Premier Jason Kenney is 'deflecting blame' on citizens, says doctor | COVID-19 in Alberta 1

Premier Jason Kenney is ‘deflecting blame’ on citizens, says doctor | COVID-19 in Alberta


University of Alberta's Dr. Tehseen Ladha says that Alta. Premier Kenney is 'deflecting blame' and called for tougher restrictions.


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    1. Hundreds gathered… isn’t that what Costco and Walmart look like every day however indoors .. McDonald’s drive throughs look “overwhelmed” as well . .
      But yeah the rodeo will Collapse hospitals.
      this far in a “pandemic” shouldn’t they be diverting infected individuals to a temporary facility .. how many empty warehouses are in Calgary right now?
      could house thousands in 1 quarter million square foot facility… let’s not overwhelm the healthcare cartel.

    2. Jason Kenney wants to destroy his opponents with fines, destroyed livelihoods, poverty, homelessness and with the threat of violence, when the police show up they’re not there to be peaceful.

  1. When you lose someone to COVID19 it affects all your family Saying your going to be heartbroken is the least

    1. Everyone dies, and there are worse ways to lose your life. Like being trapped in a mangled car, and burning to death. Or being tied up, and getting flayed to death.

  2. Conservatives- burn lives give me my money, liberals- burn money give me my life. Uhh
    .. can we do go halfsies?

  3. Where is the direction for the premiere on how to get threw this and what to, and what not do? WHERE IS THE DIRRECTION?

  4. no science for the efficacy of lockdowns
    death rate is down 5-10 times from 12 months ago
    cases mean nothing
    time to open

  5. Instead of running the RT PCR which is an Amplifier not a test!
    How about running the PCR at , 28 cycles instead of your 30 to 40 cycles!
    What was the error rate of >17 and greater?! Or was that were it started?

    Canadian public health officials have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification performed anywhere, ever

    “Because the whole Lockdown is based on positive PCR tests, but actually in the diagnostic world, in PCR, you would never diagnose with a positive or negitive , you have to actually sequence what is the test measuring. There were 1,500 PCR tests were sequenced in October 2020, all of them were influenza A and B. Not one was SARS-CoV2.”

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