Portland Mayor Calls For ‘Cease Fire’ Amid Federal Crackdown | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance and Morgan State Politics & Journalism professor Jason Johnson join the show to weigh in on the ongoing tensions in Portland as protests continue and more federal troops are dispatched to the city. Aired on 7/28/2020.
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Portland Mayor Calls For ‘Cease Fire’ Amid Federal Crackdown | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump bragging about being able to identify an ELEPHANT …

    is like a PROUD TODDLER that took his first poop on the toilet. 👏👏👏 Well done DONNIE!

    1. When he looses you’ll see idiots waving confederate flags and maxi flags,,, running amuck cause their dear leader got booted

    2. @Ivan White D.D. Bs.D Not to mention his niece says that him endlessly repeating the claim that he passed is actually an indication that he most likely failed the test. In epic fashion.

    3. Unfortunately, Don Lemon nor Chris Cuomo could pass that test. They both failed on air in an attempt to poke fun at Trump.

    1. @Cascail Boutx Antifa: Well said Comrade, keep spreading your misinformation! It is working like a champ. Undercover agents, whoa they will fall for anything! As you know we love Anarchy and you are doing your part. BTW we need some more Molotov cocktails, bricks, fireworks, gas masks, lasers, pipe bombs, you know the usual stuff for our peaceful protests!

    2. @freebirdpv your mind is a s free as a mouse caught in the warm embrace of a boa constrictor. Sadly, trump cultists are not known for superior cognitive abilities, seeing their blind trust in fascist propaganda. Peaceful protesting is your first amendment right, and if you don’t know that instigation to violence ist often manipulated, well, you don’t have one ounce of intelligence left in your brain.

    3. @Cascail Boutx Hello this is the DMV, your personal license plates have arrived “A55HOLE” is ready for you pickup. Thanks!

  2. okay this isn’t about Mr George Foyd anymore. This about more than just about him. No disrespect. IT IS ABOUT BLACK LIVES MATTERING. PERIOD. This is also uprising against Trump and his administration and their tactics. This is a revolution.

  3. In order to fulfill his agenda, Trump will use agent provocateurs. People stand up for your peaceful protest – because its winning!

    1. Actually had the live stream from Portland protests running for a few hours last night. It did seem to me that they were mostly peaceful last night. It also seemed like the cops and the feds were using different tactics that were less likely to incite. If the goal is for improving black lives and safety- minimize violence stay on message and vote, after that keep pressure on the politicians to follow through.

    2. @joe joe when they protest in Hong Kong, or Iran, they’re called peaceful protesters righting for democracy.when they do the same things here, they’re called terrorists and fascists.

      and what does the Chinese gov say about the Hong Kong protesters? that they’re terrorists, or rioters.

    1. True the violence just plays into what Trump wants. Most liberals don’t want anything to do with idiots smashing windows, looting and calling for defunding The Police.

    2. @Vern Pascal, u lost me with “defunding the police”.. Doesn’t mean no police but different priorities.

    3. @April Jones-Foston defunding the police is only promoted by ‘progressives’ on the extreme left. I’ve studied it in detail and the idea is half baked. In all other modern western countries the police are simply better trained to fill all their required roles; and this solution makes the most sense for America too. If we take away 90% of police funding what kind of police do you have left, think about it, the remaining 10% of the police force would become like Judge Dread from that old movie, they’d become hunter/killers armed to the teeth and totally militarized. Trust me, police REFORM(as in further education), and elevating the police force; teaching ‘community policing’ and how to deal with more delicate situations is a far better solution then “defunding the police”. Also, it would be great if police departments had both ‘firearm officers’ and non-armed officers, like they have in Britain. Of course it’s better to have armed officers who are better trained then simply taking away their guns. But I’d definitely be for 10-30% of Police becoming “Peace Officers” and having no gun; but the remaining officers that would have guns need to be trained properly in when to use them and when not to.

    1. @J Mulvey DemonRat politicians in the Northwest & elsewhere are cowards and cater to the Anarchists. In fact they seem to encourage them to destroy their cities! They support the unruly rioters over their own peaceful citizens and small business owners who have had to board up their shops…

    2. @freebirdpv ” they seem to encourage them to destroy their cities! ”
      which city has been destroyed? I just checked, they all still seem to be there.

    3. The problem is though, the pres does have utimate authority.
      That would pose a problem.
      Each commander would make the call.

    People can protest ANYTHING THEY FEEL THREATED BY.
    As long as it is PEACEFUL.
    It does NOT have to only be about GEORGE FLOYD.


    2. @Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy The protests over the killing of George Floyd are not about George Floyd?

      Well there are more victims than Floyd. So it isn’t ONLY about him.

    3. So armies of black militia marching down the streets armed to the teeth with AK47’s are peaceful or are they there to intimidate white Americans into submission?

    4. @Thyalwaysseek Lie, lie, lie ,lie, lie. . .and why not one more, lie! The only protestors with Automatic rifles were the anti-mask protestors that stormed into a Capital Building and were never tear-gased, never pushed out, never confronted by the police. Of course those protesters were also all white. I wonder why blacks cant pick up Assault Rifles and go inside the court house to protest? You know it’s almost like there are two sets of laws in this country, one for black people and one for white people.

    1. ​@Logan McLean Unidentified federal shock goons started THEIR riot by snatching and grabbing individuals off the street without probable cause, without charge, without being read their rights.

    2. I’m not American but in Canada, anything Federal represents the citizens of that country. Perhaps in the US it means something else, I feel bad for America how much lower can you go?

    3. @Plexis Gaming so you’re not an American vet. Okay. Clearly you don’t know the first thing about Antifa. LITERALLY NOT ONE THING. But by all means, keep swallowing the lies you pay people to tell you on foxaganda. Me? I’ll remain intelligent.

  5. It seems now Trump himself is saying “You’re either for America or for me!”, and he of course sees himself as greater than America.

    1. @Russell Sheffield Yep, and his ‘America First’ policy borders on xenophobia. trump can’t play nice with other countries…well, except for Russia and North Korea. The world getting along and making policies together that benefit everyone is a good thing and America should be part of that.

    1. @Dracula Wolfman I’m sure ‘some’ happily volunteered going liberal states to kick liberal butts. But don’t forget that ‘most’ are there because the ‘job’ requires them, and ‘they’ are also someone’s wife/husband. Focus your anger on ‘who’ gave the order.

  6. Joe is missing the point. This is not about BLM anymore, it’s about the federal over response to the peaceful protest. Basically it is all Anti Trump.

  7. Sending in agitators is a very old military tactic to try and gain the sympathy of the neutral people

    1. Mark Cothran The Reishstag Fire, Gulf of Tolkin Incident etc etc. whoops sorry, forgot about “WMD’s”

  8. Trump should of never been allowed to bring his so called troops in there😡 this is an outrage!

    1. They were trying to burn down the federal court house. Don’t try to burn it down and they won’t come. Just that simple

  9. Peaceful protests don’t get the city’s attention, Only destruction and mayhem does… ..

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