Premature Arizona Reopening Coincided With Trump Publicity Visit | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Premature Arizona Reopening Coincided With Trump Publicity Visit | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. Remember when Easter was the time to reopen? Remember when it was going to disappear in April? Remember when NY was hardest hit and Trump said it was their fault? Remember all this in November

    1. @Nurse Blacke it is the common cold, a bad one but….the cold. First time it was ever tested for…it has happened before without the media hype.

    2. SunriseLAW uh-nope. Not this one. But if that makes you feel better somehow —ok. Every night when I get dressed for work, I wish very hard that it was cold or flu or just pneumonia maybe sepsis like the old days…not happening. Stay safe

    3. Nurse Blacke
      Please don’t wish it’s Sepsis, I was struck down with it twice last year and honestly thought I was going to die, along with my doctors & my family. So be careful what you wish for. On top of that I have been shielding due to Government advice for 16 weeks, for those who can go outside please wear a mask and maintain social distancing ……., this isn’t the flu or a common cold. This Virus is a killer !!
      Good luck to our American friends, stay safe and vote that MAGALOMANIAC out on November 3rd 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

  2. “Live and let Die.” Catchy. And maybe a few tweaks to the 2016 campaign song. “You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you deserve.”

    1. His music choices are terrifying. I thought it was a joke when I heard them playing but he picked those particular songs.

    1. Typhoid Trump. Don’t forget to get your Tick Tock Tickets, to his next big PANDUMBICON? 👍

    2. @StoneMonkey3D Misinformation spread as fast as lightning
      In fact it was a little bit frightening
      But they fought with inept timing

    1. @Brian Allen yep, in ‘field medicine’,, triaging involves coded tagging to let doctors know who gets treated and who is ‘considered’ beyond saving. That’s now happening in your hospitals because of civilian irresponsibility. Let’s be clear: your doctors, nurses and health officials warned everyone. Now doctors and nurses are FORCED to make decisions that go directly against their oaths. Slow clap. (RN)

    2. @Suzanne Santos “against their oaths”, is only valid under normal situations, this situation is not normal,
      anyway i do not think any nurse makes this decision.

  3. Death, chaos, and destruction follows Trump wherever he goes. Trump’s presidency will be remembered as the desolation of America.

    1. @rube1954rap Hope you’re in for some reading.

      You know who have benefitted from Trump? Russia and China.

    2. @Ash Roskell did you see he declared the health emergency is over and defunded testing centers? i am with you regarding the disbelief that we are allowing this to continue. i do not see any reason why we cannot remove him immediately. these doctors should be held accountable for enabling him to continue killing us.

    3. @Individual 1 did i say ‘per capita’ ? it is a near harmless common cold. People die mostly of old age, etc.

  4. Did I hear that right, that all the masks produced that day had to be destroyed anyway because these people walked around the factory without a mask?

    1. I’m in Arizona. Yes it happened that everything has to be destroyed because of mask less Trump and entourage..Ain’t that some s–t?

    2. It is the most irresponsible thing that he has done and again only for his daily show of stupidity

    1. Murder his most ardent supporters. Suspend Obama Care in the middle of a pandemic. Two possibilities: he wants to lose the election. Or else he believes his own BS. I say the latter.

  5. also everything produced in that facility that day had to be discarded because they visited without protective gear.

  6. Remember the photos and videos from Italy in the midst of the worst parts of the crisis? This train is heading right up there and we’ll just have to see where and if it stops. Trump and his WH should be held accountable for crimes against humanity because of their handling of the pandemic.

    1. Remember when Italians warned the world to take COVID seriously?
      Obviously some people weren’t paying attention.

    1. No no no, trump is not just stupid he is criminally stupid. Just ask Vladdi!
      Hey Vladdi, if you’re listening; your plan to knock out Democracy is failing! Covid. And the Climate Crisis will take care of you and your comprimised dog, trum pee!! Too bad. 👎 👎 You should have poisoned the conman when you had the chance. You fooled him and made him your puppet. Guess what?

    1. If you (U.S.Citizen or U.S. navy pers.) coming back home infected, you were not allowed to enter because it would make the number higher.

    2. @Whit Tong Anyone, is required to quarantine if traveling. Why do you have to make it like it’s only US citizen or navy? The virus doesn’t select who, why do you?

  7. Oh, and by the way all the masks manufactured that day had to be destroyed because agent orange and his cronies wouldn’t wear masks. MAGA

    1. It’s the biggest, bestest most fabulous virus ever recorded in us history says tRump and no one else

  8. Doug Douchey turned it round for uncle Donald and is now paying the price for his own stupidity.

    1. @Timmy Robinson What is an “adminident”? What does “What an Bunker Boy” mean?
      Get a grown-up to type for you.

  9. So this goose of a President stands and breathes all over a container of masks? GO FIGURE!

    1. @Individual 1 did I say ‘per capita’? Do you understand ‘statistically significant sample size’? Do you understand Trump 2020 !

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