Pres. Biden delivers remarks in Buffalo, New York after supermarket shooting

President Joe Biden is set to visit Buffalo, New York, on Tuesday to meet and grieve with family members of the 10 victims killed Saturday during a mass shooting at a supermarket that police say was racially motivated.

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Victims ranged from 32 to 86 years old. Most were Black, either shopping or working at a Tops Friendly Market in one of Buffalo's highest concentrated African American neighborhoods. The slain included a civil rights advocate, a deacon and a heroic security guard.

"He wants to go there and comfort the people who went through this violence," White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

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  1. Black people need an Executive bill just like you gave the Asians Joe Biden that’s what you need to do period !!!!! Tired of hearing this sob story

  2. So Brandon are you saying that if the bad guy would not have had body armor on someone there with a concealed carry permit might have been able to stop this terrible crime, also what about the people killed at the church by a Taiwanese suppremist because he hated Chinese people, what about all the black on black killings that are far more rampant…guess none of that matters.

    1. @Agnew Dillon it’s amazing to see someone judge do harshly just because they have no respect for a guy.
      Well he’s a kid so I’ll just be a kid myself then?

    2. It all matters you knob. Doesn’t mean this case doesn’t deserve attention. Quit being so defensive 🙄

    3. @Rick Jones Rick they are only interested in certain crimes against certain peeps…if the color mix isn’t the right way than it doesn’t matter…

  3. Guys I think I should be a president just vote for me next time and I will make you real happy 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  4. Уважаемый Призидент США! Займитесь своей страной и народом. И оставте Украину.

  5. Peace in our homes, lands and the world. May those full of hate be guided by the Holy Spirit to transform their hearts before the wrong decisions are made.

    1. @The Truth No, I’m talking about Biden. You, much like Biden, don’t know what you are talking about.

  6. In 2010, Blden praised the late Senator Robert Byrd (D) at his funeral. Byrd was a grand wizard who started the KKK in West Virginia.

    1. Remember his Super Predator remarks before they built “for profit prisons” and started stocking them with the same people he’s pandering to? Most people in Buffalo aren’t stupid enough to buy what he’s selling.

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    I have bought $SKYH

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    1. @Eigono Kyoushi
      They’re propaganda outlets not movie studios. They exist to misinform.

      They’re called magazines. You’re as clueless as they are.

    2. @hebe Dabber That’s why you take em all in and engage brain to sift through it and critically think it out for yourself. Sorry, you’re SOL. 😜

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