President Biden delivers remarks on his plan for economic recovery | USA TODAY 1

President Biden delivers remarks on his plan for economic recovery | USA TODAY


President Joe Biden remarked on massive American job growth, saying the economy is adding more than 600,000 jobs per month.


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    1. @Jeff More you wouldn’t understand how it effects people daily with retirement plans and such because you are probably waiting on more Joey handouts. Nice try tho. Be patient ol joe will give ya some more im sure.

  1. Listening to him now touting his great economy while watching the Dow go down 800 points and Counting

    1. Actually it does effect you daily but biden buthole sniffers don’t understand how a 401k works apparantly .

  2. Was this Saturday Night Live or was that really Joe ? Those were some funny jokes he was telling about the economy ! I especially liked the joke about 12 people on

  3. This ban don’t even know what he’s saying let alone there will be no recovery to our monetary system and I thought I’d never say this but this guy needs to go and I don’t like Trump but Trump was a better offer

    1. I really see why you say that but personally now I’m thinking we have been played by both of em. Everything is way to fouled up for either side not to have really been playing together.

    2. Are you insane nimrod? If Trump sank the economy, (which he didn’t) you would obviously blame Trump, but now that Biden is tanking the economy, it is both Biden AND Trump’s fault? TDS is alive and well, and the force is strong with this one.

  4. Unemployment two points higher than this time last year. Gas a dollar a gallon more because we were oil independent and now we buy foreign oil

  5. I had no idea everything was so wonderful here, thanks joe, as your dad would probably say “helava job boy”! Give me a break, its come to you or daddy vax, wow I’m oozing joy n hope now. Ol joe is backpeddeling on last week’s Facebook comments lol, musta pissed off a Rothschild.

  6. I am writing as a constituent who lives overseas who has been impacted by the lack of access to COVID-19 vaccination in Thailand, where I live.
    I was encouraged by President Biden’s promise that all Americans are eligible for potentially life-saving vaccinations to protect them from COVID-19, but so many Americans living overseas remain excluded and cannot benefit from that promise. As you know, citizens overseas are subject to the US tax code and are entitled to vote in elections, regardless of where they reside. Many Americans live in countries, such as Thailand, where infections are rapidly escalating and no US FDA-approved vaccines are available, or where local governments prioritize their own citizens over foreign residents.
    Flying back to the US and then returning to a 14-day hotel quarantine in Thailand is simply not an affordable option for many, and the risk of infection on the trip itself is not inconsequential. Medical issues and time off work and away from family are also limiting factors for many. In addition, Americans returning from outbreak sites like Thailand, India or elsewhere to the US solely for vaccination creates potential for the spread of infection and new variants in the country.
    The US State Department has already sent vaccines across the world to inoculate their staff and family members, and veterans in Manila have been vaccinated by the VA clinic there. The Biden Administration has also proposed that the US vaccinate South Korean soldiers and that surplus vaccine supplies be donated overseas. I would ask that you advocate for the 9 million Americans living overseas be included in the plans to provide vaccination directly or through the donation of supplies to countries, like Thailand, where so many Americans live.
    Thank you very much for your consideration of this important issue and for your assistance.

    1. I can understand your concern and I also wouldn’t put much faith in Joe Biden or the vaccine. Just to give you one example, 5 vaccinated politicians from Texas tested positive for Covid while on a trip to Washington last week. The VP was at Walter Reed hospital because she could have been exposed. They can’t even keep themselves from getting covid, so citizens outside the US are probably not in any higher risk.
      I do think you deserve it if you are a citizen but I’m just trying to put you at ease by knowing that the magic vaccine is not even working in some cases.

    2. @David Digital we just want an opportunity to receive them as overseas US tax paying citizens.

  7. WHY did VP Harris make an unscheduled trip to the hospital Sunday? Her office says it was a routine visit but no one goes to the hospital on a Sunday for a routine anything!

  8. Return view to collapse of chioce dictatorship in government rule is a glance of pededicated law. Finance of stereotype labor

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