President Biden discusses constitutional right to vote | USA TODAY 1

President Biden discusses constitutional right to vote | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on protecting the constitutional right to vote at National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


In a speech the White House said Biden himself wanted to deliver, the president will make “the moral case” for why denying the right to vote is a form of suppression and silencing American voices, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

Biden also will emphasize his commitment to using every tool at his disposal to protect Americans against voter suppression laws and stress the need to work with civil rights organizations to build a voter education system to overcome “the worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War,” Psaki said.

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  1. What makes it hard to vote, is when I try to cast my ballot, and they tell me I already voted.

  2. Show legitimate ID and have someone actually verify your signature. There— there’s your bill.

  3. The more the volume goes down, the smarter he sounds. Well played deep state media goons. Well played. Next time just shut off the sound COMPLETELY!

  4. Biden – who for decades supported real Jim Crow laws – now supports the rights of the dead to vote. I think I’ll pass.

    1. That’s a myth made up Republicans, there were only 2 confirmed cases of dead people voting in 2020 and they were both Republican.

    2. @Bradley Riles No it’s correct and I can provide evidence of so. Can you provide evidence of your false accusations.

    3. @Adam King the amount of evidence of fraud is enormous. You are too gaslighted to look into it so you come here and parrot bullshit. Go educate yourself. Here’s a clue for you to start with Fulton county GA was forced to release the images of their ballots and well….

  5. No big deal you can’t hear him. He has no idea what he’s saying anyway. Just a very old feeble man doing his best to read a teleprompter, and “acting” as if he means it. He knows he’s a fraud, and thats why he sometimes lowers his voice to a whisper, and sometimes tries to put emotion into what he’s saying. It’s all a fraud, and all those close to him know it. The left is like,…”Yea, Biden’s a puppet, but hey,..we won.”

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