President Biden Gets High Marks From Young Americans In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

President Biden Gets High Marks From Young Americans In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Biden is getting high marks from young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29, according to new polling from Harvard University. John Della Volpe of the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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President Biden Gets High Marks From Young Americans In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Junie Jake is that the best a Russian bot can come up with? You have the mentality of a child which is completely expensive from a conned sheep. What a miserable life you are forced to live

    2. @Willan Khatter that’s right, we only vote for candidates who are bought by corporate interests like ol Joe, right?

    1. @Tom Batman
      Gramps the likes of you and your new accounts have destroyed it.
      Trump has done so much damage its going to take years to repair his damage to America.
      You going to pay off Trump’s tax credit to the 1%?
      That little gift to the 1% is costing America 1.9 trillion and counting.

    2. @B. T. biden has destroyed this country in only 3 short months.
      Skyrocketed gas prices….
      Border disaster…..
      Tax hikes….
      He is anti police and pro criminal…
      He has ruined women’s sports by allowing biological males to compete with biologically correct women…
      He is a total fraud and not elected by the American citizens.
      And everyone knows it.
      He has divided this country more than anyone on history

  1. Don’t underestimate young voters, they have the most to gain from the future and that we will leave behind.

    1. @Mike Duncan
      Lets be honest he’s not the only racist to cheat or hold office. Trump was a racist as well.

    1. @Helene Flamand Dead people voting, hacks on voting machines, fake ballots, crooked Supreme Court judges and Corporations controlling media are what win elections.

    2. @itgetter9 by that you mean a continuous democrat administration, why not just become a one party state while you’re at it.

  2. When I graduated from High School, the biggest issue was the Vietnam war . How times have changed !

    1. @TheJimprez Yes, and their names are bigots, racist, and the one most of us know them by is republicans!

    2. @Richard Batchelder I can’t speak for others but at least with those teachers , my wife being one of them , not teaching this current students are not taught how to me communists

    3. All for the worst…and there is a civil war in this country right now between true Americans and these brainwashed WOKE cult members.

  3. I’m a young lady of 24 years of age. I didn’t have high hopes for Biden as much as I do now. I’ve very happy with what he’s done and may not be perfect, he’s really been putting work in while in office. He’s been tough, compassionate, open mind and people oreintated. So I give my thumbs up and if all goes well, I’ll vote for him again.

    1. @Dinero Kid1603
      It doesn’t matter if someone is not president anymore, because what they have done if office can cause there to be problems even to this very day, and even well into the future!

    2. @Kathy H.
      “you best shut up”
      Wow! If you ever wanted to prove that you are a dictator, and silencer, and a Fascist that statement right there is it! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I know he’s had some issues in the past but compared to what we had this guy is getting stuff done and has my approval

    1. @Adneen Alt the cons are the party of block and obstruct every single thing Biden tries to do to help all Americans! They have been like that for 60 years now!

    2. are you drunk? Biden is dividing the country, weakening the dollar, losing jobs via the Keystone pipe line, creating a total mess at the border, gas prices are rising, and he looks and acts like a moron.

  5. Young people are the future generations of leaders of this country, this is a testament that they are engaging in the future into which way they want the country TO go!! I truly appreciate and applaud them all!!!

    1. @Sam Harris I’m generation x and we’re going to be the next ones in charge which is especially worrying. My generation either has extreme views or are ambivalent about everything. Perhaps it would be better if gen x was bypassed and we go straight to the kids

    2. @Lord Vader The Leftie We could dream, I was fortunate to live between end of Vietnam forward as an adult in an era were it was not like a 1984 novel

    3. @Sam Harris it’s good that even though we come from political divides we can still discuss things like civilised gentleman . Perhaps if there were more like-minded people then the world wouldn’t be in such a state

    4. @ms operator no we Zoomers view Biden the same way as Trump. Both are corrupt, they’re both liars, and represent if not a part of the same problem we’re fighting against. Except different parties. This poll is not only fake, but it’s complete corporate pandering without absolute proof. The only people in my generation who love Biden are the Rule 34 Furry weebs you see on Twitter.

    5. Todays’ young people have been brainwashed by Marxist institutions and Hollywood. They don’t think for themselves, they are parrots.

    1. @pawel2003 Not really. What a world we’ve given our children, that they have to taken on the burden of saving our world and protecting us, their parents. We haven’t exactly set a good example. I still have hope in them. They’re Gods blessings to us.

  6. I’m very proud of our young people.They are not eating stupied for breakfast., They know Bull when they hear it.

    1. @Alex Hamilton you mean like the 30,000 + lies you were fed the last 4 yrs …..?// did YOU think Mexico was gonna pay for the wall , was T**** gonna release his taxes , was there ever gonna be a T**** healthcare bill . how did drinking bleach work for ya ????? We know who the stupid are …they wear red hats ……you have one ????

    2. @james caporale If you were trying for objective for instance, it was great that Trump actually got Mexico to put military on their southern border. Probably 50 people were scared enough to go way far experimenting with cleaners, because Fauci and company partially did not promote vitamin d, green tea, zinc, regeneron, ivermectin so just die in ignorance. If you think voter id is racist, what is the first letter of your adjective

    1. Ummm Biden is older than dinosaurs would’ve been nice to LET SOME FRESH BLOOD IN BUT YOU SADDLED US WITH A SUPERBOOMER AS ALWAYS

    2. Yeah I want the young people like me to tear down these garbage party lines they divide America and here we are starting to feel dystopian

    3. Biden is now a laughing stock all over the world for being the only world leader wearing a mask on the virtual climate change summit. Fact!

    1. @NEW YORK CITY THE BIG APPLE You would like to think you’re in the majority, wouldn’t you? That’s simply not the case. The ACA? Yeah, a beautiful mess that was, one of liberalism’s greatest debacles. Have a nice day, and be sure to get your vaccine!

    2. @Shawn Corbin Republicans driven in shame from majorities in the House, The Senate and the White House since 2018. Poor Shawn.

  7. i have been saying it my whole life, young people relate more to their grand parents than to their parents’ generation

    1. Young people don’t “play” politics, that’s the difference and where they’re leaving Republicans behind. They’re disgusted by what they’ve been seeing.

  8. “Young people took Joe for granted, that he was the boy next door.” NO, we thought he was old, out of touch, and has had some problematic views in the past. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

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