bit and stop being a lefty operating on emotion.

  3. He said that he shouldn’t have to do a background check on his neighbor if he knows them. Jeffrey Dahmers neighbors knew him. Ted Bundys neighbors knew him. They all said the they were nice guys.

    1. @Francis Peter Giuliani seemed to handle New York just fine. (We aren’t talking about what he’s done since) So yeah I actually do think conservative principles work pretty well in managing cities of any size. How may big cities are doing well under current leftist paradigms? NY, SF, Chicago, LA all have skyrocketing violence and homelessness and job exodus and insane cost of living and terrible wages and exorbitant inequality. I mean if km or for the big 5 then the US doesn’t have a gun homicide problem. This is why Republicans aren’t going to back down from the 2a fight. Gun violance isn’t a Republican issue. It is being caused by Democrats.

    2. @Francis Peter We live in the United States of America. And the sooner you realize that the better. Start focusing on our Stats rather than other Countries. Then You might be better off at debating your. “opinion. “

    3. @Muddy Water not at private gun shows. AR-15’s are semi auto rifles that take a clip of 15 bullets. They are not used for hunting. Us citizens don’t need weapons like these. Its ridiculous.

    4. @Ral Deform you are a liar. If you buy a gun at a gun show you arill have to have an FBI background check. Anywhere that does not is breaking federal law. Don’t speak on things you are ignorant about.

  4. Ok, with that guys logic.. make the ones who sell the guns to their „nice“ neighbors or family members accountable..They would be complicit…

    1. @guns and kithes
      _”We will make sure, that whenever someone dies _*_from_*_ covid 19… that we count that as a covid death”_
      Dr. Deborah Birx & Anthony Fauci, 7th of April 2020

    2. Yes exactly they dont want to do their job properly then they shd b charged if there is a murder as well

  5. take a shot every time he says “onerous weight on law-abiding citizens”

    jk i don’t wanna give y’all alcohol poisoning

  6. This guy talks about buying and selling guns like is the same as buying a ladder from your neighbor.

    1. Exactly….or like everyone knows their neighbors so well that there is no need for a background check during a gun sale. Thats like saying a mortgage broker will hook a neighbor up without the standard credit check. Its insanity.

    1. But if they are not interviewed, then we wouldn’t see their stupidity and bullshiting, so we can make better decisions by recognizing this. It’s like a vaccine against stupidity

  7. “It could have a potential impact here or there” Yeah, Don, like in the case of mass murders! His idea that a mass shooting is just a little blip here or there is appalling.

    1. Seriously people need to understand the concept of scale. There are millions of these scary “assault” weapons in this country. 10 people died. You know how many people die every single day in this country? Around 7000+. Death by a mass shooting has such a low percentage it’s ridiculous. Yet you want to try and take away a gun that many people use for either self defense or their careers. Maybe we should ban cars since all the accidents that happen.

    2. Exactly he talks about criminals all the time, the problem is not the criminalsits the guns. Whivh country besides US allows guns in society? The most grotesque thing is those were allowed to protect yourself in the frontier because they were sparsely populated, and no police……. but times has changed its 2021 people dont need guns anymore.

  8. How many of the mass shooters were legal when they bought the gun – then became illegal when they used the gun to kill people.

  9. Dang I wanted to hear what she was going to say to him at the end, and the video cut off! I think she was about to let him have it.

    1. @Johnny Scherer I suppose you believe many mass shootings aren’t real, too. Enjoy your willful ignorance.

  10. Why don’t they start the interview with. “Have you received financial support from Pro gun lobbies, Inc the NRA?”

    1. Guns make americans free . So they can overturn a Government against the people .Just think if the Jews in Germany would of had guns .

    2. Yup.. youre absolutely right. Oh wait…the nazis had tanks and aircraft and a few other little things like that.

    3. Well, why doesn’t she starts the interview with “I’ve been financed by tyrannical overlords with a god complex who wanna keep citizens in fear and in need”?

      And really, Charleston loophole?! Loophole?!
      It’s a failsafe, so that some pricks in the government wouldn’t be able to just stall the process arbitrarily for those people who they don’t like

  11. This guy is being interviewed as a result of a mass shooting, says, “I can guarantee you, criminals are not buying guns legally”, right after a murderer of 10 people had bought his gun legally.

    1. Yes he did buy it legally,, but the question is, should he have able too? He had a arrest record, and the fbi was watching him,, so how about this, call the fbi and ask them if he should have been able to get.

    2. Where the FBI had a target on him and did nothing. Another mass shooting that could have been prevented with the laws in place.

  12. Notice how he refuses to answer the questions and only nitpicks details that lead away from the questions

    1. No, details matter because they (liberal press, dumb Hollywood types, Dem pols) base their whole arguments on ignorance and false information. They need reeducating.

    2. @Teutonic Nordwinds you really don’t understand what you’re talking about…and don’t talk about your betters that way next time, little bootlicker.

    3. This is a tried and true defense used by gun rights absolutists – they’re against all gun controls, because no single gun control measure will stop all mass shootings.

    1. What he is saying is that it would change almost nothing and only put more red tape in front of law abiding citizens. Everything is in an easily searchable database nowadays. 3 days is more than enough. What’s the 30 days going to do? Allow the FBI to comb through your Facebook and see if you are a “white supremacist” so they can deny you you 2bd amendment?

    2. His argument is useless because law abiding citizens follow the law. If you change the law, they follow a new law. This is how laws work. Does he think that speed limits came around the minute the car was invented?

    3. @J lock as someone who works in mental health 30 days could potentially be enough for someone having suicidal or homicidal ideation to rethink their intentions and seek help.
      Also, why is the GOP argument the exact opposite for voter laws? When there’s been no proof of significant voter fraud, the GOP comes ready to further limit the days, times, and locations of voting: how is that not an excessive burden on someone trying to practice their essential right to vote? (A right that supersedes the second amendment btw)…but making someone wait a month to purchase a lethal firearm when our country has a significant amount of gun violence, an excessive burden?

    4. @J lock also while most databases seem ‘easily searchable’ you’re talking about not just one massive database but a database that has to draw from several others (various state and local agencies, and the military keep their own databases and basically upload them to the national database. All the different agencies involved have their own software and timelines and may not be available/reflected on the national database in a timely manner.
      That’s what happened in the Sutherland springs massacre- the US Air Force admitted they never submitted his (and over 4,000 other) records to the FBIs background system.

  13. He’s more concerned about someone owning an assault rifle without safety measures than he is about people being murdered on the regular.

    1. @TeeOh DoubleDee let’s see what you think after you or a loved one is ever involved in a mass shooting.

  14. I own my AR for protection. It’s accurate, way more accurate than a pistol or shotgun and easier to use. When I’m protecting my loved ones I don’t want a fair fight I want an advantage over anyone trying to hurt my family.

  15. “The criminals” he’s talking about are those with a different background than himself, such as: poor, minority groups, and those with different beliefs

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