1. I’m thinking since conservative trump supporters know that CNN is all fake news that they should go to this area to live for a bit…

    1. i think that the alt left should live there too and maybe see the world for what it really is instead of pretending the little bubble of sunshine and rainbows you all live in is all that there is

    2. @koolerpure I’m all for that. Lets give a little more power to the normal people for a change.

    3. You are really stupid for inserting your basic concept of American politics and Trump supporters into this story. Why don’t YOU go live with these refugees, you moron. Of course you won’t, because A: American is the most advanced country in the world and Africa is the poorest continent in the world by far. And B: One of the first rules of building civilization is Volcanos are dangerous. These people find themselves living in Africa next to a volcano, god bless them, I hope as many as possible are able to find stability and prosperity ahead. It’s a very dire situation and a very harsh reality. For an idiot like you to come along and tie Trump supporters into a friggin’ volcano in Africa, well that’s just beyond the pale.

    1. @Desi Daru Why should we care about the Congo and these useless eaters? Let the rest of the African nations help them.

  2. 2% of people who are watching this comment I wish their parents still alive more than 100 years God bless you

  3. I hope Larry can keep safe. Doing on site reporting there was brave. I feel for all the moms trying to keep the world going for their kids and walking out like that. So sad

    1. @Cheryl Carlson The diversity of comments represent the intellectual diversity of all people. Your condemnation of this diversity is shameful.

    2. @Cheryl Carlson I’m with YOU Cheryl… He shows NO COMPASSION. My recommendation if your wanting to HELP is to donate to the RED CROSS. THEY have the experience and the know how of how to get help to these POOR PEOPLE.

  4. “Possible” who writes these titles? I think we’re beyond the point of doubt here

    1. I literally clicked on it to find out how a volcanic eruption could be considered to have been “possible.”

    2. @Don Hajicek The “possible” is not in reference to the one that already happened. It is about a second major eruption that may happen.

  5. Its hard to watch… The rich get richer and thrive. The poor stay poor and die. The end of this mess we call civilization is going to be hard to watch.

    1. @Harmoneggs arm and legs Nobody cares, it’s up to the people to decide their destiny. Once again, this is not a wealth issue.

  6. It’s such a hard time especially for mothers n children I hope something cab be done to help ..Larry Madow tunakupenda kenya

    1. That doesn’t mean it’s an eruption. If water flowed from the ground does that count as one?

  7. This is sad and terrifying. Praying for them dearly. I used to live in Goma. Its sooo beautiful and has such a special vibe that makes you want to go back time and time again. The volcano eruption is bad enough already to add on to a country so rich in minerals but is being choked with poverty. They’re so respectful and giving, it’s definitely why the French take advantage and CREATE chaos in Congo for their benefit. If karma serves right, they will reap what they sow.

  8. So hard to see helpless, fearful people moving out, hope the government establish new area for them at the earliest

  9. For all you people saying why do they live next to volcanoes I say why do people live next to the ocean where hurricanes happen? Why do people live under faults where a earthquake can happen? Why do people live in the middle of the country where there is tornado valley or where you get fires? No place is entirely safe. And if there is it likely is too expensive.

    1. 100% agree with you.
      Though, I live inland , no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no volcano, no war and not expensive to live in. (Only problem is corrupt capitalist system and criminal police). But everything YOU say in relation to Congo is correct.

  10. Perhaps the problem is that their land is too mineral rich and fertile with a climate that’s too comfortable so they suffer the destabilization of foreign intervention and local greed since the times of King Leopold of Belgium and the incipient skurge of leveraged war; otherwise, this would be a curiosity almost like Iceland’s. Oh well.

  11. Imagine the flows in Leilani Estates where I live. Now imagine our rift times ten to one hundred through the Salt Lake valley in Utah. That is the reality. We need to send aid.

  12. They need to ban volcanoes… volcanoes pollute more in one eruption that the entire history of human pollution.

  13. 03:20 those poor people escaped from their volcanic village, hopefully they come back soon to their houses safety >>>

  14. Fear and helplessness are two emotions that walk hand-in-hand in this type of situation

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