‘Power To The People’: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Praises Extended Eviction Ban 1

‘Power To The People’: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Praises Extended Eviction Ban

"When Cori Bush said, 'I know what this is like,' she spoke from the heart," says Sen. Elizabeth Warren. "What we saw happen was power to the people on this one."

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      And now you know why there was a RENT moratorium, but no MORTGAGE moratorium.

      Nothing to see here, folks, the System is working as intended.

    2. @reality Why do you care so much about what is in someone’s pants, and what they want to do with it? Are you jealous? Or just that desperate for a date?

    1. @Kenneth Marquis hope it never happens to you, im sure you couldn’t handle living on the streets

    2. They are THE BEST!!!! IM close to eviction myself. Got injured and still waiting on compensation and covid is still around.

    3. @Kenneth Marquis, don’t let your empathy get in the road of your hate, trumper or Russian troll, Kenny exceptional confederate American, it’s all about you

    4. Vote, America. Vote. We cannot move forward until we move the GOP out of our way. I am so proud to be a democrat!

  1. This is an infinite loop. We are at wave #4. Next mambo number 5. We are just giving people 60 days at a time but what they need is a way to pay their rent, a true reform.

    1. @Annie Crouch Are you saying that if people aren’t capable of supporting themselves it’s their fault and they can choke on it? Your attitude towards your fellow man is the flushing in action. Glad you’ve been blessed and privileged not to be one of ‘them’, show a little grace for God’s sake.

    2. @Annie Crouch It’s obvious that you don’t work for minimum wage and maintained your income because your employer either didn’t have to shut down or maybe they made it possible for you to work from home or your hospital bed after your surgeries. Good for you! The main people that are in need of this are the low wage earners that completely lost their income which caused them to fall behind on their rent. Rent which probably took 2 full time jobs to pay mind you. I’m also pretty certain that many of the people that need this rent moratorium are probably working now, but how can they make up the months of lost rent on minimum wages? Even if they are making $15/ hr it wouldn’t be enough to pay the back rent and the current rent. Now are there probably a lot of people that could pay their return taking advantage of this, with out a doubt and I feel for those landlords/ property owners. In addition, you’ve been in and out of the hospital which clearly means that you maintained your health insurance. How many of these people do you think that lost their jobs also lost their health insurance? Where’s your compassion for your fellow Americans? Count your blessings and pray for those in need as I’m certain many prayed for you before, during and after your surgeries.

    3. @Brian Holmes exactly, if you were able to do it, great. Everyone is not able to, work u don’t get on platter

    1. Yes. I haven’t received my rents since April of last year and I’m desperate. I know it’s so hard for the people that got layoffs but I also need to pay my mortgages. We need help too .

    2. I am a landlord. I have seen it coming. Sold half of my properties five years ago, and only took family (of four maximum) with combined annual income of 500K. It pays. Less income, but less liabilities as well.

    1. I said that 15 years ago when I couldn’t pay my car insurance one month.. I said “Have some compassion, insurance is about people, not about money”… They dropped me and sent me a breakup “cancellation” letter. If you go by that logic (or lack of it) then does this mean your employer doesn’t have to pay you so they can give your paycheck to someone else because they feel they need it more? Because this is “about people not money” right?….

  2. My roommate is a disabled senior undergoing cancer treatment. There’s a loophole that no cause evictions are still enforceable. We have to be out by the end of August.

    1. Oh that sucks. I know how that feels. I lost both of my parents to lung cancer… Yep, smoking for 50 years will do that to ya! I remember when I was a kid I begged and pleaded with them to stop… Well, they did finally stop many years later after their diagnoses scared them into quitting… One thing is for sure!…

      They ain’t smoking now!

  3. Tenants and landlords get the short end of the stick here. Banks don’t have to worry. They can foreclose on a property and make a tidy profit in the booming real estate market.

  4. Now we need a cost of living adjustment. Most of this aid has a deadline on it and we need to focus on getting as many people over the hurdles before it ends. Affordable housing, healthcare, and transportation would be a good start. We all benefit from lessening poverty.

    1. Legislators don’t seem to understand
      If people have more spending money, they will support more businesses which will support the big companies.
      Instead keeping the elderly and low income down and they support everything for the rich
      It’s backwards

  5. Eviction ban to me is like uncompensated eminent domain. If you truly want to help, why don’t you offer temporary rent subsidies rather than eviction moratoriums?

    1. This is what we must demand of our representatives. Only vote for those who represent the working class. I don’t care which Party . I’ll vote Green or Independent!


    1. It’s the spirit that could make our country great.

      A more lasting moratorium that lasts 6 months after the pandemic would be better.

      It not enough to just get a job you need time to catch up.

  7. Do you think the city’s were trying to keep the money for there budget for other things . You know how mnuchin was hoarding the money after the rich got they’re part .

  8. Why isn’t more time being extended in states that have not pushed the money out to renters/landlords???

  9. An eviction moratorium is a band-aid for a broken leg. What should have been enacted was a general mandatory reduction of all residential rent by (say) $1000/mo, for the duration of the pandemic.
    Why should only tenants suffer its consequences, from closed businesses to job joss, while landlords’s revenue is protected as the holiest of holies?

  10. Thank you, Rep. Cori Bush, who forced the issue with her sacrifice, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for ushering her effort to success.

  11. Just to see how much difference between the 2 parties, Democrats have Elizabeth Warren, and Republicans have John Kennedy of Louisiana, Katie porter vs MTG. Nuf said!

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