1. ​@Abdalla king The press wasn’t allowed to ask questions thus hiding any potential lies, deceptions, inaccuracies, you name it. Comments are disabled on political videos from news papers like the warshington post making it harder for people to discuss and criticize the speech. And removing the dislike button only furthers the decline of the influence common people have.

      You can get the dislike button back by using the “return youtube dislike button” though.
      But still many people don’t see the dislike

    1. The Bolshewiks are running Russia and the Americans are running America.
      The Germans are running Germany and the British are running Great Britain.
      It goes on like this.!………………..any further questions ?

  1. When he is talking about history, he should ask himself how his country became the USA. I mean…I love you guys , but USA can’t be the one with Moral speech about anything like that…

    1. @Kaos Kartoffel for everything you said it needs a real Invasion and a real threat of russia. All Biden did the last weeks was pressuring Putin to react. Biden would have get what he wanted. With out without putins help. This is all a big show and just because Biden mentions “diplomatic” like 10 times in 1 minute , doesn’t make him a guy with good intentions. Germany is just a puppet in this show. The government is a joke. Perfect and exactly what is needed right now. Everything fit. Everything was planned. Yes…conspiracy blah blah. Never mind. We will see. Love you all. May God bless us all…

    2. @miss pixelbrei Alrighty then. You seem to need to catch up on a lot of information and basic understanding of political processes. The situation is incredibly complex, which is why not only Germany but a lot of nations had been more or less reserved until yesterday. Nobody wants to risk a war and/or lose lucrative cooperations and nobody denies this, not even the latter. Whether Biden is in general a “guy with good intentions” is absolutely f*ing irrelevant in this situation! There is nothing more important right now than to push the diplomatic course, which is literally, as you said yourself, what he does. Having a leader who does the right thing at the right time – and even if it’s just once – is already extremely privileged. But I don’t know, you seem to only randomly blow built-up frustration into the internet – combined with superficial knowledge and complaints without solutions. My sympathies and all the best and bless you, too.

  2. Brain-Done: “Thanks to Putin, the world will meet our goal of zero emissions by 2025.”
    Progressives: “Applauses”
    Brain-Done: “There is just a “minor” radiation side effect, but it will decrease over time.”

  3. In hard times set differences aside and help your neighbor they’ll help you back. We are in it together!

  4. I am someone living faraway from this complicated situation, yet my hope still goes to the diplomacy dialogue able to secure from WAR. Civilians of Americans and Russians and Ukrainian and EU including all globe of mankind WILL SUFFER when WAR breaks out, people like us still fight with COVID and people are still dying daily from it 😢😢 May sanctions be the least option while diplomacy dialogue can be headed.

  5. Putin “Golly, I never thought Joe would put sanctions on Russia, I better back off ASAP.”
    Biden “Vlad, Did I tell you about Corn Pop”

  6. They are playing the teleprompter about 8-9% faster than he can read. He has stumbled his words at least 20 times in the first few minutes. So sad. This is our “leader”? What a joke.

  7. Of course he doesnt answer any questions: he cannot communicate properly with those people. All he is able to do is read his speech with a few errors and then go back to sleep.

  8. “I have condemned any organizer of war, regardless of his rank or nationality.”
    — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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