Post Lockdown Stress | TVJ News – August 25 2021


    1. When you run out of people to blame. Just blame the government😹 the people must take responsibility to help themselves. It requires all hands on deck. Although I agree that the lock downs and open up need to be organized….

  1. So sad for the ppl in Jamaica being locked down. What’s the purpose of the lockdowns if everyone gathers at the grocery stores or the banks? Government needs to help the ppl. With more available resources. Terrible!

    1. @Shary. Schubert What this does is puts small to medium sized companies out of business, the longer it goes on for. The bigger corporate businesses can take these economic hits in their stride move in to take their business. So who benefits? – It rather suggests the government is in the pocket of big multi-national business, doesn’t it?

    2. @Shary. Schubert You are right to think who benefits. People assume this is about covid. No, It’s all part of a globalization and corporate takeover of businesses run by a cartel of corporations whose major shareholders are either BlackRock and/or Vangard. Before they can move in for the steal, they have to destroy the local businesses ie their competitors to create an opening.

    3. @Shary. Schubert It’s also connected to why you’re only being offered 1 option to fight covid – vaccinations. When there is a cheap and effective alternative called Ivermectin that is now available at your local pharmacy with a prescription from your GP. There’s big money and profits to be made from vaccines, however generic off label ivermectin means zero profit and a serious threat to their market in patented drugs and their vaccine program.
      The very justification the vaccines have been legal to use is because you’re told there are no alternatives and they have the media and politicians in there pockets to carry the lie off.

    4. True, now clusters of people in town here. Very heavy in stores.
      Its really terrrible situation for many ppl.

      Out of town big store wanted 15 for one yam for soup. Nearly fell over:@ avoiding crowds or market cannot work.

    1. And if I may say, they are the reason for the multiplication in covid. They don’t care & when drastic measures are taken they complain.

    2. Plus those with a mask, isn’t wearing it properly. I never fails, I was in JA in January and saw it with my own eyes, watch the news everyday & see it. People aren’t wearing their mask properly, as a healthcare worker, we have to wear it for over 8 hours, come on people, it’s just a few hours while you’re indoors or I close proximity to others. It’s not a chin strap.

    1. Could any political party have done any better? What about people taking personal responsibility for their own behaviour? A lack of self discipline, some common sense, scientific knowledge about the virus, and respect for others lie at the heart of what’s been happening…and that goes right across the spectrum of society.

    1. Enough! of the bible thumping already it’s doing nothing for the ppl. Lawd! No one is looking out for Jamaica not even ur “god”. Ppl. Like you have been praying to your “god” way before my great grandmother was a child. Things have gotten worst in Jamaica that’s why so many have left for a better life. More killings, corruption, poverty and misery. Have your praying helped?

    1. Dunce keep your nonsense to yourself. Safety first while people starve? Please take your own advice and lockdown yourself till Christmas a beg

  2. Don’t buy any more cooking gas from that person when people do such thing what you do is run them out of business take the to trading standards

  3. Covid ago spread becuz the need fi survive out way safety,,,Brogad when yu frustrate di people dem wi be more disobedient,,curfew fi start 10pm til di nex lockdown so yu give people more time fi physical distance themselves,,yu have unruly people and yu have law abiding people ,,wey Brogad a du now is f*** up everybody

  4. Can on Jamaican people if we stand up together the government and it’s people cannot over power us we need to organise and get serious

  5. Yes be there for the people and God will not Smite you for spreading lies about the corona we know the truth

  6. Bro 🐖 government badness poor ppl 😢 poor ppl put u in power on thats o u deal with poor ppl stop lockdown poor ppl on go back to school u think a so man run jamaica

  7. Lockdown always caused crowding before and after but some how the covid numbers usually went down. We can only wait and see. Perhaps a full 2 weeks lockdown would have been better ?? With the food handouts to those who need it. The stop and start lockdown might be less effective.

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