1. @1Drummer ALL American media has been bought out anyway even fox. They all need to be dissolved and so does the current administration. Let’s go Brandon.

  1. You don’t have a military option versus a nuclear superpower. So there’s no quick solution to this crisis. Let’s hope the free world would prevail slowly

    1. Amen, Interfering is a 1 way trip to WW3 and def nuclear warfare. Let the aggressor decide if he wants to take it to those irrecoverable levels, Sanctions are to be expected and it forces a decision and at least gives a greater chance of not stepping to those levels. Sucks that Ukraine has to be the pawn but there’s no other way in war there’s sacrifices and hopefully this will bring a lot more non NATO countries on board. “War what it is good for? Absolutely nothing”, I get the Military pride of putting up a fight before letting it go but there’s not much Ukraine can do alone and it’s much better to surrender, Join forces with U.S in Poland and lose the battle but come back stronger to not lose the War and retake Ukraine back after.

  2. By doing this I have also cut off the 106 million barrels of oil per day we have been purchasing from Russia. My fellow Americans I urge you to get a bicycle, learn to ride it and ride it well..

  3. So all you did was summarize in detail what Putin did, almost as if you already knew what was going to happen?

    1. I love the people of Ukraine they have done nothing to provoke this.Putin needs a wake up call a lighting strike to the head

  4. What a joke…this guy is selecting preselected questions with softball questions.

    He also mentioned that there’s “evidence” that was shown. What evidence??? They have yet to release anything and was sweat bullets when being questioned weeks ago.

  5. Can’t russia just take a page from our playbook and print more money “Unlimited money for all!” What’s inflation???..🤔🤷‍♂️

  6. Honestly, I can’t wait until the State of the Union address! Thank you, God, that my home is safe tonight.🇺🇸♥️

  7. Russian President Putin stated that he isn’t concerned about Bidens sanctions, China has already agreed to give them the things they need.

    1. @A R. хахаха ви забули що всі сім’ї прикоритних путіноїдів маю дітей та дружин за кордоном, так що Китай, це була рашка.

    2. You must be referring to the USA & NATO, Europeian Allies, other Ally sanctions being led by Biden? Yes, China is attempting to come to Russia’s aid- but it’s contingent upon quality control, which previously Putin consistently failed to meet (wheat without fungus for example)… and if they help too much, China risk isolation themselves. I’m wondering if the USA will open some economic trade release valves which Trump closed with China to dissuade them from further isolating themselves.

      At any rate, it’s irrefutable that President Biden and this administration, Secretary of Defense and Intelligence institutions called Putin’s moves *spot on,* every step of the way. In contrast, Trump’s previous predictions of Covid cases going down to zero, to complete denuclearization of North Korea, to *We will win the Trump Trade War on China* (resulted in Trump destroyed Democracy #1 and major US trading partner, Hong Kong), obviously should never have been trusted- and Trump is now backing Putin, as always. For now, Trump’s support of Putin is a good sign for the US and it’s Allies aligned against Russia and potentially, China.

      Putin certainly seems to be operating a strategy of attack from all avenues and hitting hard and early. So many of Ukraines Eastern Military bases already destroyed. Probably hundreds dead already and we won’t know because the fog has set in.

    3. @A R. Yes but I wager it’s Federally insured so they won’t likely feel it. What? You think the Fed won’t print it up lol?
      They’ll probably start a *debit* tally for Russia and start included it in *How much this Russian caused War in Ukraine has waged in human and financial cost* for later on.

  8. Biden’s exposure brought to you by Putin. For your daily current event needs. Just keep on sharing the thoughts gentlemen.

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