President Biden addresses the nation

President Biden addresses the nation 1


    1. @Will Duke they deleted your comment …come back tomorrow and any negative comment towards the theif in chief/dictator will have disappeared. I see they are not counting thumbs down

  1. I just need to come back home after my mission I think I just need to settle down and raise my own family too, I really need a perfect soulmate

  2. George Washington is thinking to himself in heaven: “my God, this is what me and my troops endured Valley Forge for”.

  3. wassup with all the water and whats up with all the wheat like nothing real was addressed here but a couple quips to secure a vote against trumpers

  4. The speech would make a good drinking game. “Democracy“ drink! “Equity“ drink! “Extremist“ drink! “MAGA” drink! “Trump“ drink! LOL 🤪🤣😂

  5. So this address basically doesn’t address the current state of this country.. just keeps taking about Trump .. geez it’s been 2 years anything new

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