Post Olympics Drama | TVJ Sports Commentary – August 9 2021

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  1. They might not love this bredda cause him drop bombs most times uncompromisingly.. This is truth!..πŸ”₯πŸ‘

  2. Athletes, please demand your money upfront for the use of your name or likeness. Be careful of the wagon riders. “a whe dem did deh?”

  3. Well said the country with the fastest man & second man overall 4 of the fastest in top 10 of all times the second and third fastest women of all times Jamaica should have some very good track all over the country ! I believe Bolt can lead that charge and get the minister of sports amd cooperate Jamaica and international partners to invest heavily in track and field for its the strongest area in sports for Jamaica.

  4. Why can’t it be both? If you build a track but your athletes can’t be committed to training because they are working to survive it defeats the purpose.

  5. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.GOD BLESS YOU ALLπŸ™//

  6. The lack of vision of pouring most of the cash destined to support sport activities and youth well being, into mo building sporting infrastructures, doesn’t really work. Greece for example, has most of the Olympic sports infrastructure there can be. Yet, Greece only got 1 relevant gold medal in athletics and one also relevant bronze medal at gymnastics for the complete Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Also Greek athletes often complain that: them only get reasonably funded, when there’s an Olympic Games hosted in Greece.
    Cities and towns are mostly within a cycle of relevance in time. Meanwhile some amateur athletes have a path of live ahead of them, that can one day represent the success and well being of an entire regional society.

  7. Old waggonist, and fifth columnist dem. Some of dem mean like Star apple. Just want bask into other people’s glory.

  8. Thanks for recognizing the athletes for there hard work and success whether its before or after I’m sure they appreciate it

  9. Well said Maverick. So true Jamaica has a lot of athletes with so much potential and they sometimes don’t get to go as far as they can go due to lack of funding. It is critical to invest more in sports because we have very talented athletes that can make it on the world stage.

  10. The coaches of the athletes needs some sponsorship too … lots of them are struggling until these athletes buss big

  11. Well said and I totally agree cuz u hit the nail on the head and there is nothing more to add or subtract

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