Pres. Biden Took The ‘Proportional Response’ With Airstrikes In Syria | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Pres. Biden Took The ‘Proportional Response’ With Airstrikes In Syria | The Last Word | MSNBC


Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security advisor to President Obama, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that "you can tell there was a rigorous process" and "there probably was pretty broad consensus" for President Biden's first authorization for military action against Iranian-backed forces in Syria. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Pres. Biden Took The ‘Proportional Response’ With Airstrikes In Syria | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @esflxian proportionate killing> It is about getting that pipeline through Syria built, to have american controlled oil to sell to Europe, and compete with Russian Oil to Europe, meanwhile lets shut down Keystone pipeline. Biden is owned by the military complex, and cares not of the american people or syrians.

    1. @Harry Johnstone Um Biden is murdering children in Syrian today because… um “Trump’s fault” and um “Russia tho…” Really? Wow.

    2. Have to say when I heard “He reportedly chose the minimal option”, I thought that sounded like a well spun spin. It is part of the rhetoric to make this action pass better in the public eye. I do not know nearly enough, at all, to judge. What is the name of this militia? Was it really in a chain of command related to the attack in Iraq? What is the type and level of “support” by Iran? (so broad as to mean anything you want to think it means) AGAIN, for bad readers, I am not taking a stand in favor or against this military action: **we** do not know, at all, the facts and I cannot trust any of the factions and governments involved. 😛

    3. @Officer Stompahoe That’s neither here nor there. There are legal ways to deal with imminent threats, if there was one. The guy was foreign government official, not a combatant at war with the US. His assassination was a crime full stop.

      Was he a dangerous POS? Yes, as far as we know. He was a national hero and that’s why trump had him whacked.

    1. @Dave Smith because how can we actually be completely sure that they are terrorists until tried in a court of law?

    2. @Name Name you are correct, a MOAB was dropped…on tunnels.
      You are correct…a beloved terrorist was killed…oh the horror!
      You are correct Trump sold arms to Saudis Arabia who commis genocide. 8 Billion dollars worth! Which was about half of the 115 billion that the Obama administration sold to them.
      Look Trump was awful, but you should at least be factual.

    3. @Maryella Rose and what exactly did I say that was not factual?
      Listen, if you wanna simp for Trump by all means go ahead. This is not a partisan thing for me as you would of noticed if you read the thread before injecting yourself into the conversation. I’ll say it one more time so we’re clear fucc Biden, fucc Trump, fucc Obama, fucc both Bushes, Clinton, Nixon and Reagan too. They should all be in prison for their war crimes.

    4. @Name Name I don’t give a crap about Trump or any of the rest of the criminals. Have a great weekend! I am not in the mood.

    1. @malditonuke Yea, yes they did. Bombing impoverished and war torn countries is they only thing reps and dems can agree on these days.

    1. @Stella Shepherd You know you are incorrect tge Syrian conflict started with Barrack Hussein Obama 2011. The war in Afghanistanand Iraq were technically over by 2009 when Obama took over which started the entire destabilization of the middle east. Yemen Libia Syria Lebanon conflicts were the direct result of Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

    2. @Stella Shepherd What? Have you been living under a rock? Obama was the one who started the Syrian Conflict as well as dragging the US into Ukraine. Obama also restarted the civil war in Afghanistan which under Bush was actually under control.

    1. @Noreb Trump did not deploy the troops to Somalia tho, did he, they were already there, were they not? US Troops were welcomed in Somalia by (what little remains) of that nations government, were they not, training that government’s troops

      Name the wars in North Africa that Trump started, I must have missed them…..or admit you lied

    2. @P D go fact check my claims yourself little boy. the only people lying are the cultists still defending the insurrectionists.

    3. @Noreb Not my responsibility to fact check a lie you made up. name the war you claimed Trump started or admit you are a liar. US troops were already in Somalia and were there with the permission of that nations government

  1. I’m really excited to start seeing my enlisted friends coming back in bags again. This is going to be a fun administration.

    1. @TheNextTurn I am very sorry for your apparent arrested growth and pathological cognitive dissonance and incapacity, Eeyore. It is true that Biden has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct by Tara Reade. Trump has close to thirty similar accusations. Biden is known as an establishment big-money controlled business-as-usual politician. Trump is a delusional deranged megalomaniac who allowed a half million Americans to die needlessly, and has tried to overthrow the US Government, intentionally fostered hate and division with malicious lies, and that is the tip of the iceberg.  

      If you can equate the two, I can only suggest you don’t play with anything sharp and seek help immediately. Do not attempt to drive or operate heavy machinery, and remember to never play leapfrog with a unicorn. Best of luck on your recovery. We’re all pulling for you.

  2. They bombed them with love and kisses how sweet lol.
    Americans will be screaming for trump by the time Biden is finished

    1. @Noreb Wheres the checks he promised?
      Wheres the peace he promised?
      Where t he 15$ min wage?
      He will be EXACTLY like Trump …
      Under Biden the US Empire will thrive
      And corporations will get representation and regular American will get screwed again.
      Militia in Syria and Iraq are Killing Americans cause they want the US out of their countries … we have been their for 20 YEARS.
      Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq are US Colonies

  3. Biden is a fast learner. Only took him one month to strike up the wars of Bush and oBama. Three Bs in a pod.

    1. It opnly too drumpf 9 days (Jan 9, 2017) to execute a raid Obama declined to prosecute because it was doomed to failure. Trump killed 14 civilians and a Navy Seal before he was in office two weeks. shutter down big nose

    1. That said, the repsrisal was not legal becasue it was ‘expressive’ rather then defensive (no stated imminent threat or directly related ongoing hostilities) and occured in a state (Syria) against non-state actors

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