President Biden Is ‘Showing The Real Art Of Making The Deal,’ Says Cedric Richmond 1

President Biden Is ‘Showing The Real Art Of Making The Deal,’ Says Cedric Richmond


After 17 Senate Republicans joined Democrats in voting to advance the bipartisan infrastructure bill, White House Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond tells Lawrence O’Donnell, “this is legislating at its best.”
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    1. It was dead on arrival.
      Democrats won’t pass the infrastructure bill unless they get their $3.5 trillion wish list.

      And they can’t even get all of the Democrats on board with that nonsense.

    1. Harris /Biden administration is totally clueless. One word describes Joe Biden a (disaster) Two words describes Kamala Harris a (Laughing hyena). both are lying hypocrites. Nancy Pelosi & Joe Biden are poster girl and boy for why we need term limits in Washington DC. She’s the worst speaker of the house in US history.

    2. Society has already collapsed in most Democrat cities, yet Democrats keep voting for the politicians that did this to them.

    3. A lot is going to depend on Nancy’s leader ship and if she can convince AOC And the squad to promote it as a bipartisan effort. They could very well derail this proposal. Republicans have come together with Democrats and it’s now up to the squad.

    4. @T Fox I’m talking about the “associated press” and all the personalities behind the propaganda. I am in no way ever supported blm.

  1. Please deliver for the American people. Focus, move ourselves forward into the difficult future well prepared.

    1. SkyeRangerNick. There is no future. Covid & it’s variants, 2011 Tsunami that hit Japan, & knocked the Earth’s axis off by 7 degrees. The Earth’s core is expanding unevenly. Every volcano is basically active in the world. 8.2 mag earthquake hits Alaska. All these factors, are going to turn our world into a dead planet. Then don’t forget the astroids, that will eventually hit us. Just thought I’d brighten up your day.

    2. Only thing Biden is delivering is a poppy adult diaper each evening when it’s his ice cream time.

  2. So many deals with the Russian nations his family is loaded? How do you report a senators salary on your taxes yet make so much more?

  3. Forget the vaccine.. can we get some KY? I’m tired of taking it dry from all these clowns in office!

    1. @mike briganti y did Trumpers smear on the capitol walls? Wat exactly is the meaning of that

  4. Cedric Richmond’s District in Baton Rouge is one of the most crime-ridden, blighted, depressed, unequal places in Louisiana. You’d be hard pressed to find worse neighborhoods in the deepest bowels of New Orleans…

  5. Media plays a huge role in this country’s divide. Why would your title be “art of making a real deal” when we know politically that’s going trigger people because it’s a shot at Trump. This type of satire is not journalism

    1. It’s the truth though. Who cares if stupid people are triggered. There’s nothing that will change their minds. We might as just write them off as the plague rats and klansmen they are.

    1. How can any of u make fun of Joe Biden when u all have supported a complete liar and crook? Seriously!!!!
      Use ur brain and quit being so about a party!!

    2. @Janice Bailey You assume that when someone slams Biden, they’re a Trump supporter. How sad you are to be that niave. But what do you expect, after 4 yrs of slandering Trump. You don’t expect people to slam Biden? Come-on man

    1. That was Trump that played one! For four years getting up and putting on a suit and walking around like he was doing something. He is a crook! He is stealing from the very people that support him! Wake up!

    2. @Janice Bailey LMAO A fake news propaganda MSNBC watcher telling ME to wake up! That’s rich.

    3. @Janice Bailey Every demokkkrap and half the Republicans in Congress are crooks and grifters 1000x worse than Trump ever was. Trump signed the FRONTS of tens of thousands of paychecks. How do all these grifters get rich from a career in politics? Wake up..

    4. @Janice Bailey Proof? Much better minds than your’s can’t prove him guilty of anything. & I don’t support Trump. But you haters are pathetic.

  6. Keep the border completely open to drug cartels and Covid infected illegals. Then defund the police. What could possibly go wrong?

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