Pres. Trump ‘Making A Show Of Unauthorized Use Of Force’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Think this will stop in November? How dangerous will Trump get once he know’s he lost the election?

    1. @Mimi 78 Then they will be prepared to receive retaliation. Bc just like they shot at others, people will shot back.

    2. @Emma Rose Trump will go as fr as it takes to restore our Republic and obey the Constitution. Freedom and liberty is sometimes messy.

  2. It’s the “Trial Run” when he refuses to leave when he loses in November. The transition between November and Inauguration in January will be the most dangerous this country has seen in the modern era

    1. @frictionRx9 high crimes and misdemeanors are no longer crimes in countries run by the do nothing fascist Republicans

    2. @Michigan Wolverine really??? So the so called liberal terrorists have infiltrated trump and Barr’s secret police! Gimme that crack, I want some!

    3. @Edward Miessner Silly liberal the terrorist are in bed with liberal mayors and governors . When they get arrested for committing crimes like arson they know how to fall on the ground and cry victimhood . You notice how the riots and looting only happen in liberal cities . Probably teach that in liberal schools how to play the victimhood card .

    4. @Edward Miessner The liberal terrorism in minneapolis cost 500 million dollars ! Then the liberal mayor and governor went crying to Trump for aid and Trump told them to pound sand !

    1. @Michael D …agree, when trump calls his goons in the streets get very dangerous! Brought to you by soon to be ex-president-trump!

    2. @Eve K also in Republican cities and the countryside and on the highways for the exact same reason. ACAB unless they come forward over or are not yet complicit with police misconduct

    1. When they pepper spray mothers for standing still you don’t have a government you have a regime

    2. @Karl Axel Definition of fascism
      1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. Let’s see…When has Nancy or Chuck come on national tv and announce they they are going to send armed secret police into specifically republican run states? Never. Trump Has.(That meets the requirements of forcible supression) When has Nancy or Chuck ever come on national TV and say I may not leave office if I am defeated in a primary? Never. Trump did. When has Nacy or Chuck issue executive order to override the law? Never. Trump did. (Dictator) When has Nancy or Chuck worn propaganda exaulting the nation? Never. Trump Has ( what’s his hat say? ) Oh and let’s not forget that they are not selling official campaign T-shirts that combine the Nazi Parteiadler and the American flag! Trump is! They are also not having armed thugs abducting American citizens off the street with no Due Process! Chuck and Nancy are fascist….Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! You delusional tool. You and your Orange Hitler are the Fascists.

  3. I don’t know how many of you remember your history classes, but what we are seeing is a modern day version of Adolf Hitlers Brown shirts!

    1. @Sipje Dekat Before that night it was a bunch of separate but affiliated gangs, after that night they were a political/military

    2. Pete one … SMH. How about paying your insurance bill. Thats what those premiums are for. If you hurt a human being for damaging property, thats called assault, and its illegal, and punishable by way way way more jail time than vandalism. Go out and try it and see for yourself. Maybe do some research into our system of law before writing such garbage on these here interwebs.

    3. Peter Marchi … why are you talking to me. I agreed with you and aimed comments at that Pete jerk.

  4. Trump uses visuals from HIS America to show how Biden’s America might look. 🤔 Vote BYEDON 😁😁😁

    1. Woow, didn’t know trump can predict the future,but is the visual not what is happening now in Trump’s America.seems you are not smart

    1. If they ARE federal officers. That’s why they should be made to display their insignia and badge numbers. We don’t know if they’re local cops, customs and border patrol agents, or the local yokels looking for a new hobby. Trump has boasted about the support he has from police unions and ICE, and the new recruits they’ve brought on are detaining and beating civilians without compunction. What’s there to rebel against if you enjoy wreaking havoc on the general populous? They like the power they have and the fear they can generate. They don’t want to give that up.

    2. Some of them appear to be enjoying beating on people WAY too much. They’re acting like this is a RPG and American citizens are NPC’s.

    3. but these federal officers are brainless, they follow up every stupid orders, what you expect from them !

    4. Revealing Serendipity they are mercenaries hired by Eric Prince would be my guess, he’s the brother of Betsy De Vos

  5. He’s getting Americans used to this in time for the election. In other words it’s about impeding ones right to *vote*.

    1. We can’t vote him out if the election never happens. Everyone knew he wouldn’t go peacefully.

  6. This is not Russia. Donald Trump thinks it is his right to deploy his ‘Little Green Men.’

    1. THEY SHOULD NOT TREAT A VETERAN THAT WAY! WTF!!?? How can his cult defend this?!🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️💙🌊#BIDEN2020 #BIDEN2020 #BIDEN2020

    2. It’s in “Putin’s Playbook to Total Power” and that’s what the pos has been following.

    1. I don’t know. Certainly in modern times.
      I just wonder about the tricks and lies and chaos to come the next 6 month. Fasten your seatbelts.

    1. i read the ‘rise of the third reich’ 4 years ago for history class, trump is using this book as a playbook for what he is doing to america now

    2. @joy I read it many years ago when it first came out. Trump has been following Hitler’s play book to the tee. Lies victimization fear

  7. Trump’s very own Gestapo, he’s emulating one of his most beloved idols and if this isn’t enough to disturb and unsettle us then I don’t know what is

    1. @FD2 Never trust a LIBERAL Mayor that holds the police back, While the town gets Robbed, Burned and Terrorized by Rioting Mobs

    2. @Maleko Tao Oh, so now the mayor is at fault ?
      The veteran didn’t rob, burn or terrorize.
      He asked them what they were doing.
      Are you trying to tell me the mayor or the veteran were at fault ?

    3. When they pepper spray mothers for standing still you don’t have a government you have a regime

    1. @Edward Miessner Actually I got my PhD from Yo Mama. Considering her History with Pelosi and all them nights she spent with her she knows everything about Tyranny and all the instructions on how to Raise Liberal Wimps like yourself!

    2. @Rolyat Neek how is it cliched when many holocaust historians agree that trump’s rise is similar to hitlers?

    1. that’s his motive, cause unrest so he can have stormtroopers on the streets at every important polling place on Nov 3 then cry fruad and foul

    1. Half the populous focused on becoming celebrities and enjoying life while turning a blind eye to everything the evil people were doing. We are the spoiled rich brats of the world.

    2. When the politicians have skeletons in their closets that can be used to blackmail, so no one does their job to uphold the constitution and lock these criminals up, what other reason could be holding up a long overdue process 🧐🇱🇷

    3. @rigby i have to agree when millions of young ppl are addicted to being the next youtubte, twitter, instagram, tik tok stars.
      yes if .001% can get to the top they make $millions.

      but that means millions of them are not going to use their energy and creative minds on inventing new technologies and engineering.

      this will make the country stagnant if advancing, and other nations will surpass soon.

      but you will be the most popular entertainment country on earth.


      u.s politics and u.s mass media propaganda lies is in itself a entertainment.

    4. @tyjghjghhh Yep. The US has to import people to do advanced jobs due to the lack of Americans who’ve worked to develop the skills.

  8. Trumps about to start a war in America against the largest armed population on earth —- The American population

    1. @robert utz democracy is our Republic’s operating system. Trump is actively destroying both.

    2. @Earl of Mar send us the link where we can buy a copy or read it on line. Otherwise try another angle or better yet shut up because no one wants to listen to your lies

    1. It has been reported by various sources to be around $136 million so far….he wants total power and more and more wealth…he is bought and paid for by Russian oligarchs…he wants to be President for Life like Putin and other despots….Putin’s wealth is listed as about $20 billion and that is what Trump wants…he is obsessed with power and by GREED!

    2. Been doing that since before he was elected – his kids are, too. Now its just worse and more out in the open because he truly is now above the law, with his stooge Barr in the DoJ.

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