1. Yeah..and it cost one billion dollars already sent to Ukraine, money that we don’t have and have to borrow.

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  2. i don’t know who need to hear this saving money won’t make you a millionaire investing will take out some money and invest Do it wisely tho

    1. I love his insights and innovative approach to how his ETF’s are run. So different from the stale methods of managers I’ve worked with in the past. He will continue to do well and I will continue to listen to him more.

    2. Im holding some crypto, but with everyone saying crypto has got me a little concern. everyone knows that old warren buffet saying

  3. Note: in the book The City of God by Mary of Agreda, Jesus was going to forgive Satan after Satan tempted 3 times. Jesus told Satan “look at me.” If Satan would have truly looked at God, he might not have fallen (Satan wanted the Hypostatic Union according to the Angelic and purely Supernatural nature, which would have rendered God as innefficient according to this redundancy, because God the Father is Purely supernatural, God the Son is supernatural and physically begotten in nature, and God; The Holy Spirit is half of both God the Father and Son; thus, this innefficiency would show an imperfection in God according to fullness). Satan replied: “I will never look at you.” Note: this pertains to Orthodox/ Nicene Creed thinking. Note: all of creation is a mirror image of God; The Blessed Trinity according to the perfections thereof. This is why aliens don’t exist due to God’s perfect efficiency in His Intelligent Design (with perfect fullness); they would be an Angel (purely supernatural in nature), a Man (Supernatural and Physical in nature; both of these with free will), an animal with a Supernatural and Physical nature (but with Instinct instead of free will), a plant, a mineral, or pure energy according to a Hierarchy of perfection (e.g., note how man is able to be medically treated with pig insulin). Note: when one attains Heaven, one will be in perpetual Holy Communion with Jesus Christ standing before the throne of God Father (along with the Angels), and full of God; The Holy Spirit. Note: Energy, upon which the universe is made of (energy/matter) has an innate magnetic nature (it is attracted to itself; i.e., positive and negative electromagnetic charges are due to either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, where the spherical direction is due to the Weak Nuclear Force/ energy’s attraction to itself; take two rivers of force and see if they combine when traveling in the opposite direction, as opposed to the same direction), a liquid nature, and a tangible nature, where Energy is found in an absolute vacuum (e.g., the vacuum of space). Due to Energy always changing form (e.g., the phenomenon of Pair Production in Physics), the universe has perpetual motion as a whole (note; the universe may become “static” one day, but it will always have perpetual motion). Since Energy does not have the choice associated with Free Will (as found in God, the Angels, and the human Soul; note: animals do not have Free Will, but Instinct instead, due to a lack of the understanding of concepts, such as how and why a wheel works; e.g., a baby in the womb will look at his arms and legs and classify as these belonging to him; a bear at any age will not classify his equivalent as anything, which is a proof of the Soul via Free Will/ “the self”). Your self evident is proof of the existence of God, because unlike Energy, you have Free Will, can think beyond what currently exists, but where you do not have the Omnipotence or Omniscience to create from absolute nothingness in an absolutely perfect way for a specific purpose like God can and did (note: do you know why you have two arms and legs; because this is the most basic/ efficient model for a creature with Free Will; male and female are an example of perpetual motion, before Original Sin which is another topic, where everything in creation is a mirror image of God who is mathematically perfect as a basis; hence, you are made in the image of God which is another topic, as the universe is made in the image of God according to a Hierarchical system, where the Supernatural is superior to the physical, but where Jesus Christ who is the Second Person of The Blessed Trinity makes The Blessed Trinity perfect due to the amount of perfection that God has to put forth in order to show His fullness/ greatness. Note: Satan rebelled because he didn’t want to serve Jesus Christ due to the physical portion of His True God and True Man nature, because he couldn’t see why God chose the human nature over the Angelic nature to take for Himself, where God the Father is purely supernatural in nature and The Holy Spirit is half of both as a combined culmination, where 3 is the most perfect and full mathematical basis; e.g., two or more “Holy Spirits” according to this god model would actually dilute God; The Blessed Trinity. Note: God can’t make anything imperfect (e.g., Adam and Eve) in His Intelligent Design or God would be flawed and couldn’t exist (in His Omniscience for not seeing how to create a perfect creation on His first try, or in His Omnipotence for not being able to create a perfect creation on His first try); thus, Adam (Self contained with need for efficient pro-creation) and Eve were created perfect, which is why Death, disease, and ageing (i.e., gene mutation) occured with their free will test (in order for Man to earn his perfect place via his own free will as contexting himself in creation according to justice) that produced Original Sin (i.e, damage to the perfect soul that regulates the body perfectly, which is why Death and etcetera occured after Original Sin regarding Man’s natural homeostasis); furthermore, Nothing “winks out” due to this, or God would have created frivolousy. Note: regarding Good and Evil, this is a matter of efficiency and output towards purpose. A battery design that can hold more energy than another design is more perfect, or Good/better. The lesser design would be evil compared to the better design, or less perfect. This good and evil has a threshold regarding sin, Heaven, and Hell (e.g., Angels are good, and demons are evil). God being completely perfect in an Omni capacity without sin or blemish…. How does this pertain to this scripture passage: “If you being as evil as you are know how to give good gifts to your children….”

  4. It’s hilarious the title says “delivers remarks “ because we all know he can form a complete sentence 😂🤣🤣

  5. I knew you can use a potato to make vodka.
    Apparently you can put one behind a podium and have it read, poorly, from a teleprompter..😑

  6. I’m Islam. If I’m a nation leader ,I would stand beside him to fight and defend Ukraine from Russian aggression . Mr biden made the right decision . May God ( Allah) bless Mr Biden. Amin.

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