‘Powerfully Depressing’: Former Senator Reacts To Footage Shown In Trial | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Bruce Bartup it will come out who came up with it, you just might be right about Steve, I don’t think it was his supporters.

    2. @Edith Woods If he’s barrred from future office, EVERYTHING willl come out. At that poimt he’ll have nthing to lolse and Bob Mueller to face – so he’ll squeael on everyone.

    3. @Bruce Bartup Errrr, to be white in America is not exactly a death sentence, I don’t get your point. Some will go past the point of priviledge to delusional.

    4. @Kennedy Holden White privelege is real. Being deludedd after 4 years of being spoon fed lie afrer lie after lie is i unsurprising.at least to me,

      I’m not sure what else to say as I honestly don’t entirely get your point.

      You see some form of internal contradicttion in my commment?

      uf sio I tealy don’t see it

      sorry to be a bit slow

    5. @Kennedy Holden Are you asking for a restatement or gheneral clatification – I’m quite oopen to that id if so.

    1. Trump denounced the behavior outright.
      The Democrats encouraged the BLM looting and thuggery over an entire summer.

    2. @Shawn Corbin: In Germany the leading Nazis were also convicted in Nürnberg between 1947 and 1949, 2 to 4 years after they left office.

    3. @Professor Foxtrot Trump watched the destruction from a T.V. for two hours before issuing his video to stand down. Even then, he had not given the order to mobilize the National Guard.

    1. @Samsung Tablet A conviction only needs 2/3 present to vote. If potential ‘nay’ voters stay home then it is more likely he gets convicted.

    2. It’s good they show up, wish even more of them don’t show up as well. The Dems would have more majority numbers to convict seditious Trump.

    3. Ironically, that no-show by Republicans would be good on voting day. I hope more don’t show up then because that would reduce the number of voting members of the senate, reducing the number of Republican votes needed to achieve a 2/3rd majority of voting members voting ‘aye’ to convict. So, if there are Republican senators who would vote ‘aye’ only if voting (whether or not to convict) was secret (which it is not) then please stay away on the day of voting.

    1. I live in Kansas, near the Missouri state line. Trust me, there is something wrong in Missouri. Then again, there’s something wrong here in Kansas too. Both states have large numbers of poor people who think they’ll be rich if they vote Republican. Or, the vast amount of stupid people who are one issue voters who the Republicans pander to. Both of our states have a phenomenal number of stupid people who vote.

    2. @TC Sam if you want to get a driver’s license, you have to demonstrate a basic proficiency, if you want to vote, you can do so without even being able to pass an immigrants citizenship test!

    1. Exactly! First he terrorized them by telling them they would lose their country if they didn’t fight hard. And then he encourages them to go to the capital. The evidence is right there clear as day!

    2. My question is the people who died the officers families who don’t have rhier dads the damage and vandalism to the capital I wonder who’s going to pay for the law suits of families lost , who’s going to replace the live ones officers with medical injuries . Anyone who pumps Donald should seek mental evaluation Becuase someone will pay for all the damage and it will be Donald

    3. To clarify my position here, I am in no way a Trump supporter. I think his actions were what they have always been – grotesque and criminal. And I think he should absolutely be impeached. But I’m not sure it’s correct to say that they wouldn’t have marched if Trump hadn’t made those statements. There is evidence that a riot was pre-planned.

  1. Collins had her chance to prevent all of this. Remember the “learn a lesson” statement? Doesn’t ring true right now.

    1. No..no…Trump learned his lesson well. The Republican Senate won’t convict him even if he does shoot someone on 5th Avenue…or incites an insurrection.

  2. I hope he gets convicted it would set a good precedent that the president of the United States is not above the law and cannot incite insurrection without consequences.

  3. These are the kind of people that are routinely unleashed at the the third world countries to create the chaos that we reference when we talk about third world countries.

    1. But that is no news because trevor noah already explained why the former president was really an african dictator.

    1. Because they are scum bag geek cowards who NEVER became senators and congressman for the betterment of the american citizen. They are no good, greedy, scum bag creatures. And human beings need to get rid of ALL OF THEM!

  4. Senate republicans are going to experience buyer’s remorse. They can vote to acquit but it won’t be forgotten. Hopefully their donors will cut off the cash flow.

    1. @Justin Burtt You do not know that. Nobody does. One man died because he tasered his own balls. Had he not been reckless and stupid enough to do that, he may gave not been one of the rioters who expired. To say they would have died anyway would account for 2 theories. One would be that it was his time to die. The other would be that he was just plain stupid.

    2. I’ll save all my sympathy for the officer who died and absolutely none for those who chose to take part in the insurrection. They choose to be violent and got what they deserved.

    1. @Towanna Charles it’s suspected that some of the officers were in on, or knew of the insurrection and that it was going to happen. Guilt may be a factor in suicide.

    2. Anyone else notice how ridiculous it was that Trump wanted the mob to interrupt Congressional Republicans’ interruption of the vote certification?

      Certification usually takes about an hour. When the riot started, Republicans were already in the middle of a marathon session to stop the certification.

      They stopped the “stopping of the steal”!

    3. @J Groovy yea, did you hear trump say at the rally “we’re going to the capitol to give them strength and cheer them on. Not the democrats they don’t do anything, and not all of the republicans need it only the weak ones.”
      So I’m guessing they were going to “help” those special senator’s stay strong while they were holding up the certification. Like get the F out of the way the proud boys are coming through. Strange how Rudy called Tubberville and left a message asking for more time. More time for what Rudy??

    4. @J Groovy you have to remember trump trusts no one (not even his biggest sychophants in congress), there’s always a back-up plan, just in case someone tries to screw him over.

  5. This was planned. Trump replaced the Secretary of Defense November 9th just so that he could delay deployment of the National Guard January 6th.

    1. What got to me was the fact that trump watch this on tv and thought it was great. Hr enjoyed it. People destroying democracy and he enjoyed it. I would not be surprised if it comes out that he stood in front of tv and cheered.

  6. I wonder if many of America’s Representatives are now suffering from PTSD since Jan. 6, 2021? You know: Post Trump Sedition Disorder? Hmm?

  7. Hey REPUBLICANS! You’ve lost my vote forever now. THIS IS YOUR LEGACY. Will you care, or will you continue to stand in defiant hypocrisy?

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