President Biden delivers remarks on future of economy | USA TODAY

President Biden delivers remarks on future of economy | USA TODAY 1


  1. That pipeline would have moved oil with very little emissions but now all that fuel is burned shipping it from the middle east. Don’t ask questions, it’s about fighting climate change I guess.

  2. I’ll save you all the suspense we’re probably in huge trouble….. prepare for taxes to rise gas prices to rise and the cost of living to go up. Buckle up America

  3. They said his dog crapped in the White House….I’ll bet anyone $5 the dog probably knows better and Joe forgot where the bathroom was and tried to blame the dog. 🐾

    1. Trump raised median wages by over $6,000 and began a campaign of world peace, and even ended the crisis at the border until Biden ruined it all.

    2. @crb4059 From 2017 to 2020, the national debt under DumbDonald increased by almost 36%, to $27 trillion in October 2020…

  4. *Enjoy your new President and Blue Congress, MAGAfans!*
    *Too bad that there’s nothing – NOTHING AT ALL – that you can do about it!*

  5. *Fix roads? Clean water? Clean power? Help Americans?*
    *MAGAfans/conservatives will NEVER go for that.*

  6. _”Biden’s Tax Increase Would Hit People Earning Over $400,000 the Hardest”_
    *And people that flip burgers and clean toilets in fast food joints will be hit the least. Nothing to worry about, MAGAfans!*

  7. *A lot of this money is NOT related to infrastructure.*  NPR says only $115 billion is earmarked to repair/rebuild bridges and highways. According to the NY Times, Biden’s bill also includes money for initiatives to support labor unions, $400 billion spending on in-home care, and would help promote racial equity in the economy (??). There’s hundreds of billions for Green New Deal-like projects. And don’t think the corporate tax hikes wont trickle down to us in the form of higher prices for everything!

    1. It’s not even close to a final bill yet, MAGAdumdum.
      We can count on your republiscum “leadership” to help make the bill better, right? *Right?*

  8. *Gee, it’s too bad DumbDonald couldn’t push the vaccines out to all Americans in such a short time, huh?*

    1. You are a very angry liberal, I think both your mask and underwear are on way too tight. At least MAGA has a sense of humor.

  9. Waiting on the government for everyday bread you eat is a total waste of time… I make 4x of my salary as a drilling engineer trading f x recently bought another property worth 9m $ don’t sleep on it get started now create wealth yourself, Good luck to everyone who finds this comment.

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