Premier Ford on province-wide teacher strikes: Union leaders holding parents 'hostage' 1

Premier Ford on province-wide teacher strikes: Union leaders holding parents ‘hostage’


Ont. Premier Doug Ford's full Q&A with reporters on the teacher strikes across the province.

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  1. Teachers voted in the high 90 percent across this province for a strike mandate. Teachers fully support their union leadership. Negotiate fairly and honestly.

  2. I with you Mr Ford …you cant say Unions are the problem….from what you see online most teachers support the unions position .  My kid is in Grade 8. teachers been on strike 4 times since JK. they have lost my support when they punish kids to get self serving items. Be as PC as you like its not about kids. it never has been or they would be paid by success of their students like private sector

  3. The teachers Union had the gall to say, Ontario doesn’t have a spending problem, it’s a Revenue problem. The effing Union suggesting raising taxes on the elderly, single parents, and low income families while purring it’s for the kids. BS. No to raises, I help out a single mother, no blood relation, and the Teachers Union, and teachers, who make sixty percent above the Provincial average simply don’t deserve to enrich themselves on the backs of elderly, single parents, and low income families. Eff them.

    1. The elderly, single parents, low income families do NOT support themselves let alone teachers. Most Canadians are subsidized, they don’t cover their own costs, because the spending per capita is 60K. Most of the money that go into social and public programs come from corporate and business taxes that have been cut over the years.

    2. All politicians lie. JT got caught in a whole string of them over JWR,and SNC. Makes JT quite a conservative lmao.

  4. Are the teachers demanding that the kids all have sex changes?? If someone said that about Canada I would say well it’s possible.
    Why have teachers become so woke to the point I would only home school and the problem is I’m a little bit stupid.

  5. I feel like it is too many teacher union strikes in Ontario year by year, no matter who is in the provincial government office .

    1. Get your facts straight. Teachers haven’t been out on a rotational strike dating back to 2012/2013 when Bill 115 was introduced. It’s not year by year. This government doesn’t even want to meet at the bargaining table to discuss anything. So when teachers do go on strike and students miss out on their education, you can thank Doug Ford and Lecce for that. Teachers are standing up for their democratic rights.

    1. You can, all you would need is a teaching degree, teachers are not Royalty. You are dreaming if you think they work for only 6 hours a day, prepping for the next class and marking papers would take you the entire evening and night. They get only 2 months vacation, the rest of the time they don’t get paid.

    2. @A CB wait what? School class learning are mandated by the province. Teachers go online to get the teaching instructions.
      Watch the CBCs Mr. D? He’s an ex teacher now comedian who makes fun of teachers. The show is an incite of a teacher’s life in school.
      2 months summer. 1 week plus Xmas. Spring break. That’s almost 3 months right right.

    3. @Eamon O’Connell There’s tons of resources available online for teachers to share and use; however, it’s up to the teacher to effectively apply those resources in the classroom. Not every student is taught the same or learns the same. Today, teachers have to individually accommodate for each student. This is far from an easy job, not to mention the amount of unit planning, work preparations, materials, assessments and professional practices that teachers take on outside of their daily duties. Teachers also have to attend routine team meetings, work with many students with special needs including ASD and Behavioral exceptionalities. You’re full of hot air if you think teaching is a cakewalk job. You’re either just ignorant, misinformed or just out to slander teachers. Which one is it?

    4. @Help Support Teachers so why not hire teachers assistants? Who know. Future teachers. Like an apprentice.
      But it’s not about the student is it? It’s about the teacher and their bank account. Or this would be a main talking point.

  6. the teachers were offered exactly the same as the custodians, clerical staff, and education assistants got. 1 percent per year over 3 years.

    1. That’s not how capitalism works. If you take the deal, it is right, if you don’t, it’s not. Teachers are not custodians and clerical staff.

    2. @Wone Motie They get 1 month vacation, the other month is unpaid for a total of 2 months summer break which they do not get to choose. Get your fact straight.

  7. When is the Government going to admit that it’s never going to balance the budget, and it is never going to pay it’s debt? This process will go on until bankruptcy. Ontarians need to collect 1 billion per month in taxes, whats the hold up? Thank Wynne, McGuinty, and Butts for your pending Bankrutpcy. Close down Canada and get this over with.

  8. I am wondering if the reason he is not backing down from e learning is because they have already spent money on programming and setting it up, and can”t back out of it? I wonder how much e learning will cost the tax payer? are they going to buy each student a computer, and repair them as the kids break them?

    1. eLearning has never been tested. So we don’t even know if it’s effective. I have taken courses online in the past too, and I would much rather prefer a classroom environment with a real instructor than sitting in front of a computer screen. eLearning is just a way to cut back on teaching jobs, that’s it! eLearning does not measure up to the same quality of education as being in the classroom but Ford and Lecce don’t care. Just as long as it saves money

    1. @Gerald Prost so anyone who doesn’t agree with you is racist?
      That make you racist for even saying it.
      Oh you leftoids are so tolerant.

    2. Eamon O’Connell Not everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a a racist, but Ford is definately a racist.

    3. Eamon O’Connell His racism became obvious much earlier when he removed the truth and reconsiliation from the social studies program and removed the tolerance from the sex education program.

    4. @Gerald Prost Lol…and Theres the other shoe.
      The global warming crowd and the LGBT crowd are from the same click…totally detached from reality.

  9. Mr. Ford, keep holding out on the unions, even if it means the school year is a write-off. I’m sick of the unions bullying for more, more, more, always more. Public sector employees already make way more than most workers in the private sector. Unions have outlived their usefulness. It’s too the point where they are now forcing jobs out of the county. That’s why they focus on the public sector so much, because those jobs can’t be exported.

    1. Clearly you only care about yourself and Doug Ford winning a battle with the unions even though it means taking a school year away from students. That’s incredibly sad.

    2. Help Support Teachers; not really. The students are nothing more than pawns in this battle, why do the strikes always need to happen during the school year? They have the whole summer to figure it out. If they truly cared about the students the deal would get done during those months. Don’t tell me I don’t care about students, I have 4 school aged children. Our family is sick of it.
      You clearly don’t care as much about students as you do the teachers as your screen name is Help Support Teachers, not Help Support Students. The public school system has serious problems, and throwing more money at it is not going to fix it.

  10. If the gov. of ON wants to save money, then they should ask students to pay for their own textbooks. As a high-school teacher, I see that most students are careless about their textbooks, and when they loose them, many of them start playing games in order not to pay for a damaged or lost textbook. When it is given to them for free, there is no ownership nor responsibility.

    I estimate the province will save about 1 Billion per year, or more, just on this.
    (2.0 M students X $800 for textbooks/year). About a $100 per textbook.

    This is not even counting Arts supplies which I believe, students should also pay for.

    1. not all parents can afford that, as a teacher i am sure you are aware of students whos parents are on OW or ODSP………

    1. And how exactly is Doug Ford qualified to run this province and make decisions for public education? If you’re a parent, are you not at all concerned for your child’s education? This government couldn’t care less if students are in the classroom or not. They just want a war with teachers and their unions and will even pay parents when teachers strike that will apparently cost this province millions and millions per day. That money would be better spent by putting it back into the school system.

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