Portland protesters breach fed courthouse fence | USA TODAY


  1. if you leave the buildings alone, stop defacing them n trying to destroy them, the feds will leave u alone!! so simple!!

  2. No mention of the shooting between protestors, or the molotov cocktails that were found along with a rifle and several magazines of ammunition.

    1. See that’s why you watch the live feeds. Good job telling us the truth and speaking out truth to the comments section I’ll look into this even if I’m the only one that ends up knowing what’s actual truth here.

    2. AmnFisher Those were “peaceful” molotov cocktails and “peaceful” magazines of ammunition 👊😉👍

    1. All I know is, we’ve been in lock down for 7 months so I see a crowd out their, theirs a lot of noise, fireworks, and it looks fun, so I joined” (most of their true rationale

    1. NUKE CHINA thought voting was done at the voting booths ? Not mob rule.
      That’s not how it’s done. But trying to talk sense to you is useless.

  3. USA Today and Communist Tomorrow. If you MSM networks think that Americans will forget your role in this, you are sadly mistaken.

    1. Natty Bumppo CNN Atlanta, and CNN called the police to protect them. Protection for me but not for thee. Elites acting like they are the only people who matter since 4000BC.

  4. “protestors say it was LARGELY PEACEFUL”

    translations: we acted like idiots and tore shut up

  5. Memo to media .. THESE ARE FULL BLOWN RIOTS .. you might make a note of it. Or lose all credibility

    1. What about the Native Americans a 0:39? Awesome demonstration of native culture. You should watch and learn.

    2. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan’s kids acting like their father. Democrats show their support for the antichrist’s “Man of lawlessness” by working to destroy law enforcement, disarm the law abiding, and prosecute the law abiding who defend themselves from the lawless mobs.

    3. CubanExile . Hey, Cuban. I suggest you return to Havana. You may be poorer there but at least you have your dignity and safety. But wish America well and remember that tolerance towards law breaking always ends in disaster.

  6. *FAKE NEWS.* These “protesters” are killing eachother and destroying buildings. Why don’t you include that in your report?

  7. When you attack a building and a group of people THAT IS NOT A PROTEST IT IS A VIOLENT INSURRECTION!!

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