POTUS vs. Twitter Showdown Could Mean ‘Massive Legal Nightmare’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

POTUS vs. Twitter Showdown Could Mean 'Massive Legal Nightmare' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1


    1. Charles Bartlett Trump is saying “bigger better, like nobody’s ever seen before I’m incredible it’s all about what I’ve done me blah blah blah,” “oh a piece of candy!” I bet her tweet about it before I think about my daughter again. And forget what my job is as president. I’m so cool, it’s all about me,”

  1. Shame trump didn’t act this quickly against covid19..
    100,000 dead bodies so far and counting.

    1. @DanielT 25 _why are covid deaths more important than flu? Dead is dead._
      Flus don’t shut down economies

  2. So this toad can come up with an “executive order” in 1 day but had weeks to prepare for Covid and does NOTHING. Am I the only one waiting for the “list” of things he did in February that he promised that reporter 🤔?

    1. Wayne Waterman I think it was a reporter from CBS but I don’t recall her name. Either way, still no list 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. they are workshopping it in his office. writing a list takes a while. you’ve got to make up things you want people to believe you did.

  3. 🧐🤔President Plump’s war on FREEDOM of SPEECH has become ALL too transparent. Beware of his Dictatorial delusions. Sad.

  4. He’s so butthurt about Twitter, that he responds the next day. He was warned about Corona for months and did NOTHING…


    1. *100,000 plus dead Americans*
      Donald Trump: why won’t Twitter let me lie to my morons?

    2. @Halloween Knight only liberals get to lie on Twitter. You really believe this is about Trump only. Jesus you are dumb. I’m independent and not even allowed to have a Twitter account. You either agree with democrats are get banned. That’s the reality. If your a Democrat you always agree with them so of course you have never been banned.

    3. For years now democrats have been taking away freedom of speech and claiming they don’t do it when you call them on it. Just be fair to everyone. Nobody is taking away your speech online. Sometimes I feel like registering as a democrat and get online and tell you I’m democrat. That way I can say whatever I want.

    4. Trump wasn’t censored. They just put factcheck links on his posts. He can still post conspiracy theories etc.

  5. who cares he’s just trying to distract report what’s important and the fact the he let 100k + family’s down

  6. Too bad that this president can’t care for 1 person who has CoVid-19 and is dying or being handled with brutality by the police in Minneapolis.

    1. On the person who was killed by police brutality, he was a black man, that Chump is racist against. He whines constantly about Obama, over the fact that he was a black man, and a better person.

    2. Trumpanzee is incapable of feeling anything other than how he feels. He’s a sociopath and his behavior is in keeping with that disorder.

  7. They said he’s going to sign an executive order. That’s the fastest he’s moved on a “public issue”. LOL.

  8. I’m glad to see our president is doing what matters the most: whining about the mods on a website.

    1. jack dorsey should be ARRESTED for allowing his TwiTTer platform to be used by
      Trumpf to hurl abuses and fling insults to one and all A,erican citizens Period

  9. I’ve heard of people being blocked from their accounts for much less than the leader of the free world has done . Assbackwards world we live in.. .

    1. @James Baldwin it’ll be a good start. When the house is burning down, it’s best to get crazy grandpa to stop threatening the firefighters with a shotgun and let the firefighters in.

    2. @btinsley1 Sure it does if you’re paying attention to what the Repukelicons are doing. They want to make it so tRump will be their idol in chief for as long as possible so they can put nothing but hard core right wingnut judges on the bence and in SCOTUS thereby allowing for him to be the Bigly Oringe Shitbird in Chief as long as possible.

  10. The “Fact Check” feature on Twitter is brilliant! He’ll be lava flow hot and bothered!

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