President Biden calls WWI massacre of Armenians a genocide 1

President Biden calls WWI massacre of Armenians a genocide


President Joe Biden on Saturday became the first US president to officially recognize the massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire as a genocide, risking a potential fracture with Turkey but signaling a commitment to global human rights.
In a statement marking the 106th anniversary of the massacre's start, Biden wrote, "Each year on this day, we remember the lives of all those who died in the Ottoman-era Armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again occurring."
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  1. Shameful that it took this long, but it’s better that we got it done now rather than kicking the can down the road for another 10 years.

    1. @Jaz Markosyan Don’t worry, you have no idea how educated I am. Especially about Armenia which is the land of native white Caucasians.

    2. @Irina Grigorian I know that you know, who you are. That’s why you can’t manipulate people and nations, who also know exactly who you are and know your fake history.

    1. @MAGA 2020 so killing many black ppl randomly and jailing them unjustly just becoz someone described their appearance and being black coz of the hatred they have for them is not considered genocide I think we need to change the meaning of genocide coz in the past 20yrs more black and other minority communities have died in USA than the number of Armenians who died in that period and am not including the mass killings of the American military since 70

    2. @The Deferal let’s start counting the number of countries Americans invaded and killings they did in the past 50yrs alone 1. Vietnam 2.Iraq.3.Somalia 4.Iraq again 5.afghanistan
      6.Libya 7.Syria
      How many ppl American’s killed in that period don’t be hypocrite I suppose it’s more than the number u Armenians ten fold only in Iraq and Afghanistan

    3. @Wandering Cat yeah, its the real figure. Million iraqis were killed. About more than 200000 were children.

    1. @Spider The Romans were thousands of years ago and those were the Italian Romans not the Greek Romans. Turkeys atrocities are pretty recent , and when i say i recent i mean a couple months ago recent at armenia and RIGHT NOW Kind of recent in IRAQ,SYRIA,Lybia . Go Watch some propaganda in TRT this aint the place for you little Turk

    2. @Spider Don’t say anything out of order, Erdogan might come for you next. LMAO

      The W in Turkey Stands for women’s rights

    3. @ÚLFHÉĐNAR yeah, equal infection, death ,and transmission methods of hn1n, ebola, swine, all pandemics. Mask up for that?

    1. I think Biden was 25 when this happened 50 yrs in congress 0 accomplished other than locking up black folks

  2. This type of thing should happen sooner so that those responsible can be prosecuted while still alive.

  3. My love goes out to my beloved grandparents, Sophie and Aram, who escaped (just barely) to come to the U.S. ⚘

    1. @1890 Yes, I also have Azeri friends who watched their families get “raped” “killed” and “marched out of Nagarno” last summer and again in Khojali in ’92. Try again.

    2. @tired tears I also ignore those who are hypocrites and virtue signalers and fail to acknowledge their own atrocities. They can’t stand to face their own truth.

    3. Armenians, particularly Armenian females like yourself, are some of the most racist people I’ve personally ever come across. Armenians believe in the master race theory. How did that work out for ya? White Armenian female.

  4. Just imagine the courage and painstaking work Joe surely must had to endure making such a bold and courageous statement that will make a HUGE difference

  5. I’m so happy this happend. We’ve been fighting for over 100 years. It really feels great. This is not the end, but the beginning of a newer time.

    1. You, sir, know nothing on the grounds of history, and you proclaiming that the genocide didn’t happen shows two things; your lack of knowledge on history, and your lack of self thought

    2. @Ludvig Hauger excuse me sir, I indeed know my history. It was a war and your kind lost and continue act like the victims procaliming genocide, get over yourselves, stop crying, and educate yourself SIR.

    1. The USA needs a border fence because you are mistreating so many of your own people they are fleeing to the USA in over whelming numbers.

    2. @Spider No one mentioned the involvement of power players running the chess board from behind the scenes. Every year as the Genocide is remembered the cowards stay quiet sure they chose those that were willing to do the dirty work. Why should those be blamed fully that were following orders. To reflect back mentioned. The intention really is simple remove those that live on that land because we wanted. German Archeologists were the ones at Gobekli Tepe, These are Aryan lands belongs to the People of Ar. Turkish nonsense it all belongs to the Aryans. Armenian people’s history and turned into something other, stripped. On the contrary it all stems from origin and the given meaning. Anunnaki which were the reason and meaning by origin translates in It’s native tongue a compounded word Anunn means name, ak, means wheel, i shows belonging to, these three words only translate in one language Armenian. It is a misleading when authors write books about the Annunaki and translating incorrectly as in Zechariah Sitchen’s book Anunnaki does not mean “those that came from the heavens above. The point is don’t take something that has It’s true origin of history by definition and ignorantly write a book not knowing what it means or cause take overs by massacre, so you can It’s your land later on wiping those that were there before( ethnic cleansing)

  6. This is so huge. It’s not just symbolic, it has drastic geopolitical implications and it takes courage for Biden to admit it. Now he should continue and call out Saudi Arabia for their actions in Yemen, hold Israel and Palestine to account for their actions, and tell the world what’s going on in Burma.

    1. Wow! Huge! Maybe Biden can also announce Native American Genocide and 60 Million Aborted US Babies too. I’m thinking Nobel Peace Prize….

    1. You should watch acts 17 apologetics and pfander films and dcci ministries and Christian prince and cira international and shamounian on YouTube channel and watch all the videos on YouTube channel sna

  7. They say you are the sum of your experiences but what happens when an event from our past prevents you from defining your future

  8. Every WW-1 Documentry I have ever watched since 1972 or WW-1 book I have ever read talks about this genocide. As a little 6 yr old aviation WW-1 model plane builder, (Revell and Airfix) I was an aviation fanatic for life. Came to read everything I could about WW-1. Strange how even as a child I began to learn about ethnic cleansing. Thanks a lot Dear Joe!

    1. That’s called Western Imperialist’s propaganda you read. Turkophobia was at an all-time high back then because of Ottoman Empire’s reach.

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