1. Exactly. The less oxygen he gets the better chance cancer will spread and take him out. The toxic “vaccines” will cause the cancer to spread too.

    1. @TourCaddie They’re not that limited, jesus. Most hospitals have only a handful of Covid patients. There are 1200 hospitals in Canada and we have like 1500 hospitalizations from Covid at the moment. You do the math. ( 1436 hospitalizations to be exact, taken from the Epidemiological Summary hosted on the Canadian Governments website and updated weekly. )

      So if nothing else, any surgery delays have nothing to do with Covid and everything to do with a socialized healthcare that isn’t keeping up with a bloating population and an extra 300,000 immigrants each year.

    2. @Defiance …where did I say it had anything to do with covid? I know it’s because of socialized medicine.

    1. I personally don’t care, there is other cancer patients I care about but why would I care about someone who’s making peoples lives miserable and taking away their jobs while simultaneously needing their help?

  1. According to a Famine Early Warning Systems Network report, “Famines are not natural phenomena, they are catastrophic political failures.”

  2. Too bad buddy. Maybe they’ll cut off his voice box. I hear the jabs speed up the process. So get a booster buddy. Lol

  3. I wish that I could be mean and wish him the worst but alas I can not.

    May he survive this and learn to be a better person because of it.

  4. I had surgery and radiation right in the middle of covid. There was no years long wait time. And I am certainly the furthest thing from being and entitled wealthy que jumper. Maybe depends on where you live and what type of cancer it is and who is doing the surgery.

  5. more than once no less, speaking from personal experience I sure don’t like the guy, but i hope he recovers from it, Cancers one hell of an illness

  6. When you come to think about it politics is not the most important thing in life, health and concern for your fellow human beings outweigh it by a trillion pounds. I don’t like this man’s politics but I join thousands of others to wish him luck on a long and very scary journey. You are in my thoughts get well soon Sir.

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