Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler calls out federal agents for ‘really abhorrent tactics’

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks to CNN's Don Lemon about the clash between protesters and federal agents in his city, calling the agents' tactics "very un-American" and "abhorrent."
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    1. @Noiseless Sounds violent “protesting” is called rioting and it’s unconstitutional so no you’re wrong. You don’t even know USA laws.

    2. @Noiseless Sounds Right!. The People smart enough to understand that looting and rioting have nothing to fucking do with bringing about positive change are the enemy? You are being used and your ignorance is pathetic.

  1. I just want to know where this energy was when people were protesting stay at home orders with assault rifles?

    1. @Jason Crosby THE NAVY GUY WAS NOT ANTIFA!!!!
      My nephew is a retired Navy lieutenant commander who personally knows the man!!!

    2. ​@Dorothy Graney
      Yet it was black Chop security that ended up killing two black teens claiming they were neo-nazis.
      You assume based on .001% of violent protesters being neo-nazis.
      Seriously this is why people are scratching their heads, there are hours upon hours of BLM and others looting and rioting but because 10 people were arrested for instigating that means the thousands upon thousands are neo-nazis.

    3. @Dorothy Graney “Some acts of violence” A child was burned to death in a building from rioters setting place on fire. Another man was also killed recently from the same thing.
      A woman was killed for saying all lives matter.
      5 people were killed in Chaz/Chop in Seattle.
      There have been more black men/women, and people in general that have died from “protesters”(rioters) then the people they claim to be “protesting”(rioting) about.

  2. Wheeler needs to talk to Kate Brown about activating the National Guard to protect the citizens of Portland. This is a failing of Orgon’s leadership. Quit your whining and fight back. What good is a National Guard that won’t guard.

  3. They’re too stupid and too poorly trained. When Trump finds this overreaction gives him no traction in the polls he’ll disown it.

    I give Trump two weeks to throw them under the bus.

  4. The only thing “federal” about those troops is the taxpayers’ money they’re paid with.

    1. And now the federal agents were attacked by the mob. Leave it to fake news CNN traitors do defend criminals.

    2. @Open your Eyes Try to focus!
      We are discussing federal goons in Portland, OR!
      I know for you Trump acolytes it is difficult with your short attention spans, but try!
      We are discussing federal goons in Portland!
      If you have a comment on this that is fine.

    3. I am glad the feds are there. Somebody has to arrest violent criminals. This wackjob communist mayor sure isnt.

    1. come on man.
      the dems and reps want the same thing.
      everyone is divided and ripe for the picking

  5. Much respect to that Navy vet who hardly flinched when assaulted by that thug with the baton.

    1. @Timothy Owens The abject cowards swung those batons with both hands, pummeling an honorable, courageous Veteran who was trying to protect defenseless protesters and their mothers! He stood there like a stalwart brick, when he probably could have killed the assailants quite handily!
      Yes, I want a medal for that Navy Veteran, out there in the streets of Portland trying to protect American citizens!

    2. @Spurious Notion My nephew, a retired Navy Lieutenant Commaner and a doctor, called him a hero!

    3. @Dorothy Graney and the fool stood there and let them. I’m sure they exchanged a word or two before that happened. Something along the line of “Sir please back up” or maybe even “HEY BACK THE F UP” If he wanted to prove the power of his “toxic” masculinity by taking a beating that’s on him. The LAPD have handed out worse.

    1. Well, a 6yr old wouldn’t find it too taxing so it’s not surprising that this particular toddler did well on it. BTW, it’s DESIGNED to be EASY!

    2. Why did doctors administer the test in the first place?
      And we really don’t know whether he passed it!

  6. It’s chilling in disturbing that something like this would go on in the United States in the first place

    1. Chilling and disturbing, yes maybe. But surprising? Not so much. It’s actually quite a bit late in coming.

  7. Navy veteran being beat on the streets of the United states of America I want to hear from Republican vets.

    1. @Bob Smith yeah, what was he thinking trying to question those police officers oaths while they are busy violating our rights! A good citizen doesn’t question authority, only obeys it.

    2. @Nobody here but us Chaotic Neutral chickens few things. 1. those arent police officers those are federal agents. 2. questioning police officers on their oath isnt something that is done in that manner or that situation. 3. it is not your right to obstruct a federal agent trying to stop a city from being completely destroyed.

  8. The only “Anti ” you should worried and afraid of is the guy who held the Bible upside down a little while back…

  9. This is want happens when you burn down a city and looting and rioting mayor and governor didn’t do anything to stop it. So Marshall law is coming next.

    1. so, we have to sacrifice our Constitutional rights because 5% or less of protestors are really just opportunists?
      “give me liberty or give me death! wait, nevermind all that….give me a boot to lick!” — US conservatives, 2020

    2. @Eric Taylor if large groups are burning the city down thats what happens. there is no constitutional protection for rioting.

  10. Those criminals that beat and sprayed that innocent man need to feel the full force of the law! never forget these crimes. never forgive these crimes!

    1. He walked away. That’s simple assault, a misdemeanor. Not half as bad as the rapes, murders, and arsons the feds are there to stop.

  11. 40 U.S. Code § 1315.Law enforcement authority of Secretary of Homeland Security for protection of public property

    1. Oh really? 40 nights of looting and rioting, the incompetent Mayor does nothing about it… Trump did that? Because He, the president, not Antifa, not the looters, not the rioters loves violence. You had my support, now you have my deep resentment!

    2. Black lives matter. Only 14 shot today in Chicago. Gotta love their Mayor Ms. Lightfoot for leading the protest. WOW. Re-Elect her.

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