Pres. Biden Visits Ohio To Promote His Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC 1

Pres. Biden Visits Ohio To Promote His Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC


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    1. Oh please, you really don’t think Biden is running the show do you? You can’t be that gullible? You buy that then I have some magic beans to sell ya!

  1. Good for Uncle Joe. Its hypocritical to support cutting the taxes of the 1% and helping them find loopholes, and still be on the side of working people. Its about time the wealthy corporate interests (aka republicans) contributed to the social contract in the U.S. Constitution for the growth and well-being of all U.S. citizens.

    1. Senile incompetent Joe Biden Says restaurants and small businesses will be screwed for sometime to come because of Biden/Democrat government policies such as additional handouts and enhanced unemployment.

    2. Funny because the upper 1% backed Biden financially in the 2020 election. And so far he hasn’t touched them. Talked about it yes. But that’s all he has done. And your kind? Bought it hook, line and sinker! LOL

    1. ………………..all US states must do this , we the people should never been so ignorant of virus research it was a scam
      Michigan Legislature Repeals Governor’s Emergency Powers Act
      BY STEVEN KOVAC July 21, 2021
      …………………LANSING, Mich.—The Michigan House of Representatives voted on July 21 in favor of repealing the Emergency Powers Act used by the governor to implement COVID-19 restrictions in the state.

  2. A million illegal immigrants coming across our southern borders and No Covid testing!!!! Liberal activists have taken away for police!!!

  3. What was Biden’s promise on infrastructure during the election?
    He said something like, “I love Beau! The son by Neilia’s gifts!~”.

    1. One word describes Joe Biden a (disaster) Two words describes Kamala Harris a (Laughing hyena). both are lying hypocrites.

  4. You watch Joe’s face during this visit. Look close. Joe is pinching a loaf during the event. Look at his face! He is crapping his depends! My kid makes the same face when he is filling his Huggies!

    1. Xiden floods the country with unvaccinated illegals carrying Covid and potentially multiple other diseases not seen for years in this country; then his administration pushed vaccines and blames it on Americans. Democrat idiocy.

    1. They’re all quiet. They know how stupid they are. They will secretly vote against Biden in the midterms.


  6. You got the money to fix the bridge a few years ago FAKE NEWS 2 billion was given to fix the bridges in Cincinnati what happened to it all. where’s the fact check on this

  7. I’m beginning to agree with Rs that Biden is not all there. He said that NOTHING WILL GET DONE if the Senate abolishes the filibuster, what? nothing is getting done now. What is wrong with him? No wonder Manchin isn’t on board neither is Biden. Democrats should tell Biden you’re going to lose re-election because we aren’t getting anything done, don’t come crying to us later when it’s to late.

  8. GOP don’t care about their voters. Bottom line and the Corp owned Dems don’t care either like Manchin and Sinema.

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