President Biden Offers Optimistic Assessment Of America's Place In The World | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

President Biden Offers Optimistic Assessment Of America’s Place In The World | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Joe Biden painted a nation on the mend, recovering from the pandemic but still in need of a boost from the federal government, in his first address to Congress on Wednesday. The Morning Joe panel digs into Biden's address.

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President Biden Offers Optimistic Assessment Of America's Place In The World | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. If you would pull back the onion you will see that any optimistic positive approaches to fixing the issues in America have been sabotaged by the opposing forces. So the unexpected results seen from that negative eye last night will wake up today on full alert to destroy POSITIVITY.

  1. Watching from Canada . Wonderful to watch a presidential speaker helping the American people, instead of helping himself and bragging about how great he is. Good to see American is back !!!!

    1. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year He got the relief package passed, delivered double his goal in covid vaccinations, opened up more vaccination sites, at pharmacies and via mobile vaccination units, rejoined WHO, Rejoined the paris accord, Pause foreclosures, evictions, Extend student loan repayment pause, End transgender military ban, the list goes on…. Guess you only look at one kind of news.

    2. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year Now you’re just arguing to argue. You said he didn’t do anything, I stated all he got accomplished, you now want to argue the logistics behind it and claim it wasn’t him, even though you’re wrong. You’re….WRONG!! Go argue with a tree, you might get somewhere.

    3. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year no, I just believe you are SO incredibly out of touch with reality, it would take too long to type out an answer you wouldn’t listen to anyway. Take care!

    4. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year not sure where I insulted you, but if you feel insulted, that’s on you. Maybe don’t be such a snowflake

    1. What was he going to brag about, his extortion in Ukraine? You know he doesn’t write those speeches himself, right?

    2. @Chico Dalianis oh please. He couldn’t shine Trumps shoes. Hey genius – where do you think all of this $$$ is going to come from? Those of us who work. Take an economics course will ya?

    3. Oh please- he doesn’t even know WHO he is – never mind brag about himself. You’re being used and you can’t even see it.

    1. All those that approve Obiden are the demoNcrats who don’t know better and want all the free handouts. I need I need, I want I want. Lazy people will bring down the America that strong-willed immigrants proudly built and gave their lives for this spoiled wanty needy new generation of brats.

    2. @LiveLoveLife cry me a river snowflake traitor. Make a trek to mara logo to see your orange jesus. You won’t get past the gate because he lothes loosers

    3. @Jim Smith another demonCrat waiting for freebees. Give me give me give me, me me me me me, and Obiden takes you down.

  2. It’s not about how much you spend so much as it’s about what you get for that money. The return on that money could see us through potentially the next 30 years if not far more.


    2. You have to think about the return of the money BEFORE it is spent. Economics prove, Obiden’s plan will sink us. In the hearing on the Green New Deal, April 20, 2021, infrastructure bill to spend 2.3 trillion dollars, the administrator could not give a straight anwser on how the spending of the climate change portion of the bill would change the temperature of the world. Think about it: you would have to get China to stop polluting the earth to make any progress in climate change. We are all for a better environment of air quality, but China will not be told what to do. Putting the cart before the horse is financially poor thinking. You have garbage collectors in India dumping waste into the Vellar river, and so on. They are spending without thinking just to make it look good for their administration in the first 100 days. They are a foolish bunch of nonthinkers. There needs to be a cooperative effort among nations or the earth is doomed. You can’t have a clear glass of water with the faucet running while at the same time mud is being dumped into it. This administration is dangerous for humanity on so many levels. Reckless, filled with greed. Money will not get you clean air and water without cooperation and truth. Greed is always in the way.

  3. The President’s speech was the most aggressive defense of government in 40 years. After 40 years of “government is the problem” and trickle down economics it’s time we dispense of the legacy of Reaganism.

    1. @Alex Hamilton …no you said “the problem began with FDR” or some nonsense, but do try and keep up…

    2. @Alex Hamilton respectfully, Republicans have no credibility concerning fiscal issues. Trump racked up the most debt of any President. Where were calls for fiscal restraint among Republicans?

    3. @Patton Moore These leftist punks say something ridiculous that is full of conjecture and hyperbole and then say something like “learn to read” or “try to keep up ” or stay on topic. I bet they got a lot of C’s and D’s on essays unless they were graded on a curve. We are supposed to just get their meaning because they are regurgitating left wing media rhetoric.

    1. A POTUS who has a plan other than grifting as many tax dollars as possible. Trump’s golf resorts will certainly miss the 106 years of presidential salary Trump wasted traveling to them and lodging his entourage and security detail way too many long weekends.

  4. I had hoped for some exciting new ideas about uses for bleach, such as treating people suffering from an orange face condition.

    1. Yes, a good leader who knows China XI has concentration camps filled with innocent people, XI kills people to harvest their body parts and sells them for thousands of dollars. A good president who lets the cartel poison our population with fentanyl. Oh yes, such a good president who lets people suffer at the border. A good president who sits back for forty years and collects an easy check will doing nothing. A racist president who shuns the poor.

    1. @A piece of hair I would guess that all of those who continue to support the likes of the failed former guy in the Oval Office are delusional beyond help. Like Trump, they are destined to spend the rest of their unhappy, angry lives unmoored from reality.

  5. It was extremely refreshing to hear President Biden’s positive speech last night. It stands in sharp contrast to Trump’s ‘American Carnage’ promised in his initial speech before the Congress. Trump wasn’t lying as his incompetence led to the US being poorer, weaker, and sicker.

  6. Shocking. Everyone knows America’s destiny should be to slowly decay while the president plays golf.

  7. Yes, and with such good public approval how does Mitch McConnell say Joe Biden is tearing the country apart? Does Mitch smell his own hide?

  8. Biden’s education program is indeed costly. But if you think education is costly, consider the cost of ignorance.

    1. Paid education for some will lead to dependency, laziness, and I want I want, I need I need. It never stops. So with the socialist way you are now equal. A mailman makes as much as a scientist. What’s the incentive to do better and have your dreams come true. With socialism people become dependent and depressed and this is what the government of socialism wants; to own your soul. Read history and see how it is never a good future. You will miss the life you once knew. Go to a poor country and see how it is. Maybe you came from one, I don’t know, but America, for now, is still the greatest country in the world under God.

  9. I hope Manchin and Sinema realize that if bipartisan support is the threshold needed for them to approve, then absolutely nothing will get done. Playing right into McConnells hands with obstruction, and for their efforts they will still be denounced by those on the right as radical marxists. That’s who they think they can reason with.

  10. It’s nice to see Joe and Mika back in the same studio again.
    Biden’s speech was incredible! Now I’m optimistic again. Been a long time since I could say that!

    1. I don’t get how people can approve of a president who is deep into China’s pocket. The same CCP XI who has concentration camps filled with innocent people. China also kills Buddhist monks and others to harvest their organs selling the parts for thousands of dollars. The same China that sells fentanyl to the cartels that trafficks drugs to our country. Why would anyone praise Obiden, he is responsible for deaths when he has the power to save lives. Even now at the border, he ignores the suffering. Obiden is as wicked as XI. Obiden think XI is his friend, LOL!!

  11. Boy he was tough on China regarding Covid19 laden passengers on flights directly from Wuhan!! Go get em Joe, you the man!!

  12. In order to buy American, I know this wasn’t mentioned but it’s related, the stores have to put American products on their shelves.

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