Power Outages Hit Louisiana As Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall 1

Power Outages Hit Louisiana As Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall


At least 200,000 customers are without power in Louisiana as Hurricane Ida makes landfall.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Power Outages Hit Louisiana As Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall


    1. The hurricane is a racist and a superspreader. Let’s all complain and tweet about it and hopefully we can defund the hurricane

  1. i pray for the animals who will be lost in this storm. some separated from.their human families, and some dead from drowning and getting hurled by these winds 100 feet in the air. please, Gulf Coast residents. Take care of your animals. Do not abandon them. Prove to God that you love them by protecting them from the forces of mother nature. Ranchers and farmers, please protect your livestock. they are loving animals with a heart and feelings. they will be very frightened! comfort them and protect them.

    1. God? Nah mate. A fictional character from a fantasy novel has nothing to do with this nor will said fictional character help anything or anyone.

    2. Animals know when a storm or something is coming and the find shelter. A rabbit was getting in are back yard and when we came back home after the 2020 hurricanes he was still there perfectly fine

    3. @Mr. Worrell we get it your an atheist, have you had your fill of being edgy? Good. No one cares.
      Your fedora is on a whole other site.

  2. I knew a women named Ida who caused catastrophic damage to my wallet and then took everything when she left. And they say history repeats itself…..

  3. it seems in Florida people without short memories tend to use generators…
    Stay safe everyone, Hope for the best and this too shall come to pass.

  4. I mostly fill bad for the people that could possibly lose there homes and deal with a bunch of meth heads at the shelters. Worried about getting things stolen and if there kids are safe

    1. CANT AGREE WITH YOU MORE! no one wants to deal with a toothless meth head these family’s just lost there home or about to. What gets me is people actually have remorseful for these dope addicts god bless these family’s and there animals! No one deserves to go to the shelter I’m sure things will get stolen and people will get taken advantage of. It’s disgusting

    2. @Ray Dugas dude it’s disgusting they need to get these people off the streets I CANT BELIVE PEOPLE FILL SORRY FOR THEM! yes if your struggling please seek help but not one normal clean person wants to deal with dopy heads meth addicts.

  5. You’re all in my prayers. I lived on the east coast of Florida for many, many years and we were never able to evacuate due to my daughters special needs and by the time anyone knew evacuations were necessary there was NO gasoline left. People who can leave do. But I am sick to death of cruel comments towards people who are unable to leave. You are in my heart.

  6. Stay Safe Everyone In Louisiana From Hurricane Ida
    With “Extremely Destructive Force”
    Take Care Everyone
    My prayers are with you

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