President Biden gives remarks on upcoming Child Tax Credit relief payments | USA TODAY 1

President Biden gives remarks on upcoming Child Tax Credit relief payments | USA TODAY


President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris mark the first of monthly Child Tax Credit relief payments, thanks to the American Rescue Plan.

President Joe Biden plans to extend the Child Tax Credit expansion — a part of the American Rescue Plan signed into law in March — past its December expiration, senior administration officials said Wednesday.

"The goal of this is not just to be one year. I think that people have somewhat different legislative strategies but I think that every advocate has the same goal: that we want this to be ultimately permanent," a senior administration official said during a press call. "There's no disagreement on that the ultimate goal is for this to go on indefinitely."

Biden's initial plan is to extend the credit for four years as a means of making it permanent, officials said.

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  1. As a Canadian involved in foreign markets, I must congratulate Joe Biden on keeping to his agenda.
    He is managing to pass very important bills and stimulus for the voter.
    If people are honest, even republicans are starting to like Joe Biden.
    In Canada, we trust our politicians for 4 years and regardless of party, we clean house when its too much.
    USA have 2 parties, so no real debate, just ideas, and yes or no.
    In Canada, we have as many parties as voters elect.
    4 parties are often in house to debate and try to reach bi partisan deals, even when old farts don’t want to work.
    Ethics and integrity were on every resume of these young guns, but as time goes by, men like Joe Biden are either scarce or just non existing.
    Democrats have better things to do, and it shows.
    3kids under 13 is 900$ a month.
    Republican or democrat, that’s the gas, electric, and food bill cut down big time.
    Not everybody has a housecleaner and an accountant.

  2. So Father’s no longer have to pay Child Support?? How did families survive during the American Frontier Era? Since the Democrats enacted “No fault divorces* during the turbulent 60’s The Nuclear family was destroyed and women became Government dependent.

  3. Giveaway for the children which they’ll have to pay back with MASSIVE interest.
    “Here, here’s a buck, I now own your house in the future.”

  4. What about the new delta variant the cases hospitalization are up again and vaccination are still low we need all the people and kids vaccinated

  5. All naysayers here. The President could never do anything to please them; but I doubt if he cares. I wouldn’t gain from it; however, I could understand the wider picture..

  6. If a tax cut can halve childhood poverty, then taxes were responsible for doubling childhood poverty.

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