President Biden, Former Presidents Lay A Wreath At Arlington National Cemetery | MSNBC 1

President Biden, Former Presidents Lay A Wreath At Arlington National Cemetery | MSNBC


President Biden is joined by former presidents at Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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President Biden, Former Presidents Lay A Wreath At Arlington National Cemetery | MSNBC


  1. Thank God , the nightmare is over, no power to hurt people anymore… Seeing Trump in his last trip on AIRFORCE ONE.. almost like watching a funeral precession with a 21 gun salute..

    1. I dont really care whos president, i just commented for a joke to see peoples reactions but apperently people take politics too seriously

  2. He’s a good man! I wish him and his staff the best. It is good that America will take its rightful place as a force for good in the world.

    Hi from Australia!

  3. Remember what Trump said about fallen soldiers.

    Then Trump and Ted Cruz go goes and get a cop murdered.

    1. @mark Evans Trump’s legacy will remain; the parts that Biden isn’t erasing right now. The legacy of right wing cowardice, sedition and violence against America remains until we imprison everyone involved in the attempted coup.

  4. As a British person it is nice to America back in the hands of adults and competent people again. But it still amazes me over 70 million Americans voted for the most corrupt and incompetent President of all time in Trump and still makes America a global laughingstock. Maybe Biden and Harris can stop the USA being a punchline around the world.

    1. Biden is a well-respected man who knows the value of respect and dignity, whereas Trump is a man of no moral character who lacks the proper social mannerisms.

    2. @Thomas Olson Brexit is slightly more logically than voting for racist president who is a proven crook and still voting when it is even more clear he is a racist and crook, that says a lot about the people of the USA. Many British people were mislead about very ignorant about what EU, beyond what a very jingoistic media reported that was always negative. If they voted again Brexit would be reverse and shows the deluded arrogance of British white outside of London and Scotland.

    1. And we just took a BIG OLE DIRNK OF THE PIVK STUFF… oh yes !!! Lots of work, but don’t you feel better when someone is in there that can formulate a plan, and at the base care about EVERYONE even the ones that wanted to toss in out, because that’s what a true leader does

  5. “This is a day that the Lord has made! Let us REJOICE and be glad in it!” Thank you, dear Lord, for delivering us!

  6. It’s a true testament to how bad things were under Frump where we look at simple rituals like this as a “reawakening”. Hopefully, we get back to being a strong nation.

    1. it says alot that i cried while watching this, this honoring of another is what a president should do, they both prayed actuallystood there and prayed . Trump didnt want to go because of rain messing up his hair, in honnoring the allied troups in france.

    2. @LlynnyiaDrumpf was/is only in on things he benefitted/benefits from.
      We all know what he thought about people who served the country.
      I don’t believe it to be hair… more like he didn’t want to mess up the weird fluffy thing on his orange head.

      Now we wait… hopefully this time, he’ll be prosecuted all the way to where his jumpsuit matches his face color.

  7. Finally a Commander & Chef that understands sacrifice, and cares deeply about Americans. That’s right CoviDonald he “get’s it”!

    1. @DG youtube Oh you better think again!! Couple months into his presidency he bombed Syria we had troops in Syria he pulled those out so Putin can walk right in there and take over our military bases and after he carelessly pulled troops out of Middle East he had to deploy them back in!! Then there’s the South China Sea…but y’all wouldn’t know any of that because you know you don’t read you just believe anything the former liar in chief tells you!!!

    2. @DG youtube I guess a “bone spur” got in the way. The country of Syria sound familiar? He had a thing for Iran. He’s worried about their nuke capability after doing away a disarmament agreement Obama did.

    3. @DG youtube Trump betrayed our troops, betrayed our allies and betrayed America; no wonder you worship him, you’re a traitor just like him.

    4. @Billy Cloudy remind him @Dg youtube that the Orange “Pied piper” owns two Hotels in Turkey and that was why he let Turkey attack our Allies the Kurds or lose those assets.

    1. Not surprising. I look at the ceremony, the pride, artifacts and flags that are looked after so carefully – trump doesn’t know what those things represent, doesn’t even care, he trampled everything and everyone. He’ll leave his mark, but not the way he thinks.

  8. The birds are chirping the sun is shining the air is sweet what a relief, the vile has been expelled at least from the white house

  9. And he has officially already done more as president than the other guy did in 4 years.
    Just saying

  10. I realy hope that everyone who voted for Trump feels shame voting for him again. President Biden shows how to be a leader and a human. Stay safe

    1. There are more than 74 million supporters of the dotard !
      The underlying causes for the election of the dotard in 2016 have remained unaddressed.

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