President Biden Kicks Off Eight-Day Trip To Europe 1

President Biden Kicks Off Eight-Day Trip To Europe


Former U.S. Amb. to the UK and Sweden and author Matthew Barzun joins Morning Joe to discuss President Biden's first overseas trip as commander-in-chief and his new book 'The Power of Giving Away Power.'
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  1. *gun violence…* here’s the thing… people think it’s the gun’s fault… i think… something is attacking the kids…

  2. It is an honor to Europe to receive president Mr Biden. Welcome to you and Mrs Biden. We wish you the best.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson No deal! You have to take all of him, burry him under ten miles of manure and then perform a cleansing ritual to purify the planet. Then we’ll happily take Biden, and whoever else you want to get rid of for that matter.

    2. @John Cocktosun USian fear of communism is f’ing hilarious! 🙂 Pure cultural conditioning.

    3. @A-wal Games When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed

    4. @A-wal Games OK but if you want that, you have to also take Biden’s oatmeal and dirty diapers. Plus clean his face mask from when he trips and falls on the stairs while mumbling something about “the thing”

  3. “He’ll meet British foreign minister, Boris Johnson” – WTF? He’s the Prime Minister. ‘The US – UK relationship is so ‘Special’ that only one party knows about it…’

    1. President Biden just landed to cheers and standing ovations in England. Trump landed to that fat baby Trump blimp.

  4. Where’s the huge story on Hunters text messages released calling his Lawyer a n***a repeatedly?? Lol

    1. @Stevan R ahhhh… On a story about Biden going to Europe, you decide to focus on Hunter Biden, I see…. ahhhhh… and you choose to ignore the fact that Jared Kushner is crapping his pants right now, ahhhhhhh…..

    2. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid And you can’t stop yapping about Trump 5 months after he left office. People will think you’re in love with the guy. I hope you have enough Iube

    1. Biden’s handlers: “Don’t forget to buy American, Joe”
      Biden: “Oh yes … Bye America!”

    1. With a name like “Boris”? There’s no way he’s a Brit!

  5. First Lady Jill Biden just got a standing ovation for her speech in England. When Melania was here, all she can say was, “Where’s moose and squirrel?”

    1. @gary quarty I believe the correct term to use for those clowns is “smug-norance” … much worse than simple lack of knowledge because they actually think they’re “in the know”

    2. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year yes the White Supremists have progressed to Woke Sumpremists.

    3. @Terry Kane Hey, How about Hunter Bidens use of the N word on his laptop!! Hahahahaha Go ahead and defend him…. Hahahahah

  6. Every nat ion is con trolled by the hid den je wish su prem acists. All of these pup pet ‘le aders’ are will ing, or blac kmailed, into hel ping them with the ongoing geno cide of the Whi te ra ce. Wa ke up!
    rene gade trib une dott kom

  7. ** Matthew 24:14 ESV / 3,759 helpful votes

    And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come **

  8. The title of Matthew Barzun’s book reflects the two roots of power. One is solely ego generated and self serving the other is letting go and sharing power for a humanitarian outcome, based on other people having value at the table also. One drives in reverse to a dead end, and the other has internal global oxygen to share for future generations to benefit.

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