President Biden Faces Backlash For Afghanistan Withdrawal 1

President Biden Faces Backlash For Afghanistan Withdrawal


President Biden on Tuesday defended his decision to pull troops from Afghanistan as critics question the chaotic final chapter of the nation's longest war. Mike Memoli reports.

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President Biden Faces Backlash For Afghanistan Withdrawal


  1. I understand being disappointed that withdrawal didn’t go smoother, but the fact that the Taliban was able to take back over the City and surrounding areas so quickly should tell you that 20 years of occupation didn’t do anything to truly stabilize the region!

    1. @Andy Smitty, no Trump said civilians first, equipment second, troops third.

      But I don’t know why that even matters what Trump would have done as he is completely irrelevant. Why don’t we dig up Jimmy Carter and ask him what he would have done? All that matters is what Biden did because that’s what effects reality.

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot no he didn’t, lol. You realize that he signed off on giving the Afghan the largest one time supply of military equipment the last month he was in office? A little over 600 million transferred to Afghan army in aircraft etc? You’re telling me his plan was to pull out that stuff and the remaining 1.4 billion in equipment 6 months later? Are you stupid? Trumps plan that he released 11 months ago, mentioned nothing about getting US citizens out or equipment. In fact it contained plans to further equip the Afghan Army which we did. The plan. Called for warnings to all US contractors and US citizens to get out, which both administrations did. You have a very twisted misconstrued bias against Biden, honestly I don’t think either would have done any better or worse in this pull out. Your criticisms are blinded with your political bias, it’s obvious.

    3. @Super Scary Russian Bot as for the Biden administration publicly saying the Afghan army had the equipment, training to win against the Taliban, that was 100% true. He did publicly express concerns that they lacked the will power, and offered hopeful optimism that they would find the willpower. What was he supposed to do? Say no they won’t last a week without us? I’m sure that would have been oh so helpful, lol! We spent 20 years arming them, training them, gave them 11 months to find their way. It didn’t happen and it’s obvious they don’t want our way of life. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. The same applies to the less then 100 out of 17,860 US citizens remaining in Afghanistan, mind you those are duel citizenship holders…. They got over 50 warnings to get out over the last 11 months. They made their choice, we still are offering assistance if they change their mind. Wtf more do we need to do? Should we reinvade, risking the 1000’s upon 1000’s of troops we would need? Do you think the Taliban wouldn’t fight back? So far the Taliban have lived up to their word, you don’t think we should live up to ours?

    4. @Andy Smitty, like I said, the orange old man is irrelevant as Jimmy Carter and as is any plan either of them had. The only relevant President is the one calling the shots at the time of the execution. And as Biden himself said, he is fundamentally responsible for everything that has happened as of late. Apparently his own supporters never listens to him speak.

      Biden was simply wrong when he put his faith in the Afghan army. That’s obvious to everyone. You can excuse it any which way you want, but he is still wrong.

      Are you victim blaming? Would you say a girl who has been assaulted deserved it because she wore a short dress to a wild party? It’s the same thing.

      We don’t know how many Americans were left behind. The Pentagon said in the low hundreds. That’s about all we know. We also don’t know how many are dual citizenship holders (although I don’t know why that matters).

      We do know many are stranded in the country and want to get out as they are contacting people in the states. The Biden administration just hasn’t offered them a safe means to get out.

      If it were up to me, I wouldn’t leave Americans behind. Period. Whatever it took, I would get them out. But that’s just me.

      The Taliban lived up to their word? They are going door to door murdering our people. There’s a video online of them flying a black hawk helicopter with a man’s body dangling from it by a rope. These people aren’t our allies. And yes, they will fight us whether we fight back or not.

      We didn’t live up to our word to our allies. We promised them we will get them out, but we lied. We didn’t live up to our word with our citizens either. Those are the people I’m concerned with. Not the group of terrorists who murders women and treats them like property.

    5. @Super Scary Russian Bot Clown! I never said I was a Biden supporter, all I said was his job leaving Afghanistan was as good as anyone could expect and as far as history goes, much more successful then the Russians pullout of Afghanistan, much more successful then the Britts two pull outs of Afghanistan. Much better then Carter’s pullout of Vietnam. Your criticism is a joke, you are a clown… don’t bother replying because I’m over your bias nonsense. Have a nice life!

  2. The fact that the ANA laid down their weapons and just let the Taliban walk into every provincial capital is a disgrace. The Afghans are unwilling to fight for their country and no longer will we. Good luck, Afghanistan.

    1. @Bittersweetbrawl Yes, that’s good but it has be balanced out with a coherent plan, the whole world thinks Biden’s incompetent.

    2. @Bittersweetbrawl What a disgrace cheating Joe is! 🤮 100% cheating Joe’s fault for the withdrawal. The democrats fault for cheating and putting this lying, corrupt, demented, America Hating trader in! 🤮 His supporters for voting for him. They all have this blood on their hands. 🤮

    3. It is entirely possible that Afghans did not see the precentage in dying to stop the country that betrayed them from looking foolish.

  3. I still am remembering the confusion and how we left Vietnam. The soldiers were called bad names. So many MIA and POW’s. This is a product of war. So many casualty’s. So very sad. I hope somehow the mission will continue to fight terroristic threats. The United States has a lot of work to do right here in America. Let’s get busy trying to fight crime right here, and to revitalize our green spaces. Move forward to better the lives of each other. The flag still flys for freedom. God bless.

    1. @Anna B Uhhh.. Trumpy signed an agreement to pull out of Afghanistan, not Biden. Just how we pull out was bad, but you just ignored that.

      Let’s move on to Jan 6 investigation. Forget about Afghan US citizens that stuck there. They are not true Americans anyway, right?

    2. Thank you for a clear head. You did a good job and served your fellow man
      Your a deep thinker and it’s refreshing.

    3. Thank you for saying that. Ending a war is messy. There was no way to do it without loss. Anyone who thinks so is a fool.

  4. The war is over for the nation, let’s help the Vets who fought in that war with the issues they struggle with because of that war.

    1. @Tyler Surratt I think you should go down to Mar a Lago and express your concerns. Maybe seek out Mike Pompeo.

    2. @jravage77 Trump surrendered to the Taliban and released 5000 enemy prisoners while our troops were still fighting in Afghanistan. Trump committed treason, treason is an offense punishable by execution.

    3. What are you implying, that you didn’t support vets previously? Does your support include arming the Taliban with American made C4 so they could blowup our boys on the tarmac? You are very sick if you think the liberal cult party narrative is more important than our soldiers who risked their lives in a humanitarian effort.

    1. Also the ones that aren’t, are intertwined with companies and systems that generates them revenue from the chaos and change in government. Some are also journalist who have already created a system to stay there safely..some are negotiators who both sides want there.. thats why.

    1. @Ify Ano Agree with biden about what exactly? Leaving Afghanistan or the absolute shitshow of a withdrawal that is completely president sippy cups fault?

    2. Ya as an Indian who has no stake in your American politics, trust me when I say biden and America is now laughing stock here

  5. The US never won the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. The Taliban and isis had an endless supply of new recruits. Bush Jr was a fool for trying to install a puppet government in Afghanistan.

    1. @Post 98 joe Biden supported them by arming terrorists with weapons and aircrafts. As well as giving them American hostages

    2. @Steve Rouse Trump was the best President we’ve had if you measure it by most serial lying. Trump wins hands down!

  6. We need this money at home, I don’t wanna hear you can’t pass infrastructure bills but you can keep funding a pointless war in which even 20 yrs of prep didn’t help against the swift takeover of the Taliban. At the end of the day, don’t we owe our troops and their families a real reason to stay in a war they could die in?

    1. First, 80% of the last 2 trillion dollar bill was given to other countries and NOT used here at home. 2nd, we and our allies were not attacked for 20 years ! We now lost 5 bases and 85 billion dollars of equipment in a crucial region. The cost is 1% of the budget which really is quite small. All of our Allies get this.

    2. Can’t disagree with any of the comments. Not sure how anyone has any praise for Biden. In the same sentence he takes credit for pulling troops out and then reminds everyone Trump negotiated the withdraw. Biden just isn’t smart and it’s really embarrassing. He returned zero phone calls from other world leaders.

  7. The people of Afghanistan urgently need help! The banks are closed, people live in the park and there is no food😢

    1. Sadly you just summed up the homeless crisis in America. Time to put resources into that instead of risking American lives to benefit war machine manufacturers.

  8. Is the media stupid? you can’t force Americans to leave Afghanistan, if they don’t want to leave. mission accomplished, we are done with this war!

  9. We can’t keep fighting Day is not trying to help them self fight for themselves thank you President bag for bringing our troop Home

  10. If you want to hear the diplomatic response of Republicans, you really shouldn’t be talking to John Kennedy.

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