Premier Legault: Quebec is running low on key medical supplies

Premier Legault: Quebec is running low on key medical supplies 1


Premier Francois Legault announced that there are 732 new COVID-19 cases in Quebec, bringing the total to 4,162.

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34 Comments on "Premier Legault: Quebec is running low on key medical supplies"

  1. Maybe Justin Trudeau will send body bags

  2. Who cares Ontario needs rent
    We don’t care

  3. William M Gates | March 31, 2020 at 2:41 PM | Reply

    Open borders for Quebec

    • You mean Ontario open borders right? With one third of all those Canadian health workers going over the border to work now have the virus…yes I can see the perspective here.
      Rather the Americans you help than Quebecers as they not Canadian right?

  4. Bernie Hughes | March 31, 2020 at 2:46 PM | Reply

    I pray all will be safe.

  5. Trudeau sent it to china for free. Guess he’ll buy it back now. Get qpp to enforce roxham rd. Coincidence u have the highest numbers? Like ny state

    • I’m not sure if you last heard, China has sent medical equipments to Canada this last week. It’s waiting for QC by the federal Government to make sure it meets NA standards before being distributed.

    • @K Tsang Canada bought those supplies back, also i wouldn’t trust anything comming out of china, since their medical equipment has been sub par(30% accuracy on covid tests) and lets not forget china lied and tried to cover this up for several months. china is responsible for this!

    • The medical test you where refering to was from a company that didn’t/licensed to sell the test even in China; you are forgetting even before the virus most medical supplies of mask and protective gear was coming from China. Ya the political party of Wuhan messed up, but is bitching about what has happened going to fix anything right now; only thing to do is be more hygienic, self isolate, have the companies able to to produce medical products ramp up production and have pharmaceutical company come up with a vaccine.

  6. France 🇫🇷 will be there for you all

  7. Tim Arsenault | March 31, 2020 at 3:00 PM | Reply

    All the rest of Canada voted against Trudeau and he caused this by not acting Trudeau should be put in jail for all the Canadians that have died from the viruse

  8. Do not trust the WHO. Unfortunately Trudeau follows everything they say. Our government sent 16 tonnes of our medical equipment to China.

    • For Canada to help China when they needed it, now they are reciprocating it back; right now the medical supplies are being inspected to make sure it meets NA standards before being shipped out to be used.

  9. Well Quebec just take supplies from Alberta. You’re used to that.

  10. 31 deaths in Quebec.. not a bad start I suppose!

  11. Salt Of The Earth 69 | March 31, 2020 at 4:44 PM | Reply

    Wow you think Trudeau would go out of his way to help Quebec…lol

  12. Now you want help?

  13. The rest of Canada will send you their leftovers after this is over until then look after yourselves for a change like the rest of this country does. Yous should have shut down Roxom road down get what you deserve.

  14. Quebec only knows how to take.

  15. GEEZ, Quebec. Either you are in or out of Canada and the benefits that it offers… Cake and eat it too? Both sides of the fence? I do wish all affected by the covid well, and that ALL CANADIANS STAY SAFE. But please get with the program.

  16. Did you just say kebec is no different than anyone? Sure you are. Pro panhandlers that speak French. That is all kebec ever was or ever will be.

  17. So much hate in this comment section..

  18. Hi all .. this is one whole stitch up from all the goverments mp and prime ministers.. they all pricks.. the new world order is here.. the worlds ecomomies need to come to a crash and this is whats happening.. be safe everyone..look after your family.. your neighbours animals and strangers.. from Londonx

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