President Biden Prepares For Planned Meeting With Vladimir Putin 1

President Biden Prepares For Planned Meeting With Vladimir Putin

On Wednesday, President Biden will hold a solo press conference following his summit in Switzerland with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Reporter Mike Memoli discusses Biden's remarks about U.S.-Russian relations ahead of the meeting.

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President Biden Prepares For Planned Meeting With Vladimir Putin


  1. Biden reads his conversation to a Russian interpreter while Putin pretends he is not fluent in English. Biden will say it went well. Putin will be laughing as soon as he’s out of sight. The Press will report solid progress. It’s all a show.

    1. @dth stk dementia? Joe Biden: “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trueinanashadaprezur.” “I think it’s a right for people to have abababafcare.”
      “So the best way to get things done, if you hold it near and dear to you that you, like to be able to…

      (stares down with a lost expression)


    2. @Hereturbie do you remember Hillary Clinton‘s comment when Trump went to North Korea? She said that South Korea is “very close to North Korea.” Yes Hillary, _it’s right on the border._ Democrat politicians are not smart people.

    3. @dth stk LoL, I think u switched the names around in your comment? ~
      “Putin is so much smarter than Biden on so many levels, have you heard Biden speak?? Biden talks like an old man with dementia.” (Fixed it for ya!)

    1. Trump just might as well been asleep right out of the hop given his knowledge base. Thankfully you folks like through that.

    2. @Russ Broda right out of the hop? you folks like through that? DID THE DC DEMOCRATS CHANGE OUR LANGUAGE LAST NIGHT WHEN I WAS ASLEEP? Or, these brainwashed Dems. just can’t spell or put sentences together? I guess you would have to be still backing BIDEN!

  2. @1:12, yep, Biden should know. He’s been in politics for what, 40+ years and he’s hasn’t changed a bit.

    1. Why should he change? What should he change and why? I don’t see your point here. Is being a politician and serving your country for over 40 year’s supposed to sound like a bad thing?

    2. @Herbsewell serving???! The only one he serves is himself. 10% for the big guy.

      Keep serving your establishment you boot licker

  3. Nothing will happen we know this. Only overwhelming strength does Russia respect. A serious hack is required.

    1. You can’t speak with Russia from position of power, they’re trying for 30 years already and it’s clearly not working.
      You give them a good deal and then ask for things in return, not demand a country to bend how you like it, it’s only working with mid-east and poor countries around.

  4. “Nice to see you Vlad Macron! [slaps him across the face]. Vive la France!”

    1. @makemwunder nice job referencing evidence that you don’t provide. Your ignorance is so cringe

    2. @Changing Constant there are emails detailing business dealings between the Biden family and a business partner of the Bidens is a key witness named tony bobulinski who corroborates republican claims about bidens 10%. Would you really like me to give you some links for this? You wouldn’t click them anyway, and even if you did you will ignore explicit evidence of Bidens illegal business dealings.

    1. Joetato will offer Putin ice cream and like his hair barretts. WWIII starts 10 mins after the first SNIFF.

    2. Biden: “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trueinanashadaprezur.”
      Translator: (to Putin) “I don’t have a clue“

  5. He already presented him the gift of dropping sanctions against the Nord Stream 2, no need for Pudd’nhead Wilson to bring a cartoonish red button.

    1. Oh, come on, man! While the democracies are being flushed down the toilet, can’t we have a few laughs too? Hillary’s silly reset button would be lots of fun. I want Cackling Kamala to give it to Putin and do her laugh. Too bad she won’t do the honors. And Putin has a pretty nice laugh for a dictator.

    1. @dark shadow ahh you forget Biden has dealt with Putin in the past?? for like 8yrs!!! usually Putin will do whatever he want and Obama and Biden would draw imaginary red lines, every time Putin would cross it they would pretend to not see it or redraw new imaginary red lines… get your red markers out, its about to get entertaining…

    1. @Andrew S “A meeting to pleasure you“ sounds more like Jeffrey Toobin. “I didn’t know the camera was still on.”

    1. @white fragility is real who mentioned Trump? Why is your only argument when someone talks about Biden, “but what about orange man!”

      Y’all sure do love those “whataboutisms” you cry about trump supporters doing in comments.

  6. These people have lied about so much to so many that even a story like this needs to be checked out before you believe them.

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